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Kansas Lottery Results

Here are the latest winning lottery numbers for Kansas : KS Winning Lotto Numbers

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About the Kansas Lottery

The state of Kansas is as packed with fun and exciting games as any other state. The Kansas Lottery has held it’s own and kept up. The Kansas Lottery even has the new e-Scratch tickets. From multi-state mega jackpot games such as the PowerBall lotto to Kansas games including Super Kansas Cash lotto, 2 by 2 lottery and Pick 3 lottery. An all-time favorite is Kansas Keno. Kansas has Keno! As other states do, Kansas provides Instant Ticket lotto games for all to enjoy as well.

In order to play the lottery in the state of Kansas, it is required that persons be at least eighteen (18) years of age. And as always, please play responsibly.

Kansas e-Scratch Lotto

The Kansas Lottery is helping pave the way to the future and the way we enjoy lottery games with this new revolutionary game, e-scratch! Players purchase e-scratch from any Kansas Lottery retailer. Players then play their lotto games wherever they access the Internet. They can then claim their prizes at the lottery retailer or the Kansas Lottery Claim Department.

The exciting e-scratch lotto tickets come in one dollar ($1), two dollar ($2), five dollar ($5), ten dollar ($10), twenty dollar ($20) and fifty dollar ($50) tickets. The one, two and five dollar ($1, $2 and $5) tickets give the player two plays for each dollar ($1) spent. The ten, twenty and fifty dollar ($10, $20 and $50) tickets give the player one play per dollar spent. The ten, twenty and fifty dollar ($10, $20 and $50) tickets have better overall odds and larger cash prize possibilities.

Players can win up to five hundred dollars ($500) playing a one-dollar ($1) ticket. The odds of winning on a one-dollar ($1) ticket are 1:4.57.

Players can win up to two thousand dollars ($2,000) playing a two-dollar ($2) ticket and the odds of winning are 1:4.52. The odds of winning a five-dollar ($5) ticket are 1:3.21 and players can win up to five thousand dollars ($5,000). Ten-dollar ($10) ticket players can win up to fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) and have the overall odds of winning of 1:2.19. The overall odds of winning a twenty-dollar ($20) ticket are 1:2.14. Twenty-dollar ($20) ticket players stand to win as much as thirty thousand dollars ($30,000).

Players who purchase the fifty dollar ($50) lotto ticket can win as much as fifty thousand dollars ($50,000). The overall odds of winning a fifty-dollar ticket are 1:1.67.

e-Scratch lotto players must claim their cash prize within 365 days of the date of purchase.

Kansas Instant lotto Games

The Kansas Lottery provides Instant lotto games of all styles to the lottery players of Kansas. Instant Scratch lotto games start at only one dollar ($1) and two dollar ($2), five dollar ($5) and ten dollar ($10) lottery tickets are available as well. Instant Scratch lotto players could instantly win up to seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000) every time they play.

Instant Scratch lotto Games are available at any Kansas Lottery Retailer.

Kansas PowerBall Lotto

The Kansas PowerBall lottery is a multi-state mega jackpot lottery game involving twenty-seven other state lotteries. The starting PowerBall lottery jackpot is fifteen million dollars ($15 million) and goes up each time there is no jackpot winner/winners.

Powerball lottery tickets are only one dollar ($1) and are available at any Kansas Lottery retailer. There are two (2) drawings weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

For more information on how to play and winning odds, read this informative review about the Powerball Lottery.

Super Kansas Cash Lottery

Super Kansas Cash lotto is super Kansas Fun! With a minimum jackpot of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) that is paid in one lump sum you can see what’s so super about this lottery.

Playing is easy. For only one dollar ($1) per play, players can play up to fifteen (15) consecutive draws. To begin, select five (5) numbers from one to thirty-two (1-32) and one (1) number from one to twenty-five (1-25). For each play you do this twice. That’s right! You get two plays for each dollar ($1) play you purchase!

Kansas Cash Lotto Results: Next you just sit back and wait for the winning numbers to be drawn every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening at approximately 9:10 p.m. With any luck at all, you could be the next big winner! The overall odds of winning are one in twelve (1:12).

