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Bally's Poker Room


Part of Bally's Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Located right next to the front entrance of the gaming floor, guests will find some of the best No Limit action in all of Las Vegas at Bally’s Las Vegas Poker Room. The limits and games are suited to recreational players as well as seasoned professionals so you can always find a table of your peers. There are 14 tables here partitioned off from the rest of the casino floor. Bally's is the center of action on the Las Vegas Strip and you will find plenty of it here. The poker room runs daily No Limit tournaments as well as daily 1/3 No Limit Hold'em Buy-In $100 to $300 cash games and on occasion 2/3, 2/5 and 2/6 - $200-$500, $200 - $1,000 and min $30, respectively. 


Poker tables:14
Poker Open 24/7:Yes
Self parking:Yes
Casino sq/ft:67,000 sq/ft
Convention sq/ft:175,000 sq/ft
Poker games available: NL Texas Hold'em , Spread Limit Hold 'em
Hotels: Bally's Las Vegas
Rates: $30.00 - $365.00


Bally's Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
3645 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA


Available 24/7 Yes
Phone (702) 967-4403
Website Website

Hours of Operation

Open 24/7
Poker Room


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Guest Posted on June 16th, 2007
Impressions: Not impressed. The room is just a bunch of tables in a roped off area of the casino.
Atmosphere: Below average chairs and tables. It isn't a room.
Dealers: They seemed like they weren't as experienced or knowledgeable as the ones at the better Vegas cards rooms.
Food: average
Service: I played the tourney, a $55 game I think. The structure went too fast for my liking. The competition was soft. They were not the worst organized room, but not the best.
I asked about sit and gos, which they advertised. They said, "Yes they run every once in a while. I think we ran one about two weeks ago." lol
Comps: Don't know, didn't ask.

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Guest Posted on April 20th, 2007
I’m about to pass out, but the other guys want to try to all play in the same 3-6 game at Bally’s, so I join in for a hundo. Stupid move on my part. The table’s loose and limber, but I’m donktastic. I lose an early hand to Alex when I have KK and he flops a flush that I check-call down to the river. I lose another hand to Steve when he calls my AT raise pre-flop with 9To, and the flop’s 9 T X. He re-raises me on the flop and I should’ve recognized. Later I end up all-in when my flush draw hits on the river, which gets me back to $55. I boost it up a bit more, then am about to leave, satisfied that I rebounded slightly, when I get QQ UTG. I raise, and everyone folds but Alex and the BB, who just call. Rag flop. BB checks; I bet; Alex raises; BB folds; I call. Turn and river are more rags – at least I remember it that way – and I’m check-calling Alex. He shows KK, and I’m pissed that he didn’t re-raise me pre-flop. Forget that I played stupid; it’s all his fault. I go to bed -$68 and get a whole SEVEN hours of sleep Sunday night.

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Guest Posted on April 20th, 2007
Four hours of half-sleep at Bally’s, and I’m back down at my morning spot, the Bally’s 3-6. This time there’s a full table. The table’s real loose but I only have a little while to play. I hit a flush and am up 20 or so until this hand:
Ks7s in the SB, no one raises; I complete, four to the flop. Flop’s 7 7 3 rainbow. I bet out. BB folds; MP calls; LP calls. Turn’s a 9. I bet; MP calls; LP raises; I re-raise; MP calls; LP calls. River’s a 4. I check. MP bets. LP calls. I call. MP: pocket 33. LP: pocket A7. I muck in humiliation. Good thing it wasn’t no-limit or I’d been busto.

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