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Maine Lottery Results

Here are the latest winning lottery numbers for Maine : ME Winning Lotto Numbers

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About the Maine Lottery

Whether you are a resident of Maine or just visiting, if you are there, you should play the Maine State Lottery. Packed with cash prizes, the games are exciting and loads of fun. With Instant Scratch Tickets, players can win cash prizes instantly! PowerBall is an exciting multi state mega jackpot game that offers huge cash prizes to its lucky winners. MegaBucks holds its own as an exciting game. Pick 3 and Pick 4 give you two chances to win money every day. Triple Play is another multi state game that has its share of fun as well. The Maine State Lottery games are not only fun to play, but they are easy to learn as well.

Maine Instant Scratch Lotto Tickets

Instant Scratch Tickets are great fun because you get the satisfaction of finding out that you’re a winner immediately. There is nothing quite like immediate gratification. There are many exciting themes for players to choose from in one dollar ($1), two dollar ($2), three dollar ($3), five dollar ($5), ten dollar ($10) and twenty dollar ($20) prices.

Scratch Ticket players can win cash prizes as huge as twenty-five, hundred thousand bucks! $2,500,000.00!!

Maine PowerBall Lotto

PowerBall is as fun to play as its prizes are large. Being a multi state lottery, (27 states participating), the jackpot not only starts huge, at a whopping fifteen million bucks ($15 million), but it continues to grow until some lucky player wins. There can be multiple winners as well, in which case, the jackpot is split between them.

For more information on how to play, read this PowerBall Rules article.

Maine MegaBucks Lottery

Although the cash prizes are smaller, MegaBucks is no less exciting to play. Like PowerBall, MegaBucks uses six numbers as well. In MegaBucks however, the numbers are all chosen from the same field, between one and forty-two (1-42). The jackpot for MegaBucks starts at thirty grand ($30,000) and goes up until it is won. Drawings are held two times every week at 7:50 pm Eastern Standard Time on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

There is nothing difficult about playing MegaBucks. Playing is as easy as winning, there’s nothing to it. Start by asking your local lottery retailer for a quick pick if you wish to have a computer randomly select your winning numbers or obtain a playslip and fill it out. To choose your own six numbers you will need to fill out a playslip.

Choose six numbers between one and forty-two. Mark them accordingly on your playslip. Pay one dollar ($1) per play and you’re all set. Cross your fingers and hope for the best.

After the six winning numbers have been drawn, a seventh number is drawn as a bonus number. This seventh number increases your chances of winning.

Match all six of the winning numbers and you win the jackpot which starts at a whopping thirty thousand dollars ($30,000). Match five of the winning numbers and the bonus number and you will win ten thousand dollars ($10,000). Match only the five winning numbers and you will still win one thousand dollars ($1,000). Players who match four of the winning numbers as well as the bonus number will win fifty dollars ($50) while the players matching only the four winning numbers will win forty dollars ($40).
Matching three winning numbers will win you one dollar ($1) and if you match the bonus number as well, you can win five dollars ($5). If you match the bonus ball and two of the winning numbers you will still win two dollars ($2).

With so many ways to win, why wouldn’t you play?

Maine Pick 3 Lotto

Two times a day, seven days a week, Pick 3 Maine Lotto players are winning cash prizes. Every day at 1:00pm and 6:50pm Eastern, three numbers are drawn for Pick 3.
There are many ways to win and playing is very easy.

To play Pick 3, select three numbers from zero to nine (0-9) and mark them on your playslip. Next, players must choose the amount they would like to play.
Players may play fifty cents ($0.50) up to five dollars ($5) per play. And what’s better? Players can play their favorite numbers (or quick picks even) for up to seven days by taking advantage of the multi draw feature.

There are four different bet types. Each has its own winning and paying variables. The betting types to choose from are as follows; straight, box, combo and pairs. Straight play requires that players match all three of the winning numbers in the same order they were drawn. Winning in this category on a fifty cent bet will carry a two hundred and fifty dollar ($250) cash prize. Box play allows the player to match the winning numbers in any order, increasing the number of ways to win. There are two types of box play wins.
A 3-way box has two winning numbers being the same. A 3-way win on a fifty cent bet will win eighty-three dollars ($83). A 6-way box contains all unique numbers. These can still be matched in any order. This win is forty-two dollars ($42). Combo bet types are just what they sound like. You are playing both straight and boxed. Pairs play is also very much as it sounds. Players only play for the front two numbers or the back two numbers.

It’s a twenty-five dollar ($25) cash prize on a fifty cent bet either way.

Maine Pick 4 Lottery

Pick 4 lotto game is quite similar to Pick 3. There is an extra number involved now and so the number of ways to win goes up. More over, the cash prize totals go up as well. Like the other ‘Pick’ game, drawings are held twice daily and again, players may bet from fifty cents ($0.50) up to five dollars ($5). Playing is just as easy and twice as fun.

Players begin by selecting their favorite four digit number and marking such on their playslip. If the player would rather, they may select ‘quick pick’
on their playslip instead or simply ask the pick 4 retailer for a pick 4 quick pick. Choose the amount you would like to bet per play and the number of plays you want. You may choose up to seven consecutive drawings.

Select the betting style you wish to play. You may choose from straight, box and pairs play. Straight play requires the player match all four of the winning numbers in the same order in which they were drawn. A straight win has the largest payout prize of twenty five hundred dollars ($2,500) on a fifty cent bet. It might as well be considered the jackpot.

In box play you do not have to match the winning numbers in the exact order in which they were drawn, but can match them in any order. Players can win cash prizes in four categories playing box style. There is a 4-way which requires three digits in the winning numbers be the same. There are four ways to win in this category and the prize on a fifty cent bet is six hundred twenty five dollars ($625). There are six ways to win a 6-way box.

Are you starting to see the correlation between the ways to win and the name…clever, eh? A 6-way contains two pairs of numbers. A fifty cent bet will fetch four hundred and seventeen bucks ($417) with this win. A 12-way win requires only one pair of numbers in the four winning numbers. On a fifty cent bet, players can win two hundred and eight dollars ($208) with a 12-way win. The last box win category is a 24-way box. As you may have figured out by now, there are twenty four ways to win in this category. To win, all four winning numbers must be unique numbers and you must match them all, but of course you can match them in any order. Do this on a fifty cent bet and will win one hundred and four dollars ($104).

In pairs play you can play the front pair or the back pair. They both pay twenty five dollars ($25) on a fifty cent bet.

Tri-State Triple Play Lotto

Triple play is a multi-state, rolling jackpot game with a starting jackpot of thirty grand ($30,000). Tickets are two dollars ($2), but you get three chances of winning the jackpot with every play. Drawings are twice weekly on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

To learn more about how to play and odds of winning, please read the Triple Play Lotto article.

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