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Michigan Lottery Results

Here are the latest winning lottery numbers for Michigan : MI Winning Lotto Numbers

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About the Michigan Lottery

If you are into lotteries, look no further than Michigan. The Michigan State Lottery quite literally has something for everyone. There are daily lottery games such as the Daily 3 lotto and the Daily 4 lotto. These lotteries happen twice a day. The Fantasy 5 lottery happens every day. Keno also happens every day. Some players prefer the Instant lottery Tickets because you can win cash instantly. If that's not enough, there is the Classic Lotto 47 and Mega Millions lottery, both of which afford you the opportunity to win millions of dollars.

Mega Millions Lottery Game

If big time money is what you are looking to win, you need look no farther than the Mega Millions Lottery game. The Mega Millions lotto jackpot starts at an incredible twelve million dollars ($12 million) and goes up and up and up until some lucky player hits it. Twelve million dollars is a lot of dollars.

To play this lotto you simply purchase a lottery ticket from your favorite Michigan Lottery retailer. Winning Lotto Results: Drawings are conducted a 11:00 pm on Tuesday and Friday nights.

To learn more about how to play, rules and odds of winning, be sure to read the Mega Millions Lottery article.

Michigan Classic Lotto 47

Another great lottery game for an opportunity of winning big money is the Michigan Classic Lotto 47 where winners of the lotto jackpot walk away with at least a million bucks ($1 million). The Classic Lotto 47 jackpot always starts at a million dollars.

To play this exciting lottery, players must obtain a lottery playslip from their local lottery retailer. Players then select six numbers from a pool of forty seven numbers, one thru forty seven (1-47). If preferred, players may request a quick pick in which case the numbers will be randomly chosen for them by a computer. Once the numbers have been selected, the tickets cost only one dollar ($1) per play.

Lotto Results: Drawings are held at 7:29 pm on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

Classic Lotto players who manage to match all six of the winning numbers will win the jackpot of at least a million bucks ($1 million). The odds of matching all six numbers are 1:10,737,573. The next prize category is for matching five of the winning numbers. Players who match five numbers will win a cash prize of a minimum of twenty five hundred dollars ($2,500). The odds of matching five numbers are 1:43,649. A minimum cash prize of one hundred dollars ($100) will be awarded to players matching four of the winning numbers. The odds of matching four out of six numbers are 1:873. The odds that a player will match three of the six numbers are 1:50, but players who do will still be awarded at least five dollars ($5). The overall odds of winning any kind of cash prize playing Michigan's Classic Lotto 47 are 1:47.

In the event that a lottery player has the good fortune of winning a Classic Lotto 47 jackpot, they will then have sixty days from the date of the drawing to choose the cash payment option in which they will then receive their cash prize in one lump payment as opposed to the thirty years of annual payments which is the default method of payment.

Players may choose to play their Classic Lotto 47 numbers and/or quick picks for up to twenty consecutive drawings by marking the appropriate box in the multi draw area or asking their retailer.

Michigan's Fantasy 5 Lottery

Every evening in Michigan, at 7:29 pm people all over the state win money. Maybe the jackpot isn't won every night, but that's the beauty of it. Michigan's Fantasy 5 lotto jackpots get bigger if no player wins it. The Fantasy 5 lottery jackpot starts at a hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) and gets bigger by at least five grand ($5,000) each night until the jackpot is won. The lottery jackpot I speak of is won by simply matching all five numbers of the five numbers drawn.

Let me back up a tad here and explain the game. The game, in case you haven't figured it out yet is, the Fantasy 5 lottery. Lottery players begin by selecting five numbers between one and thirty nine. If players would rather their numbers were randomly generated by a computer they may request a quick pick or fill in the appropriate area on their playslip.

When the numbers are drawn, the jackpot is won by matching all five numbers. The odds of a player doing just that are 1:575,757. Matching four of the five winning numbers will still win you a cash prize in the amount of a hundred dollars ($100). The odds of this are 1:3,387. Players will win ten dollars ($10) if they match three numbers. The odds of matching three winning numbers are 1:103. The odds of matching two numbers and winning a dollar ($1) are 1:10. The overall odds of winning are 1:9.

Michigan Daily 3 Lotto & Daily 4 Lotto Games

There are many similarities between the two different games here. The Daily 3 lotto and Daily 4 lotto are in fact two lottery games independent of one another. They will be generally outlined here and broken down further and individually below.

Lotto Drawings & Results: Both lottery games are drawn twice daily. The first lottery drawing of the day occurs at 12:59 pm and the second at 7:29 pm. Two times every day, you could win playing both lottery games. Lotto players can play up to twenty consecutive draws by selecting the appropriate multi draw boxes.

The Michigan Daily 3 Lotto Game

The Daily 3 lotto game is quite an exciting lottery game. For starters, you get to wager as little as fifty cents ($0.50) per play if you want. At such a low cost you see why everyone is playing it.

