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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

North America casinos for sale:

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Atlantic City casino with 1,000 hotel rooms. Non-gaming areas have recently been updated. Casino has potential for internet gaming licence. Price is $180m

Asking price: USD$180 million
Listing: WCD-004532 Request details

USA - Colorado. Rare opportunity to tap the Centennial State casino market. Project to include long sought-after convention center. Land and permits for casino/hotel/convention center $21m.

Asking price: USD$21,000,000
Listing: WCD-004539 Request details

Las Vegas - Take a large equity share in a well themed up and coming Las Vegas casino with hotel and condos for $500-$800m. The property is under development and not yet opened. There will be 3,000 guestrooms and suites along with 600 condo units. Investor can retain full equity share in exciting Strip property while recovering revenues from condo sales, or can increase equity share of at least 50% if investment is found for total construction costs. If interest arises for complete control, including all rights and permits, etc. there would be an opportunity for 5% equity share at minimum $10m. In addition to casino, hotel, and condos, amenities include 7 restaurants, 1,000 seat live theater, and cinema with 7 screens.

Asking price: USD$800m - Smaller equity shares available
Listing: WCD-004528 Request details

Las Vegas - JV or own two Las Vegas casinos outright (not to be split). These are older type properties that enjoy local traffic and poker group loyalty. One has a 50 key hotel. Both need refurbishment and work has been quoted at $15/$25m or $35m for both to bring them back to their glory days. Loan facility lined up at 4.5% interest for renovations. Both casinos are operating in the black and profits could easily increase after renovations. Proof of funding required for detailed info. Seller is asking $60m for both properties and will not split.

Asking price: USD$60,000,000
Listing: WCD-004529 Request details

Las Vegas - Own a long-standing Las Vegas establishment. Casino Hotel offers over 2,000 rooms and has extra land for expansion or other building. Owners will consider offers over $500 million.

Asking price: USD$500 million
Listing: WCD-004530 Request details

Las Vegas Strip property includes slot palace and popular international and Italian dining venue with cocktail bar. Facility has Grandfathered gaming license. New shopping mall going up nearby. Net profit $700,000. Bargain price of $5,250,000.

Asking price: USD$5,250,000
Listing: WCD-004533 Request details

Las Vegas casino land. 40 acres with full planning codes and permits to construct casino and 6,000 room hotel resort. Land is currently vacant. First valued in 2008 at $1.28b, price has been reduced to $500m as is for all 40 acres. Great opportunity to make your mark on the Las Vegas skyline.

Asking price: USD$500,000,000
Listing: WCD-004534 Request details

Eleven well established US casinos available. 10 of these will be sold with freehold while the 11th will continue as rental. Joint venture available for $18m or own group outright for $34m. All properties are posting good profits. Current successful management can stay on for two years if required.

Asking price: USD$34,000,000 - JV available for $18m - Combine listing 004536 with this offer for $60,000,000 - 80% financing available
Listing: WCD-004535 Request details

Supply your casinos with drinks at cost with an established brewery and delivery system featuring exclusive delivery rights within 100 mile radius. Group of six casinos in operation 40 years with dice tables and 20 slots per property. Grandfathered casino license will transfer to new owner/buyer. Freehold property included in sale price is a 10 shop mall on 20 year lease with rentals of $.5 million per year. Additional 5 acres of land could be used for hotel development. Total revenue for all elements $19m. Take the whole package for $28m and keep current management on board for two years if needed.

Asking price: USD$28,000,000 for this package. Combine listing 004535 with this offer for $60,000,000 - 80% financing available
Listing: WCD-004536 Request details

Three major US casino hotels are available for purchase. Buy one, two, or all three. Proof of Funds is required for complete details. One page tease-sheet available when signed confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are accepted. Buyer-side fees are required in this instance. You won't find these gems on the open market. Casino #1 $1.43b with EBITDA $100m Casino #2 $1.3b with EBITDA $80m Casino #3 $815m with EBITDA $68m 65%-75% funding possible

Asking price: USD$3,545,000,000 for all three
Listing: WCD-004537 Request details

Own your own Mexican online state lottery startup for $2m. Will consider JV for experienced buyer. Company is fully licensed.

Asking price: USD$2,000,000
Listing: WCD-004540 Request details

Mexico casino license and permits secured. $1.5m JV available for at least two casinos. Full details are available for both properties. 100% stake is available for $3m - very low cost compared to most countries licensing casinos.

