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New Mexico Lottery Results

Here are the latest winning lottery numbers for New Mexico : NM Winning Lotto Numbers

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About the New Mexico Lottery

The New Mexico State Lottery offers fun and excitement for all lottery players. Of course all lotto players love Scratchers and New Mexico has one for all gambling types. For players who want to play the lottery almost every day of the week, New Mexico offers three of their games six days a week. Pick 3 lotto, 4 This Way lottery and Roadrunner Cash lotto can all win you money Monday thru Saturday all year long. If the super huge cash prizes are what you're after, you need look no farther than the New Mexico PowerBall lottery game. Twice each week lucky lotto players win huge cash prizes playing powerball lotto.

With so many fun and exciting lotto games to choose from, it will take a while to try them all so you better get started winning now.

New Mexico Scratcher lotto games

No matter how you like to play, the New Mexico lottery has a Scratcher instant win lotto game to suit your needs. There are always many to choose from in one dollar ($1), two dollar ($2), three dollar ($3), five dollar ($5), ten dollar ($10) and twenty dollar ($20) lotto games. Scratch lotto players can win up to five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) instantly. All you have to do is buy, scratch and win.

Lotto players must also be at least 18 years old to participate in New Mexico lotteries.

New Mexico PowerBall Lottery Game

In New Mexico, the big money is in PowerBall lotto. If the huge cash jackpot is what you have been searching for, you need look no farther than the New Mexico PowerBall lottery. With giant mega jackpots starting at a massive fifteen million dollars ($15 million) that grows and grows until some lucky player takes it down, it's a wonder anyone plays any other lottery game at all.

PowerBall lotto drawings happen two times every week on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 8:59 pm mountain time. Check back soon for lottery results here at WORLD CASINO DIRECTORY.

To learn more about how you can get your hands on some of the cash prizes available to PowerBall lotto players you can read the PowerBall Lotto review. You will find the winning odds and the prize categories for the game. You will also learn how you can multiply your winnings up to five times!

New Mexico Roadrunner Cash Lotto Game

Roadrunner Cash lotto is another great lottery available in New Mexico. Lucky Roadrunner Cash lottery players can win a cash jackpot that starts at twenty thousand dollars ($20,000). Each time there is no jackpot winner, the jackpot amount gets added to the next drawings jackpot until some lucky player wins the jackpot. Players have won as much as four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000) playing Roadrunner Cash lotto. Drawings are six nights a week, Monday thru Saturday at 10:20 pm.

Playing Roadrunner Cash lotto is easy and fun. Players need only select five numbers between one and thirty four (1-34) or ask the retailer for a quick pick. Quick Pick numbers are randomly generated for you by a lottery terminal computer. Each play only costs one dollar ($1).

Matching all five of the Roadrunner Cash lottery winning numbers will win any lucky player the jackpot of at least twenty thousand dollars ($20,000). The odds of winning the lotto jackpot are 1:278,256.

After the five winning numbers are drawn for Roadrunner Cash lotto, a bonus ball is drawn. In the event that a player does not win the jackpot, they may use this bonus ball to win more money. My matching four out of the five winning numbers and matching the bonus ball, players will win five hundred dollars ($500). The odds of a player winning with this combination are 1:55,651. Without the bonus ball, players will win two hundred dollars ($200). The odds of this win are 1:1,988. The odds of matching three of the five winning numbers as well as the bonus ball are 1:994 and players will win ten dollars ($10) if they do. Matching the three winning numbers only will win a cash prize in the amount of five dollars ($5), the odds of which are 1:74 to win. The overall winning odds of the Roadrunner Cash lottery game are 1:66.

Roadrunner Cash lotto players may choose to play their favorite lucky lottery numbers for up to twelve consecutive drawings by simply selecting the appropriate box in the multi draw area of their play slip.

New Mexico's 4 This Way Lottery Game

New Mexico's 4 This Way lotto is New Mexico's own four digit numbers game. It is easy to play and loads of fun. Better than that, it's loaded with cash prizes as well. Six nights a week 4 This Way lottery drawings are making lucky lotto players all over New Mexico very happy they played. Drawings for 4 This Way lotto are conducted at the same time as the other New Mexico daily lotto games at 10:20 p.m. every night except for Sunday.

To play 4 This Way lotto, lottery players need only find a New Mexico lottery retailer and ask for a quick pick at the very least. If players have some lucky lotto numbers in mind, they only need select four numbers. 4 This Way lotto tickets cost only one dollar ($1) per play for a chance to win as much as four thousand dollars ($4,000). The odds of winning the top cash prize are 1:10,000. To win the top prize of four thousand dollars ($4,000) players must match all four of the winning numbers in the same order in which they are drawn and displayed.

To win the second place cash prize award, 4 This Way lotto players must match the last three winning numbers in the exact order they are drawn. The cash prize is awarded in the amount of forty dollars ($40) and the odds of winning it are 1:1,111.

The odds of winning the third place cash prize of four dollars ($4) requires players to match the last two numbers in the same order they were drawn. The odds of matching this winning combination are 1:111.

Lastly, 4 This Way lotto players can win cash by matching only the last number. Players who do this will win one dollar ($1). The odds of matching the last number drawn are 1:11.

The overall odds of winning a cash prize playing 4 This Way lotto are 1:10.

New Mexico Pick 3 Lottery Game

Pick 3 lotto players in New Mexico can win cash prizes in seven different ways and can win as much as five hundred dollars ($500). Lotto drawings are conducted with the other daily lotto games as this is a daily lotto game as well. Each week, Mondays thru Saturdays at approximately 10:20 in the evening, the lotto drawings are held.

Pick 3 lotto tickets cost one dollar ($1) per play and can be purchased for up to six consecutive drawings by requesting a multi draw. Pick 3 lotto tickets are available at all New Mexico lottery retailers.

Playing Pick 3 lotto is as easy as it is fun. Lotto Players simply select their favorite three digit lotto number and mark it on the play slip. At the same time a lotto player is selecting their numbers, they are selecting the way they would like to play those numbers. There are initially two choices on how you play. To win the most money, players choose to play Straight, where they must match all three numbers in the same order they were drawn. To match the winning numbers in any order, players choose to play Box. Box wins have a smaller cash prize for winning. To combine the two winning plays, some players choose to play a combination play called a Straight/Box. The cash prizes are smaller, but you have more ways to win this way.

Straight play is the hardest to win as you must match all three of the winning numbers in the exact order in which they are drawn. The odds of winning are 1:1,000, but if you match your numbers you will win a cash prize in the amount of five hundred dollars ($500).

Box play enables players to match their favorite Pick 3 numbers in any order they will come up. The amount of the cash prize depends upon the numbers the player plays. Numbers, for example, containing a pair like 118 or 474 will award players a larger cash prize than numbers that are all unique like 123 or 582. The winning numbers with a pair are called 3 Way because there are only three different combinations in which the numbers can appear. The unique set of numbers is referred to as a 6 Way because there are six different ways a player can win with those numbers. A 3 Way Box play can win a player one hundred and sixty dollars ($160). The odds of a player winning a 3 Way Box are 1:333.33. The odds of a player winning a 6 Way Box are 1:166.67. The cash prize for matching a 6 Way Box is eighty dollars ($80).

Lotto players who wish to maximize the possible winning combinations as well as still getting paid for matching a straight enjoy playing a Straight/Box. Straight/Box play in New Mexico’s Pick 3 lotto allows players to win both Box and Straight. A 6 Way Straight/Box matched straight will pay a cash prize in the amount of two hundred and ninety dollars ($290). A 6 Way Straight/Box matched boxed or in any order will win a cash prize in the amount of forty dollars ($40). Players who match a 3 Way Straight/Box in the exact order will be awarded a cash prize in the amount of three hundred and thirty dollars ($330) and boxed the prize is eighty dollars ($80).

If lottery players are not lucky enough to win a cash prize in one of the above mentioned ways, there is still hope. Hope for money and you may indeed end up with some. By matching either the first two numbers in the exact order or the last two numbers and you will be entitled to a five dollar ($5) cash prize. Both the Match Front and Match Back wins require that the player match them in the same order and position as they are drawn. The odds of a player matching either two sets of numbers in the same order are 1:56.

For lottery players in New Mexico, it is a good idea to stay informed. For current estimated jackpots and further state lottery rules, be sure to visit the New Mexico State Lottery homepage. They can be found on the web at

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