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United States Lottery - The Lotteries of the U.S.A.

One can rightfully argue that "Hope" springs eternal. Perhaps this is why lotteries have been popular throughout the concourse of time. Lotteries had their inception in such countries as ancient Greece, India, China, and Japan. It looks like the desire to cast one's lot is as pristine as man himself.

The lotteries in North America have a rich historical past. Here in America, we owe the first successful lottery to the state of New Hampshire. The year was 1964, and the excitement was low stakes lotto wagering. The meager winnings for this lotto were awarded only twice a year. The state of New Jersey followed suit with a more successful version of a state lottery. A commission was appointed to administer the oversight and winnings. Most states still use this model. If it's not broke, why fix it?

Roughly, 37 states enjoy the primal urge of humankind to cast their lot to the wind. The creation of lotteries has fallen suit in the domino effect. The whole lotto phenomenon started in the Northeast and spread accordingly across the country.

Bingo and lotteries are still the most popular forms of gambling here in the United States. However, the popularity of the lottery games is not just limited to those that are state run. Let's not forget the popularity of Indian run lotteries; and of course the games that have their life and being beneath the radar.

Lotteries around the world are legal and enjoy immense popularity. Let's be conservative and say that worldwide sales last year generated around the lotto were around $97 billion. Apparently, the 99 percent of us that lead lives of quiet desperation are in the wrong business. At last glance, the United States was in the lead, and Germany was running a close second. The contrasts of the lotto games are generally the same, with difference being reflected in the minor nuances of an individual culture.

The pros and cons of the lottery pose some interesting arguments. Those against feel that the lotteries prey on the poor and undisciplined whereby that last buck is spent on a pipe dream of wealth and riches. Is this money that could be spent more wisely? And are the states picking up the tab for services that could be paid for by these individuals? And how about the argument questioning how much money actually gets to school programs etc.?

The proponents on the other side of the coin argue that the lottery allows people to spend money the way they see fit. Howbeit, the money is used for good purposes as a result. People are going to gamble whether it is dubbed legal or not. Therefore, it might as well be legal.

A study of other countries, and their disposition for the lottery is really a study of what happens here on American Soil. It's the same old "you know what". The only real change is that around the world, different shovels are used.

As long as we each have that urge to beat the "odds", lotteries are here to stay. Make yourself at home and grab a shovel.

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