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5 Signs You Chose a Bad Online Poker Site

by Jon Sofen

My first online poker experience was on a site called Doyle’s Room. As you may have guessed, the site was named after the legendary Doyle Brunson. Doyle’s Room was, well, let’s just say – not a good place to play poker. It simply wasn’t trustworthy. Doyle’s Room closed down shortly after Black Friday and isn’t missed. If you are currently playing at a poker site that you aren’t sure about, this article will help you decide if you should play elsewhere. If you notice your current poker site has all or some of these negative signs, it’s time to find another place to play poker.

1. Not enough games throughout the day

It’s hard to make money when there aren’t any games going! Some poker sites simply don’t have enough games. If you constantly log in and have to wait forever for a game to start, you need to play somewhere else. The best poker sites don’t have this problem because they put forth the effort to market effectively. A big part of the intrigue with online poker is the convenience factor. You should be able to turn on your computer and get into a game within a matter of seconds. Otherwise, the convenience factor is eliminated.

2. Everyone seems to be talking smack about your poker site

Every poker site will have its haters. The reason for that is losers often blame the site, not their game. If you frequent the 2+2 forums, you’ve probably noticed tons of posts from poker players that are crying about a certain site being “rigged” or how bad it sucks. Most of these posters end up getting bashed by other members and called out for being a lousy poker player that is blaming the site. However, if you happen to find similar posts on Internet forums such as 2+2, and no one seems to be defending the site, that’s a good sign the site is the problem.

3. They take forever and a day to pay you

We are well into the 21st century. Gone are the days where online poker players need to wait weeks to get paid after requesting a payout. Well, they should be. Unfortunately, some poker sites are still stuck in 2003 and make players wait forever and a day to receive their money. Quite frankly, there’s no excuse for this. Like me, I’m sure you have bills to pay and need your money fast. If your site makes you wait weeks to receive your winnings, find one that doesn’t. There are plenty of fast-paying online poker sites.

4. The software is also stuck in the early 2000s

Like I said, the early 2000s are long gone. Poker sites have evolved, especially in terms of software quality. If the site has the look, feel, and security of a 2003 online poker site, don’t waste your time. The top online poker sites have safe, secure gambling platforms with modern graphics. Sort of like your bedroom says a lot about who you are, the aesthetics of a poker site says a lot about them. If they truly do want to be a serious player in the online poker world, they’ll invest properly in modern technology. Don’t settle for anything less.

5. You aren’t winning

The point of poker is to win, or to make money. If you aren’t winning on a certain poker site, you need to make a change. Now, this is a double-edged sword. The reason you aren’t winning on that site is either because of the site or because you aren’t a skilled poker player. Give yourself an honest assessment. Do you win elsewhere? If so, blame the site and find somewhere that offers the games and quality of opponents you can handle. If you don’t have a proven winning track record anywhere, work on fixing the holes in your game first.

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