Asking price: USD$3,000,000 JV $1.5
Listing: WCD-004541 Request details

Casinos for sale in Asia

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New Asian Venture - 5 Star Hyatt Hotel as part of ECO City in Nepal. Over 72,450 square meters (3/4 million+ sq ft) of living space comprising 800 suites. Casino to be one of the biggest in the world at 70,000 sqm including internet gambling, poker tournaments, a mahjong federation and arena, and more. Additional gambling amenities to include horse and greyhound track as well as World Polo and a Formula E race track. Development will also include an indoor equistrian center seating 1,000 and a mega shopping mall. All facilities will be part of a 2,000,000 sqm (500 acre) purpose-designed Eco City. Complete investment is $2 billion and $1.2b has already been funded. 40% or more JV opportunity remaining with option for full control of casino if desired. Confidentiality guaranteed.

Asking price: $USD800,000,000
Listing: WCD-004578 Request details

Goa India - Five star hotel opened in 2003 with casino in operations 8 years now. 5,000 sqm of land holds 53 guestroom hotel with extensive conference venues, 4 restaurants and 2 swimming pools. The casino floor offers room for additional gaming and currently holds slots, along with live gaming on Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette tables. Half an hour by car from international airport. Owner wishing to retire. Price is 400 Cr. (about US$60m) Please check current exchange rate

Asking price: $USD60,000,000
Listing: WCD-004568 Request details

India China border in Himalayas - Five star luxury hotel and casino with over 100 exquisitely designed suites for VIPs. Casino offers easy Visa access for Indian and Chinese players. Baccarat, Sic Bo (Tai Sai) Roulette, Blackjack and more popular games on large gaming floor. The property is posting good profits. Available for $200m.

Asking price: $USD200,000,000
Listing: WCD-004567 Request details

Caribbean casinos for sale

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New registered gaming company in Caribbean for sale. Only one other full internet casino license registered in the country. Create your own domain name for this virgin company which includes about 150 terminals located throughout the island. Ministry of Finance has resolved to allow terminals to b connected to server in regulated locations to deliver lottery products, sports and race betting, etc. The current deployment of 150 terminals is in about 50 locations. After less than 2 months of operations net win is already up to about $500 per day and increasing steadily. Price will likely adjust upward with revenues so get in now for $1 million using owner payment facility or acquire outright for $850.000 cash.

Asking price: USD$1 million
Listing: WCD-004584 Request details

Dominican Republic - Turn-key operation with great potential, all you need is staff. Casino is fully licensed and ready to open. Gaming floor includes 6 tables for blackjack, roulette, and poker. Fully equipped with 70 slot machines. Facilities include a good sized restaurant and cocktail bars. Price $3.7 million. Also available, large plot of land and permit to build 50 key hotel to your specifications.

Asking price: USD$3.7 million
Listing: WCD-004589 Request details

Casino for sale in Dominican Republic: Currently operational casino located in the D.R., opened seven years ago inside a 800 room resort. The casino has nine gaming tables (roulette, blackjack and poker). $6m drop last year.

Asking price: USD$2.5 million with $500,000 deposit
Listing: WCD-004527 Request details

Casino for sale: Caribbean Casino operating within a hotel on a tropical island. Cruise ships arrive here approximately 3-4 times every week. Casino operational with 125 slots, seven table games including poker, roulette and blackjack. Taxes are flat 10% and due monthly. No tax on profits.

Asking price: USD$2.9 million
Listing: WCD-004524 Request details

Caribbean Island: Slot machine gaming route for sale. Update - now more than 1,000 machines installed approaching $500,000 per month. 1,500 more machines are permitted for this slot route. Rare groundfloor opportunity with management team already in place if desired to retain. Revenues growing quickly. September 2015 saw net profit of $140,000. February 2016 netted $250,000. Estimates after all machines in place as much as $5 million per year. Three months ago price was USD$18 million, now $29,000,000 and will likely continue going up. JV is still possible, seller may accept terms. Full details available after acceptance of C/NDA from qualified buyer.

Asking price: USD$29,000,000, JV may still be available
Listing: WCD-004525 Request details

For sale: medium sized casino, luxury apartment: Own this well positioned casino in a luxury island resort town. Busy casino surrounded by luxury hotels, clubs and restaurants: 85 slot machines and 12 tables (currently with punto banco, craps, blackjack, roulette and poker). Comes with a million dollar luxury apartment if desired.

