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Georgia Lottery Results

Here are the latest winning lottery numbers for Georgia : GA Winning Lotto Numbers

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About the Georgia Lottery

The state of Georgia is a very exciting place to play the lottery. The Georgia Lottery insists on making it that way. With so many fun and easy games to play and so many cash prizes, it’s no wonder! Cash 3 and Cash 4 are daily games and Fantasy 5 might as well be. Lotto South and Mega Millions have huge jackpot prizes and Keno happens every four minutes! The only faster winning than that is the Instant Games or Scratch Tickets.

In the state of Georgia, you must be at least 18 years of age to participate in lottery gaming.

All cash prizes up to six hundred dollars ($600) may be claimed at any Georgia Lottery Retailer. Cash prizes beyond six hundred dollars ($600) must be redeemed at the Georgia Lottery Office. These tickets must be accompanied by a claims form, which can be obtained at any lottery retailer.

Players have 180 days from the draw date of lottery games to claim cash prizes.

Georgia Cash 3 Lotto

Cash 3 is one of Georgia’s exciting daily games. Players have two chances to win up to five hundred dollars ($500) every day except Sunday. Don’t worry; Sunday still has an evening drawing. There is a mid day Cash 3 drawing at 12:29 p.m., every day except Sunday. The evening drawings are held at 6:59 p.m. every night.

Playing Cash 3 is easy. Tickets are fifty cents ($0.50) or a dollar ($1.00) per play. Are you playing the day, night or both drawings? You can even play up to seven (7) consecutive day drawings. You can only play six (6) advance drawings in the evenings. To play future drawings, players mark the multi-draw box on their playslip. Now you decide what numbers to play. Three numbers stand between you and money…

Players select three (3) numbers from zero to nine (0-9) and mark them on their playslip. If they feel like being random, players can select Quick Pick and the numbers will be randomly selected for them.

There are seven (7) different ways you can play Cash 3 and many ways to win. Players can choose from the following playstyles: Straight, 3-Way Box, 6-Way Box, 3-Way Straight/Box, 6-Way Straight/Box, 3-Way Combo and 6-Way Combo.

To play it Straight, players must match all three winning numbers in the exact order they were drawn. The odds of doing this are 1:1,000, but if you do, you could win up to five hundred dollars ($500).

A 3-Way Box play allows you to match the numbers in any order, but two (2) of the numbers have to be the same. There are three (3) ways to win and the odds are 1:333.33. Players can win up to one hundred and sixty dollars ($160) with this play.

A 6-way Box play also allows the player to match the winning numbers in any order, but they must all be unique numbers to win. There are six (6) different winning combinations. The odds of winning are 1:166.67 and you can win up to eighty dollars ($80) if you win.

To play 3-Way Straight/Box, the ticket is one dollar ($1). The wager is split between the two playstyles. Top prize in this playstyle is three hundred and thirty dollars ($330). 6-Way Straight/Box also costs one dollar ($1), but there are six (6) ways to win. Top prize is two hundred and ninety dollars ($290).

Playing the Combo’s is no different than the Straight/Box. The tickets cost more and the prizes are bigger. A 3-Way Combo costs three dollars ($3) to play and has a five hundred dollar ($500) top prize. A 6-Way Combo costs six dollars ($6) to play and also has a five hundred dollar ($500) top prize.

That’s how easy it is to play Cash 3…and you can do it everyday!

Georgia Cash 4 Lottery

Cash 4 is a lot like Cash 3, except for starters you use four (4) numbers instead of three (3) and you can win as much as five thousand dollars ($5,000). Secondly, there are more ways to play and more ways to win. Cash 4, like Cash 3, is a daily game. The drawings are at the same time as the Cash 3 drawing. Cash 4 tickets are one dollar ($1) per play per draw.

Players begin by selecting four (4) numbers from zero to nine (0-9) or their favorite four-digit number if they would rather think of it that way. Either way, there are thirteen different ways to play and even more ways to win! The thirteen (13) ways to play are Straight, 4-Way Box, 6-Way Box, 12-Way Box, 24-Way Box, 4-Way Straight/Box, 6-Way Straight/Box, 12-Way Straight Box, 24-Way Straight/Box, 4-Way Combo, 6-Way Combo, 12-Way Combo and 24-Way Combo.

Playing Straight means the player must match all of the winning numbers in the exact order. This carries with it a hefty top prize of five thousand dollars ($5,000). The odds of winning this jackpot are 1:10,000.

A 4-Way Box requires three of the winning numbers be the same, but they can be matched in any order. The top prize in this category is one thousand, one hundred and ninety-six dollars ($1,196) and the odds of winning are 1:2,500. A 6-Way Box means the winning numbers must be in two pairs. Players can still match them in any order. The top prize for a 6-Way Box is eight hundred dollars ($800). The odds are 1:1,667. A 12-Way Box requires two of the winning numbers to be the same. The top 12-Way Box cash prize is four hundred dollars ($400). The 12-Way Box odds are 1:833. A 24-Way Box requires the winning numbers all be unique numbers, but allows the player to still match them in any order. The odds of this are 1:417. The top prize is two hundred dollars ($200).

The Straight/Box plays combine the Straight and Box plays as the name suggests. The 4-Way Straight/Box has a top prize of three thousand and ninety-nine dollars ($3,099). The top prize for the 6-Way Straight/Box is two thousand nine hundred dollars ($2,099). The12-Way Straight/Box top prize is two thousand seven hundred dollars ($2,700) and the top prize for the 24-Way Straight/Box is twenty-six hundred dollars ($2,600).

The Combo plays are just Straight/Box plays that cost more money and have larger cash prizes. They all have a top cash prize of five thousand dollars ($5,000), but they each cost a different amount. The 4-Way Combo costs four dollars ($4). The 6-Way Combo costs six dollars ($6). The 12-Way Combo costs twelve dollars ($12) and the 24-Way Combo costs…yup; you guessed it…twenty-four dollars ($24).

Georgia Fantasy 5 Lottery

Fantasy 5 is even more exciting and has even bigger cash prizes. What’s better than that? It’s incredibly easy to play! Fantasy 5 is a pari-mutuel game, which means that cash prize amounts depend on the number of tickets sold. The winning numbers for Fantasy 5 are drawn at 11:00 p.m. on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the drawings are at 11:34 p.m.

Players simply choose five (5) numbers between one and thirty-nine (1-39). If that’s not simple enough, players can request a Quick Pick and the numbers will be selected for them. Tickets are one dollar ($1) per play. Players can play as many as fourteen (14) consecutive drawings using the Multi-Draw feature.

Fantasy 5 begins paying out when players match two of the winning numbers. Players who match two of the winning numbers win a free Fantasy 5 Quick Pick. The odds of matching two (2) numbers are 1:9.6. Players who match three (3) or more of the winning numbers win cash prizes. The odds of matching three (3) winning numbers are 1:103 and the odds of four (4) numbers are 13,387. Match all five of the winning numbers and you win the jackpot! The odds of winning the Fantasy 5 jackpot are 1:575,757.

That’s it. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Georgia’s Lotto South Game

They say, “It’s a Southern thang!” I don’t know what that means, but Lotto South is hot.

Lotto South is almost as easy to play as Fantasy 5. Players choose six (6) numbers between one and forty-nine (1-49). Quick Picks are available and players can play up to ten (10) consecutive drawings.

The jackpot is won by matching all six (6) winning numbers. The odds of hitting the jackpot are 1:13,983,816. The odds of matching five (5) numbers are 1:54,201. The odds of matching four (4) of the six (6) numbers are 1:1,032.The odds of matching three (3) are 1:57. The overall odds are approximately 1:54.

Jackpot prizes are paid in thirty (30) annual payments unless the winner chooses the Cash Option. The deadline for choosing the Cash Option is sixty (60) days from the draw date.

Lotto South drawings are at 11:00 p.m. every Wednesday and Saturday.

Georgia Mega Millions Lotto

Mega Millions is a multi-state lottery with huge cash prizes. If you would like to learn more about this rapidly growing jackpot, click here! (Mega Millions)

Georgia Keno

Keno is almost instant! Every four minutes there is money to be won! Keno is not difficult to play either.

Players may wager one dollar ($1), two dollars ($2), three dollars ($3), five dollars ($5) or ten dollars ($10) per draw. Players may play from one to ten (1-10) Spots, which are your numbers. So players pick between one and ten (1-10) numbers and get ready. Every four minutes, twenty (20) numbers are drawn.

NOTE: For this game, all the prize amounts given will be for a one dollar ($1) bet. Just multiply by the amount wagered to generate those prize amounts.

In a 10 Spot game, players will win one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) if they match all ten (10) of their numbers. The player will win five grand ($5,000) if they match nine (9) of them. Matching eight (8) numbers will win five hundred bucks ($500). Matching seven (7) numbers wins fifty dollars ($50). Six (6) numbers wins ten dollars ($10), five (5) numbers wins two dollars ($2) and matching no numbers (0) wins five dollars ($5). