World Gambling Law

While this section is a comprehensive guide to gambling law it is in no way complete. In addition it should only be used as a general guide to gambling law. It is NOT the law. If you need to reference specific statutes we suggest you do so at the government websites. However if you are looking for gambling law for general purposes this section should work just fine.

Use the menu on the left to browse gambling legislation for geographic areas of the world. Try this page for a quick chart and description of minimum gambling ages in locations around the world.

Internet Gambling / Online Gambling Law

This is a tricky subject and has been hotly debated for years. The world court says one thing, the United States say another - states in the United States vary as do many countries around the world. Several countries have opened their doors welcoming online gambling and they seem to have made the most lucrative decision. Countries who have outlawed or forbade online gambling have lost out on a very large revenue stream.

Gambling Law

 Gambling Law  Minimum Gambling Age  Laws by Location
Gambling Age - Minimum age to gamble at casinos in the United States - Nevada - las vegas legal gambling age - Gambling Age in America

[ Chart displaying legal gambling ages in the United States ]

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