Asking price: USD$12.6 million
Listing: WCD-004526 Request details

Casinos for sale in Central America

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Costa Rica - Casino license and all permits for 5 Star hotel and casino development. Will be the largest casino resort in the country. Owner looking for special partner such as gaming company. Invest/JV and operate the casino. Please inquire for price.

Asking price: Please inquire about price
Listing: WCD-004557 Request details

Costa Rica - Seller will finance. 1-4 casino properties with four, 3-4 star hotels. Largest hotel has 200 rooms. One casino has over 400 slot machines, no table games. The remaining casinos offer roulette and blackjack plus 220 machines between them. Total package includes 9 gaming tables, 621 slots, and 2 new online sportsbook licenses ready for your branding and platform choice. All elements show good profit. Buy or lease all four casinos and one hotel for $15m, with owner funding - or buy all four casinos and three hotels along with internet gaming licenses for $60m. Seller will finance either option. Under offer, will advise.

Asking price: $USD15,000,000 to $USD60,000,000
Listing: WCD-004558 Request details

African casinos for sale

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Africa - Luxury resort with great potential. 4 star hotel, casino, resort amenities including golf course. $11.5m

Asking price: $USD11,500,000
Listing: WCD-004556 Request details

Africa - Well established 3 star hotel being refurbished to 5 star. Great opportunity to install world class casino in luxury facility. Casino space and license available for $3.5 million plus your own cost for casino equipment.

Asking price: $USD3,500,000
Listing: WCD-004577 Request details

Egypt - Convert this high-end restaurant on a large ship near the center of Cairo into a casino. Full license. Nearby are new 5 star hotels in the heart of the city. Expected time to convert restaurant to casino is two months. Owner looking for JV partner, investment expected to be about €12m.

Asking price: €12,000,000
Listing: WCD-004562 Request details

European casinos for sale

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Cyprus - Phenomenal opportunity in the northern part of Cyprus with possible government subsidies and a six-year tax holiday. Joint venture with a prominent family to build one of the largest 5-star casino resorts in Europe just half an hour by highway from Larnaca International Airport. Full planning permissions in place to build 500 key luxury hotel on over 300,000 sqm of beachfront property with 100 slip marina. Investor to retain 100% control of design and operations of 3,000sqm (32,000 sq ft) gaming floor. Qualified investor who opens Cyprus bank account with deposit of min $50m max $100m will see government match 150% and six years of tax-free profits. Alternately, minimum deposit of $20m in local commercial bank will see a credit line for construction of 9 times deposit. Loan value $200 million to $500 million. Complete details available to qualified buyers with signed C/NDA.

Asking price: USD$20 million - USD$500 million
Listing: WCD-004583 Request details

Northern Cyprus - New 15 year lease on 12,000 sq ft casino space in 5 star hotel located in major tourist area. Casino permit included. First six months rent set very low to help you get your feet on the ground in this luxury holiday and vacation area. Please inquire for price with NDA from qualified investor.

Asking price: Please Inquire
Listing: WCD-004588 Request details

Cyprus (Northern) - Freehold hotel/casino. Hotel has 42 rooms. Casino has 23 table games and 280 slot machines. Currently owned and operated by English proprietors. Facilities plus 10 in-town betting stations available for 35m Pounds Sterling.

Asking price: GBP£35,000,000
Listing: WCD-004560 Request details

Northern Cyprus - Strong operating revenues from this large 400 room hotel with 43,000 sq ft (4,000sqm) casino featuring 40 gaming tables and 300 slot machines. Price 400m Euros.

Asking price: €400,000,000
Listing: WCD-004524 Request details

Czech Republic at German border - Low cost entry. Casino currently operating 25 slot machines and 8 seat multibet roulette table. Six live gaming tables can be put into service at any time for roulette, blackjack, and poker. Casino manager is currently ill so live tables are dark. This is the only reason the casino is for sale. Stand alone casino features a snack bar and cocktail bar, security system (20 cameras) and only one year old equipment. Lease is €2k per month, total purchase price is less than half a million Euros. Excellent opportunity.

Asking price: €499,500.00
Listing: WCD-004554 Request details

Czech Republic at German Border - Luxurious casino for sale with 95% German clientele. Possible 15 year lease at 9,500 euros per month with 3 months rental upfront. Gaming is comprised of 40 slots and 7 tables games offering roulette and blackjack. Casino was open for 11 years, closed for two due to owner retirement, then reopened. 60 parking spaces plus two luxury suites/villas above the casino. Live-in or host your high rollers. This active property is freehold and value priced at 2m euros.

Asking price: €2,000,000
Listing: WCD-004565 Request details

Czech Republic, German Border - Own a profitable casino with 10 year history. The property has parking for 200 autos. A 50 guestroom hotel less than 5 minutes away is included freehold, but the hotel is closed and needs major refurbishments. Great casino floor holding over 90 slots, 8 touch bet roulette with 8 seats, 4 roulette, 3 blackjack, and 12 poker tables. Amenities include 2 cocktail bars, 1 VIP dining venue and 1 casual eatery. Coach for hotel shuttles. The casino is currently open from early afternoon until 5am and hosts a 95% German clientele. Own it all for 4.5m euros or a JV is possible on a 50/50 share for a proven, experienced casino manager.

Asking price: €4,500,000
Listing: WCD-004566 Request details

England - Active casino license offered to create gaming space in new 20,000 sq ft building. Lease cost 12.00 GBP sterling per sq ft on 20 year term. New casino will be located in a new leisure and sports complex with football, rugby, and other stadium events driving traffic from the 4 million potential visitors in the local population. Other traffic drivers include shopping outlets, eateries, bowling alley, swimming, bars and a leisure center. Casino license is priced at 2m pounds sterling.

Asking price: GBP£2,000,000
Listing: WCD-004587 Request details

England - One of the most sought-after luxury hotels in the world with a casino in England is available. 5 star accommodations and amenities plus asino and several other connected properties and land on which they sit. VIP casino is not available as it is on lease to another party, but all mass gaming is included. The price has been established at £1.3b and no lower offers will be considered. After signed confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements have been vetted, potential buyer will need to tender a LOI for introduction to owners.

Asking price: GBP£1,300,000,000
Listing: WCD-004564 Request details

London casino available £28m. NDA from qualified buyer to receive details.

Asking price: £28,000,000
Listing: WCD-004579 Request details

England - 36m Pounds Sterling, reduced 1m. Fully operating well established casino in the U.K. on long lease. Location is London.

Asking price: GBP£36,000,000 - Was under offer, not accepted. Back on market!
Listing: WCD-004543 Request details

England - Luxury casino in famous London Hotel. Casino has 20 year renewable lease. Two VIP rooms, 17 gaming tables, VIP rooms and 20 slot machines along with internet sports book and other online betting. Offer of 80m Pounds Sterling or more will be considered.

Asking price: GBP£80,000,000
Listing: WCD-004544 Request details

Europe - Choose your clientele or cover the market with one or both of these opportunities. Option #1: Five casinos. Newest casino opened this year, other four running on permanent gaming license since 2007. All open 24 hours. Over 200 slots. The largest casino has full license for table games at new owners option. All management plan to stay on for new owner. Low cost operations. Staff of sixty plus all operations cost about $750,000 annually. Price - 14m Euros includes 100% of business, assets, permits, and licenses. Option #2: Three luxury hotels with casino licenses if desired. Two are freehold and third management only. All have large pool and spa areas. There are over 250 rooms between the three properties. Popular water park included in sale. Price 36m Euros. Option #3 Purchase all five freehold casinos and two freehold hotels with management of third and option to install casinos in hotels - Price - 49m Euros

Asking price: €14,000,000 - €49,000,000
Listing: WCD-004585 Request details

Euro/USA company has more than a decade of success and new frontiers for growth. Internet gaming in 5 star hotels with successful platform and solid expansion plans. All shares and assets available for $500m. Within 3 years revenue of over $1.5 billion may be attainable. JV available for $20m-$50m.

Asking price: USD$500,000,000
Listing: WCD-004581 Request details

European sports betting company available onland and online. Well established online sportsbook and high street betting shops. Now licensed for online casinos and featuring new mobile app. Growing fast with solid profits. Price 38,000,000 Euros.

Asking price: €38,000,000
Listing: WCD-004582 Request details

Greece, Serbia region - Great new investment opportunity with existing clientele. Licensed VIP nightclub, very popular and open 7 nights a week. Nightclub includes operating restaurant. Existing hotel and land could be included in purchase. Property is licensed for 100 slot machines but none have been installed yet. New 50 room hotel can be built and included in purchase price. Option #1: New built hotel, restaurant, and nightclub with space and license for 100 slot machines - price - $5 million for partnership position. Option #2: Include existing hotel plus additional land for complete ownership at $8m.

Asking price: USD$5,000,000 or USD$8,000,000
Listing: WCD-004590 Request details

Greece - Hotel with large casino priced for quick sale. Only €77m.

Asking price: €77,000,000
Listing: WCD-004555 Request details

Dublin - Owner retiring which frees up two large slots arcades in Dublin for purchase. In operation for 20 years and still showing good profits. Over 500 machines between the two properties. Qualified inquiries will receive price and details upon application and C/NDA.

Asking price: Please Inquire
Listing: WCD-004591 Request details

Dublin - Almost a turn-key operation. Flip the light switches, hire your staff, and open the doors again on this famous branded private members club casino with blackjack, roulette, and poker tables. Boost revenues with included live dealer online streaming. Price is only 295,000 Euros as is. Room and license for slot machines but you'll need to arrange for those. Referrals for slot machines available with POF and LOI. Details after C/NDA accepted.

Asking price: €295,000
Listing: WCD-004592 Request details

Ireland - Price reduced and a fresh opportunity to own a well established casino in the heart of Dublin. American Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, and a large poker room with seven tables for cash games and tournaments. A renewable low rent lease comes with the business and all permits, etc. Price now 750,000 euros

Asking price: €750,000
Listing: WCD-004551 Request details

Malta - 100 room hotel has been refurbished. Empty gaming space with consent license to open new casino. Ground rent is very low with 80 year lease. Broker has keys in hand and can expedite closing on this 19m Euro property. Full details available with signed NDA.

Asking price: €19,000,000
Listing: WCD-004586 Request details

Malta - Rare opportunity to own Maltese casino resort. Plans and permitting process complete for this 250 key hotel and casino. Property is close to new €150m euro-sports complex. Residential homes permit has also been granted on this 10,000 sq m property. Land permits and all licenses included in 7m euro price. Build cost estimates for hotel and casino are approximately 25m euro. No estimate yet on residential housing development costs.

Asking price: €7,000,000
Listing: WCD-004569 Request details

Malta - 5 star hotel seeking license approval for casino installation. Buy in for $2.5m and lease the space for 10k euros per month and 5% profits. Current casino plan calls for 60 slots and 12 tables (pending regulatory approval). Hotel brand is international chain and offers multiple amenities in five star class.

Asking price: $USD2,500,000
Listing: WCD-004570 Request details

Poland - Major luxury resort in the planning stages. 25,000 square foot casino as part of development with 60 villas, 150+ key hotel on lake with sea exit. Yachting, fishing, marina, swimming and golf course, and small medical center are all included in the plans. Building permits in hand. Owner is seeking JV partner to invest 6m euros for 50% share. Owner will invest 4m into project. Also available to own outright for 10m euros. Preference is for JV and the owner will take the new company public on the Polish stock exchange. Possible 40% grant to fund entire development which is estimated at 400m euros. Full business plan available after required documents.

Asking price: €10,000,000 - JV preferred at €6m - EU Development Grant possible.
Listing: WCD-004572 Request details

Romania - Well established, popular and profitable poker club available. Cash price for quick sale $850,000

Asking price: $USD850,000
Listing: WCD-004573 Request details

Southern Spain - Luxury hotel with casino is available. Casino is geared toward VIP players and features a tournament room to seat up to 600 poker players. 5 star hotel features 180 guestrooms, opulent ballroom, conference room, and wedding reception center. Asking €130m. Funding may be possible for 65-75% of purchase.

Asking price: €130,000,000
Listing: WCD-004553 Request details

Spain - Own a luxury casino with nightclub/theater/dinner-club seating 500, freehold, in a 5 star beach resort hotel with 400 rooms. Guests may access the casino from the hotel or a separate entrance. Sale includes one level of the car park fitting 30 autos and 10 rooms of the hotel that can be used for VIPs or other guests. Casino includes a fine dining restaurant as well as large poker room with 12 tables, 80 gaming machines and 19 tables spreading Roulette, Blackjack, and Punto Banco (Baccarat). The price is 35m euros.

Asking price: €35,000,000
Listing: WCD-004574 Request details

Spanish Island - Popular tourist location for casino and hotel project. All planning permissions are in for 300 guestrooms. Full gaming license for casino with live table games and slots. Standard documents (signed confidentiality and non-disclosure) for more details. 45m euros.

Asking price: €45,000,000
Listing: WCD-004576 Request details

Northern Europe - Spectacular hotel, casino, and entertainment center that includes a boutique 6 star luxury hotel, spa and fitness center, five nightclub venues, three restaurants, and a world-class casino with an overall footprint of 20,000 square meters (215,000 sq ft). Complex welcomes well over 4,000 guests per week. Adjacent government owned land available for purchase or rent. Planning in place to add up to 150 new rooms and expand casino. Online live gaming license has been awarded. Live dealer casino is being developed for VIPs. Property has net profits in excess of 4,500,000 Euros which should increase with expansions and internet casino. Current owners are projecting profits of €12-15m within two to three years.

Asking price: €60,000,000
Listing: WCD-004546 Request details

Europe - Major European gaming company for sale. Price includes 3 buildings housing operations offices. Company owns well over 10,000 EMR and VLT slot machines housed in over 200 slots arcades. In operation over 20 years. Additional assets include 17 land based casinos, over 100 retail lottery systems, online betting outlets and sports betting. New online gaming license valid since January with potential growth of 35 to 50% over current revenues of about €1b. Seller will entertain all offers in excess of 100m Euros with 50m Euros funding.

Asking price: €100,000,000
Listing: WCD-004547 Request details

European online Live Dealer casino software company. Licensed casino with new platform projecting revenues of €35m for 2016. Company has partnered with U.S. company that has been supplying casino software for 12 years. Expected to become the most prolific online gaming software company in the world within 5 years, possibly sooner. New platform is being installed in two luxury hotels with a total of 1,300 rooms. Further expansion plans include 1,000 5 star hotels in the next 2 to 3 years. Guests can play in live dealer casino from their guestrooms and suites. New 5 year contracts have been signed with major mobile app and television company. Projected revenues of €5m monthly increasing to €25m monthly with one to two years. Full price 40m Pounds Sterling - may accept partnership for €15m-€20m.

Asking price: GBP£40,000,000 - Partnership possible for €20,000,000
Listing: WCD-004548 Request details

Caribbean licensed Northern European online casino with recently revitalized website. Casino shows profit and great potential. Bitcoin accepted for all games. Offerings include bingo, slots, and poker. Originally offered at $200,000, however, soaring revenue dictates yet another new price; Currently 450,000 pounds sterling and likely to continue escalating.

Asking price: GBP£450,000
Listing: WCD-004549 Request details

Europe - Two operating casinos within European hotel resorts. Price for both is 39,000,000 Euros. There may be the possibility of separating the two for individual sales.

Asking price: €39,000,000
Listing: WCD-004550 Request details

Casinos for sale in the Middle East

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Egypt - Convert this high-end restaurant on a large ship near the center of Cairo into a casino. Full license. Nearby are new 5 star hotels in the heart of the city. Expected time to convert restaurant to casino is two months. Owner looking for JV partner, investment expected to be about €12m.

Asking price: €12,000,000
Listing: WCD-004562 Request details

Casinos for sale in South America

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El Salvador - New 300 room luxury hotel, casino, and conference center offering to lease casino space for $20,000 a month. New casino license good for 20 years. Provide own gaming equipment. This beachfront property is expected to open 2016. Existing 160 room hotel on property being used until opening. Price $30m

Asking price: USD$30,000,000
Listing: WCD-004542 Request details

Macau High rollers, luxury casinos and hotels plus a rich heritage make Macau one of the world's premiere gaming destinations.

Las Vegas Las Vegas casino resorts have been long known for their entertaining shows, endless casino action and bright lights.

Cotai Strip Biggest casinos in the world + newest casinos in Macau; Cotai Strip threatens mainland Macau for top gambling destination.

Entertainment City Sleeping giant of Asian casinos is the Philippines. Casino tour? Multiple multi-billion dollar casinos are operating here.

Atlantic City Play in Atlantic City's wide variety of casinos and poker rooms. This is the place that inspired the board game Monopoly.

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