To win the Kansas Cash lottery jackpot, all six numbers must be matched. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1:2,517,200. The Kansas Cash lottery jackpot prize and sometimes the second place prize are pari-mutuel meaning the total cash prize will be split between all the winners in the event that more than one person wins. The second place cash prize is awarded for matching the first five numbers. Up to two thousand dollars ($2,000) can be won! The odds of winning the second place cash prize are 1:104,883.

By matching four (4) of the first five (5) numbers drawn and the last number drawn, players can win two hundred and fifty dollars ($250). The odds of ding so are 1:18,646. By matching four (4) of the first five (5) numbers only, players can still win twenty-five dollars ($25). The odds of this win are 1:777. The same twenty-five dollars ($25) can be won for matching three (3) of the first group of numbers as well as the last number drawn. The odds of this winning combination are 1:717.

By matching just three (3) of the first group of numbers (odds are 1:30) or two (2) of the first group and the last number (odds are 1:86) players can win two dollars ($2). By matching only one (1) of the first five (5) numbers and the last number, players can win a dollar ($1). The odds of this are 1:29.

Kansas 2 by 2 Lotto

The Kansas 2 by 2 lottery game is another reason Kansas is such an exciting place to be and an even more exciting place to play the lottery. There are eight ways to win playing 2 by 2 and players can win cash prizes up to twenty thousand dollars ($20,000)! And what great odds! The overall odds of winning a prize are better than 1:4!

To get in on the action, one must simply choose two numbers (2) from one to twenty-six (1-26) in a white list and again in a red list for a total of four (4) numbers. This consists of one play and costs one dollar ($1). Players may choose to play up to fifteen consecutive drawings by simply checking the appropriate box on their playslip of asking the retailer. Players may choose also to have the computer randomly select their numbers by asking for a quick pick.

Lotto Results: Drawings are held at approximately 9:30 p.m. every night except Sunday.

To win the jackpot of at least twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) players must match all four numbers. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1:105,625. By matching both the red numbers and one white or the other way around, players can win one hundred dollars ($100). The odds of this are 1:1,100.

To win a three dollar ($3) cash prize players can match one of each color or both of only one color. The odds of doing this are 1:37. To win a free ticket, players must simply match one of each color. The odds of this are 1:4.

Kansas Pick 3 Lotto Game

The Kansas Pick 3 lotto is everyday! Not just six days a week. Every single day of the week! What’s better is how simple it is to play.

Players begin by selecting three (3) numbers from 0 thru 9. Next choose how you want to play them. And finally, decide how much to play. That’s it!

Playstyles to choose from are straight (meaning the numbers must match in the same order in which they are drawn) or box (meaning the numbers can match in any order). Players may wager fifty cents ($0.50) or one dollar ($1).

Lottery players who play straight and match the numbers will win five hundred dollars ($500) on a one dollar ($1) wager. Players who choose to play a box can win up to one hundred and sixty dollars ($160) if two (2) of the numbers are the same or eighty dollars ($80) if all three numbers are unique.

Kansas Keno

Everybody loves Keno. And if you don’t love Keno, maybe it’s because you don’t know how to play Keno. I am sure that if you keep reading this, by the time you get to the end you will love Keno too!

Keno is great fun and you can win huge cash prizes. Who doesn’t love huge cash prizes? That’s like free money. Who doesn’t like free money? Everyone likes free money!

To begin, players select how many “Spots” (numbers) they would like to play. Players may choose from one to ten (1-10) Spots. Players then decide how much money they would like to wager per play. Players may wager one dollar ($1), two dollars ($2), three dollars ($3), four dollars ($4) or five dollars ($5) and may play as many as one hundred (100) consecutive drawings in advance. The players select their numbers between one and eighty (1-80) and mark them on their play slip. If they would rather, players may have the numbers randomly selected by the computer by either making the appropriate selections on their play slip or simply asking the Keno retailer. It’s that simple. Every four (4) minutes, the computer randomly selects twenty numbers (20). Match your numbers and win cash!

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