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Paris Poker Room


Poker tables:18
Self parking:Yes
Casino sq/ft:85,000 sq/ft
Convention sq/ft:140,000 sq/ft
Hotels: Paris Las Vegas


Paris Resort Casino
3655 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

Paris Casino Hotel - Las Vegas : Copyright by Moyan Brenn


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Guest Posted on June 16th, 2007
Impressions: I've played here twice. The first time it was a roped off area in the middle of the casino and it was loud and not even really a room.
The second time I played here they had moved the room into a corner. It was next to the sports book. It was quieter, but I'm sure they got less traffic from curious tourists because I heard they will be closing this room soon.
The competition was as weak as any I've seen in Vegas.
Atmosphere: Its just some tables and chairs set up in a roped off area in the corner of the casino. Average chairs & tables. Not a real room.
Dealers: The were below average with knowledge, speed and mistakes.
Food: Drink service was average.
Service: I just played some $65 tourneys. The way they were run seems a little below par. They are not very organized compared to other rooms in Vegas.
Comps: Don't know, didnt ask.

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Guest Posted on February 3rd, 2007
Impressions: Lots of hustle and bustle, being in the center of the casino floor. Hope that they do more than just leave it roped off, maybe put in some kind of partition. There were too many bystanders distracting us outside the ropes. I stayed a couple of hours and the experience was just OK. Not a favorite, but will give it another chance sometime in the future, as the level of players is not the highest and there is opportunity to make some money.
Atmosphere: As pointed out above, it is not really a room, just an area. The tables had nice newish felt, but no auto shufflers. The chairs are standard and comfortable. All in all, this poker area leaves a lot to be desired.
Dealers: The dealer at my table happened to be very competent and professional. My table mates told me that, on the whole, that was the case here wit the dealers, which is a big plus. Hopefully they will maintain these standards, because it is the only plus here at the moment.
Food: The service seems to be very efficient. I am not a "drinker", so it is not that important, but the wait staff were always available to the players.
Service: There was not a big play during my time here, about 6-9PM, so it it was not easy to make a judgment either way, but in my initial dealings during sign up they were polite and efficient. There was one problem with a big mouth player at my table, and one of the managers was summoned and politely quieted him down, without creating a scene.
Comps: If you had a Paris card, you received $1 per hour. The comp situation in most of these rooms is negligible.

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