Playing Daily 3 lotto is quite simple. There are several ways to play your favorite numbers and it can seem a little confusing at first, but patiently let is absorb and you will understand.

Start by choosing your favorite three digit number. If you can't think of one, you may select quick pick on your playslip or ask the retailer for one. Then you choose how you want to play your numbers. You have four ways to play to choose from.

You can play your numbers straight. This means you must match the winning numbers in the exact order they were drawn. This is the hardest to hit and therefore it pays the most. Match your three numbers straight and win at least five hundred dollars ($500) on a one dollar bet. Your odds of winning this jackpot are one in a thousand (1:1,000).

Players may choose to box their numbers. This means you can win if you match the winning numbers in any order. Depending on whether or not there is a pair of numbers in the winning numbers will determine the winning prize amount. When the winning numbers contain a pair of numbers such as two sixes or two nines, it is considered a 3 way box, because there are three different combinations the numbers can be in. This type of box win pays the most. On a one dollar bet, it would pay a cash prize of one hundred and sixty six bucks ($166). The odds of winning with a 3 way box are 1:333. When all three winning numbers are unique digits such as 123 or 876, it is considered a 6 way box. Again, it is because there are six different winning combinations. Lottery players who wager one dollar in this style stand to win eighty three dollars ($83). The odds of winning this way are 1:167.

Lotto players can choose to play their numbers two way. This way of playing basically takes advantage of both the straight and boxed styles of playing. Your bet is now one dollar ($1) minimum because it is essentially two bets. Half goes to a straight bet and the other half to a boxed bet. This way you not only win either way, but if you win straight you win both ways. A 3 way straight would pay you three hundred and thirty three dollars ($333) and eighty three dollars ($83) if it were boxed only. A 6 way straight would pay you two hundred and ninety one dollars ($291) and forty one dollars ($41) if it is boxed only.

Playing the wheel enables the lottery player to place a bet on every straight combination with their numbers. If for example, the numbers they have chosen are all unique numbers such as 345 or 812, there are six possible combinations for those numbers to be in. If the wager is fifty cents, the ticket would cost fifty cents each for six different bets for a total of three dollars. Numbers containing a pair such as 228 or 993 would cost half as much because there are only three combinations for the numbers to be in. Winners playing the wheel can win five hundred dollars on a one dollar bet.

The Michigan Daily 4 Lotto Game

The Daily 4 lottery game is very similar in structure to the Daily 3 lottery game. As you may have guessed, the Daily 4 lotto game has four numbers instead of three. The four different ways to play your numbers are still the same, being straight, boxed, two way and wheeled, but the internal structure of those styles is slightly different.

There is also no fifty cent wagering in the Daily 4 lottery game. All wagers are one dollar ($1).

To begin, lotto players select a four digit number. Then they select the style in which they would like to play those numbers.

A straight bet again wins the most money. Matching all four digits in the same order they were drawn will win a cash prize of five thousand bucks ($5,000). The odds of matching all four numbers in the exact order are one in ten thousand.

Players who box their bet have four ways to win. Each way to win is based on the number of winning combinations possible for those winning numbers. The ways to win are 24 way, 12 way, 6 way and 4 way. The 24 way affords a player the most ways of winning and requires the winning numbers and your own to contain no pairs. In other words, all four digits must be unique, such as 1234 or 4837. A 24 way box win will fetch a player two hundred and eight dollars ($208). The odds of a 24 way box win are 1:416. A 12 way box requires there be one pair among your digits. This means for example that your numbers look something like 2284 or 4984. With one pair in your four digit number, you have twelve winning combinations the numbers can be drawn in. A 12 way box win is worth four hundred and sixteen dollars ($416). The odds of winning this way are 1:833. If your numbers consist of two pairs of numbers such as 7733 or 9339, you are shooting for a 6 way box. An eight hundred and thirty three dollar ($833) cash prize awaits those who hit it. The odds of doing just that are 1:1,666. If three numbers are the same in your numbers like 3339 or 8828, a 4 way box may be in your future. Since the cash prize for doing so is one thousand, two hundred and fifty dollars ($1,250), we should all hope so. The odds of hitting this one are 1:2,500.

2 way play is basically two different bets being made. One half of your dollar ticket price goes to a straight bet and the other half goes to a box bet. This way you win both ways when you hit your numbers in exact order. When your numbers consist of three that are the same, you will win thirty two hundred dollars ($3,200) for the straight win and six hundred dollars ($600) for the box win. That would be a 4 way win. A 6 way win would be worth two thousand, nine hundred and six dollars ($2,916) won straight and four hundred and sixteen dollars ($416) if it's won boxed. The 6 way has two pairs of numbers in it. The 12 way has one set of numbers that are the same making it worth two thousand, seven hundred and eight dollars ($2,708) when it's won straight and two hundred and eight dollars ($208) when it is won boxed. A 24 way consists of all unique numbers if you'll remember and it pays a cash prize in the amount of two thousand, six hundred and four dollars ($2,604) when it is won straight and one hundred and four dollars ($104) when it gets hit boxed.

Straight lotto players who want to really hedge their bets play the wheel. Wheeling your bet basically takes your four numbers and places a straight bet on every winning combination those particular numbers have. So, based on what we have learned from box play, we add up the winning combinations and that's the dollar amount that ticket would cost. In other words, if your number contains no pairs of numbers, such as 4587 or 9481, there would be twenty four different ways those numbers could be drawn. One dollar each would make that a twenty four dollar ($24) ticket worth five grand ($5,000) if it wins. A number with two pairs like 4499 or 4848 would cost six dollars and be worth five thousand as well if it wins.

The Daily Double Game

Daily 3 lotto and Daily 4 lotto players can win cash instantly each time they play. At the time of purchase, for one dollar more (fifty cents more if it is the Daily 3 lotto and the original wager was fifty cents) an extra set of numbers gets printed under your numbers. It those two sets of numbers match you would win the Daily Double game. The prize amount would be based on the numbers you were playing and how you were playing them.

Daily 4 lotto players can win as much as six thousand dollars ($6,000) on the spot and Daily 3 lotto players can win as much as six hundred dollars ($600). Now you know how to win even more money off of your favorite lucky lottery numbers.

When playing straight in Daily 3 lottery and taking advantage of the Daily Double game, you could win six hundred dollars ($600). When playing a 3 way box, you could win two hundred dollars ($200). 6 way box played in the Daily Double game could win you a hundred dollars ($100). Played 2 way, a 3 way won straight could win you four hundred dollars ($400), still worth a hundred dollars ($100) won boxed only. The 6 way played 2 way can win three hundred and fifty dollars ($350) in the Daily Double and still bring in fifty dollars ($50) if it's won boxed.

Playing the Daily Double game when playing the Daily 4 lotto game can really make you some cash. Play it straight and hit the daily double and you'll instantly be six thousand dollars ($6,000) richer. The 4 way box will win you fifteen hundred dollars ($1,500). Winning the Daily Double on a 6 way box is worth a thousand bucks ($1,000). A 12 way win is worth five hundred dollars ($500) won on the Daily Double. Still worth two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) is the 24 way boxed win. When Daily 4 players are playing 2 way, they can still win big on the Daily Double. A 4 way straight/box is worth three thousand, seven hundred and fifty bucks ($3,750) on the Daily Double. Box only, it's still worth the seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750). A 6 way straight/box is worth thirty five hundred dollars ($3,500) and five hundred dollars ($500) as the box only. The 12 way straight/box is worth thirty two fifty ($3,250) and two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) boxed only. The 24 way straight/box is worth three thousand, one hundred and twenty five dollars ($3,125) won straight and a hundred and twenty five dollars ($125) boxed only.

As you can see, playing the Daily Double game can really help your winnings pile up.

Michigan Keno

Playing Keno in Michigan is one of the greatest places one could do such a thing. Unlike many states, Michigan Keno only has one drawing per day and each play consists of ten spots. For those of you who are unfamiliar with how Keno works, spots are numbers and the more spots you match to the ones drawn, the more money you win. That's as simple as it is.

Each Keno ticket costs one dollar ($1) and contains eighty numbered boxes, one thru eighty (1-80). Players select ten numbers or ask for a quick pick. Your numbers will be randomly selected by the lottery terminal if you choose a quick pick. Every evening at 7:29 pm, twenty two (22) numbers are drawn. It is from these numbers that you must match yours.

The jackpot for matching all ten numbers is two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($250,000). The odds of winning it are 1:2,546,203. There is a twenty five hundred dollar ($2,500) cash prize for matching nine of the winning numbers. The odds of doing so are 1:57,070. You will win two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) for matching eight of the winning numbers. The odds of matching eight out of twenty two numbers are 1:3,115. You will be awarded twenty five dollars ($25) for matching seven of the numbers to yours. The odds of this are 1:313. The odds of matching six of the numbers are 1:52 and you'll win seven dollars ($7) if you do. If you can manage no match absolutely none of the numbers you will win a free Keno ticket. The odds of this are 1:32. The overall odds of winning a cash prize in Keno are 1:18.36.

Instant Lotto Games or Scratch Lottery Tickets

The Michigan State Lottery has one of the most impressive selections of instant ticket games around. Players from the state or just passing through can choose from one dollar ($1) games, two dollar ($2) games, three dollar ($3) games, five dollar ($5) games, ten dollar ($10) games and twenty dollar ($20) games and can win prizes up to two million dollars ($2 million) just like that.

For more information, be sure to visit the official home page for the Michigan Lottery at

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