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New Jersey Lottery Results

Here are the latest winning lottery numbers for New Jersey : NJ Winning Lotto Numbers

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About the New Jersey Lottery

Not to say by any means that New Jersey is small, but for such a small state it sure has a big state lottery. The New Jersey State Lottery offers lottery players all the cash prizes of any state ten times its size. If a lottery player aims to strike it rich there is no better place to do it than in New Jersey. As they say in New Jersey, “Give your dreams a chance”.

No matter what kind of lottery is your thing, New Jersey has just the lotto game for you. If the big money lotteries are your thing, where you become incredibly rich overnight, then Mega Millions lotto, Jersey Cash 5 lotto and Pick 6 Lotto are your kind of lottery games. Daily lottery games like Pick 3 lotto and Pick 4 lotto let you win cash prizes up to two times every day of the week. Even better, Pick 3 lotto and Pick 4 lotto have an Instant Match lotto game where you can win cash prizes instantly when you purchase your lottery ticket. If that isn’t enough, New Jersey lottery players can now play eGames. eGames are interactive lottery games where players purchase a ticket from their lottery retailer and use it to access a lottery game on the internet that when played can win cash prizes. The lotto tickets are then cashed in at lottery retailers. True to form, as no lottery is complete without them, New Jersey offers lottery players their favorite Instant Scratch lotto games where you can win cash right this minute.

New Jersey Instant Win Scratch Lotto Games

The New Jersey State Lottery offers lotto players access to all of their favorite scratch and win lotto games. Available from lottery retailers for one dollar ($1), two dollars ($2), three dollars ($3), five dollars ($5) or ten dollars ($10), they all can win you cash prizes.

In New Jersey, new Instant lotto games are added all the time so start playing your favorite lotto game today.

New Jersey eGames

New Jersey offers lottery players the new eGames. There is no lottery game offering the same kind of interactive fun these lotto games do. eGames are the future in instant lotto fun.

Players have two eGames to choose from. Tetris and Cyber Slingo both offer fun and excitement as well as cash prize potential.

New Jersey Tetris eGame

New Jersey Lotto players can play what equates to a video game and win cash prizes. Tetris eGame lotto players can win as much as ten grand ($10,000) playing the three dollar ($3) lotto game.

To play Tetris lotto, players must purchase a three dollar ($3) lottery ticket from their New Jersey Lotto retailer. Tetris lotto game tickets are much like Instant scratch lotto games, but instead of a cash prize, scratching the latex stuff off the ticket reveals a thirteen digit access code for the Internet. This code allows you to play Tetris lotto and potentially win cash.

Each Tetris lottery game has a predetermined outcome. How you play the lottery game does not affect how much you win. That being said, it’s still lots of fun to play.

Players can choose their skill level, which will affect the speed of the game. The Tetris eGame is like the Tetris video game. The multi shaped blocks that fall must be arranged in such a way as to fill up solid horizontal lines which disappear when filled, winning you cash prizes. The more lines you fill up, the faster the blocks start to fall until it can no longer be kept up with. Then the game is over.

It’s a very fun and exciting way to win cash prizes. Winning money is pretty much fun and exciting no matter how it’s done, but you really can’t beat winning money playing a video game.

New Jersey Cyber Slingo eGame

Cyber Slingo is another eGame offered to lottery players in New Jersey. Cyber Slingo game tickets only cost one dollar ($1) and players can win up to five thousand dollars ($5,000) playing this exciting interactive game.

Cyber Slingo players can choose between Classic Cyber Slingo and Wild 7’s Cyber Slingo. Both games are fun and full of winners.

To play, the Cyber Slingo game ticket is purchased from any New Jersey Lottery retailer. The eGame tickets are similar to Instant games and the latex covering the Internet Access Code is removes revealing a thirteen digit number. This numbers enables you, the player, to log onto the New Jersey Lottery website where the game may be accessed. Once the game is played you must present the ticket to any lottery retailer to collect your cash prize.

Don’t worry if you don’t have Internet access. You can check your ticket just like an instant ticket. Each eGame ticket is predetermined as a winner or not, just like instant games. It’s just fun to have an interactive experience as you win money.

New Jersey Mega Millions Lottery game

New Jersey Mega Millions lotto players stand to win as much as twelve million dollars ($12 million) from the very start. Each time there is not a lotto jackpot winner, the jackpot grows until some lucky lottery player or players wins the cash prize.

Lotto tickets cost only a dollar ($1) and are available from any New Jersey lottery retailer. Your overall odds of winning a cash prize when playing the New Jersey Mega Millions Lottery are 1:40.

There are two drawings a week for the Mega Millions lotto game on Tuesdays and Fridays. To learn more about how to play and cash prize amounts read about the New Jersey Mega Millions lotto experience.

New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto Game

The New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto game starts out with a two million dollar ($2 million) lottery jackpot. In the event that no lucky lotto player hits it right off, the lottery jackpot grows for the next drawing. There are two drawings a week so the jackpot often grows quickly. They say that this lotto makes more millionaires in New Jersey than any other lotto game.

The odds seem pretty good and playing is simple. Lotto players simply select six numbers between one and forty nine (1-49) and mark them on a Pick 6 Lotto play slip. Asking the lottery retailer for a quick pick will get you six randomly chosen numbers. Each play only costs a dollar ($1).

Matching all six of the winning numbers will win you the jackpot. The odds of a jackpot win are 1:13,983,816. the odds of winning at least twenty seven hundred dollars ($2,700) by matching five out of six winning numbers are 1:54,201. Players matching four winning numbers will receive a minimum cash prize of fifty six dollars ($56). The odds of this are 1:1,032. Players will even win a cash prize for matching only three out of six numbers. The odds of matching three numbers are 1:57, but doing so will win you three dollars ($3).

New Jersey Pick 3 Daily Lottery Game

In New Jersey all lotto players know that the way to have control of how you play your favorite numbers is to play Pick 3 Daily Lotto. Aside from Pick 4 Lotto, there is no other way to choose the way you want to play.

Pick 3 lotto players get to start choosing from the very beginning. Do you want to play the Mid Day lotto drawing, the Evening lotto drawing or both lotto drawings. The Mid Day lotto drawings take place at 12:57 pm every day. The Evening lotto drawings are every night at 7:56 pm. How many lotto drawings would you like to play your numbers for? You can play your lucky lotto numbers up to seven drawings in a row by selecting the multi draw feature.

Pick 3 tickets only cost fifty cents ($0.50). Players choose the three luckiest numbers they have and decide how they want to play them. Quick Picks can also be purchased for the same price.

There are essentially three different ways players can choose to play their lucky numbers. There are then several variations, but essentially only three. The first play is called a Straight. All three of the players numbers must match the winning numbers in the same order they were drawn in. A Box play lets the player match the numbers in any order as long as the numbers match. The third way to play is Pairs.

Straight wins are the hardest to come by and so they pay the best when it comes time to gather up your money and go home. one in a thousand odds to win a straight, but it will pay you a cash prize in the amount of two hundred and seventy five dollars ($275) if you do.

Pick 3 lotto game players who like the cash prize associated with Straight wins may like the Wheel Bet. The Wheel Bet basically places a bet on every Straight combination your numbers allow. If all three of your lucky numbers are different numbers such as 123 or 739, there would be six different ways to arrange your numbers. This is appropriately called 6 Way Wheel and the ticket would cost three dollars ($3) because it is a bet on every combination. A 3 Way Wheel would have two like numbers in the bunch like 559 or 383. This ticket would cost one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50). Both Wheel Bets will win a cash prize of two hundred and seventy five dollars ($275).

Pick 3 lottery Box play also has a 3 Way and a 6 Way, named for the number of ways the numbers can win. Remember, in Box play, the winning numbers may be matched in any order. A 3 Way Box win consists of a set of winning numbers that contains a pair like 338 or 383. There are three different ways the numbers can land. A 6 Way box contains all unique digits like 478 or 376. There are six different ways these numbers can be drawn. The odds of a player matching a 3 Way Box are 1:333 and the odds of a player matching a 6 Way Box are 1:168. A 3 Way will win a player ninety one dollars and fifty cents ($91.50). A 6 Way will win forty five dollars and fifty cents ($45.50).

For Pick 3 lotto game players who only want to pick two numbers, there is an element built into the game just for you. Players can play Pairs in Pick 3. Players must decide whether to play the front pair, back pair, or the split pair, which is the first and last numbers. Pairs players must match their numbers in the exact order they are drawn. For example, if a player bets on the Split Pair and their numbers are 48, the winning numbers must be drawn with a four being the first number and an eight being the last number. A players odds of winning a Pairs bet are 1:100 and the cash prize players will win is twenty seven dollars and fifty cents ($27.50).

New Jersey Pick 4 Daily Lotto Game

Pick 4 lotto is very similar to Pick 3 lotto. They both share the same drawing times both mid day and evening times every day of the week. Pick 4 lotto bets are also only fifty cents ($0.50). Pick 4 lottery players can win up to two thousand, seven hundred and eighty eight dollars ($2,788). There is only one way to win this cash prize playing the Pick 4 daily lottery game. A player must place a Straight bet, aiming to match all four of the winning numbers in the same order they were drawn in and then match them. The odds of pulling this off are one in ten thousand (1:10,000).

The other option Pick 4 lotto game players have is to place any one of four different Combination or Box bets. The Choices in Box bets are 4 Way, 6 Way, 12 Way and 24 Way. A 4 Way Box consists of four winning numbers with a three of a kind in it like 7737 or 8882. There are only four winning combinations for those numbers and the cash prize for matching them would be six hundred and ninety seven dollars ($697). The odds of a player matching 4 Way numbers are 1:2,500. A 6 Way Box consists of two pairs of numbers like 3377 or 2626. The cash prize for matching these kinds of numbers in any is four hundred and sixty four dollars and fifty cents ($464.50). The odds of winning a 6 Way Box are 1:1,667. Players who play a four digit number with one pair in it like 3662 or 8218 will encounter odds of 1:833 to win and will win a cash prize of two hundred and thirty two dollars ($232) if they beat those odds. If the player has a lucky number with four unique digits like 3456 or 8364, their odds of winning will be 1:417 and the cash prize for matching the winning numbers in any order will be one hundred and sixteen dollars ($116).

New Jersey Instant Match Pick 3 lotto and Pick 4 lotto

Pick 3 lotto players and Pick 4 lotto players agree that the greatest part of playing the pick lottery is playing the Instant Match game when they purchase their lucky lotto ticket. For one dollar ($1) extra lotto players can win up to five hundred dollars ($500) instantly! Players who play the Instant Match game will receive three extra numbers on their ticket with prize amounts next to them. Match any of your numbers and win that amount instantly.

A players odds of winning five hundred dollars ($500) are 1:75,000. The odds of winning one hundred dollars ($100) are 1:25,000. The odds of a player winning fifty dollars ($50) are 1:2,000. 1:200 are the odds to win a twenty dollar ($20) cash prize. A players odds of winning a ten dollar ($10) prize are 1:65. Five dollar ($5) cash prizes can be won. The odds of winning them are 1:37. The odds of winning a two dollar ($2) cash prize are 1:10.

Only players who choose their own numbers and play only one bet per ticket can play the Instant Match game.

Jersey Cash 5 Lotto Game

Every night at 7:56 pm, lotto players all over New Jersey are gambling to win big cash prizes playing Jersey Cash 5. If no lucky player hits the jackpot it just spills over to the next nights jackpot making it bigger. To play Jersey Cash 5, players simply pick five numbers between one and forty (1-40). Players may opt for a quick pick where the numbers are chosen for them. Each play only costs one dollar ($1).

The odds of a player matching all five of the winning numbers are 1:658,008. The odds of a player matching four out of five winning numbers are 1:3,760. The cash prize for matching four numbers is approximately five hundred dollars ($500). Matching three numbers will win a lucky player approximately eleven dollars ($11). The odds of winning this prize are 1:111.

New Jersey Lottery Bonus Zone

In New Jersey, lottery players can win cash prizes by entering non winning lottery tickets. Yes, you read that right and it means that by collecting select non winning instant game cards, players have a second chance to win money. By saving the non winning game cards from the Pink Panther instant win game, Wheel of Fortune Instant game, Off Road Dough Instant game or iCash, players can win up to thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) cash or one or more of many other exciting prizes.

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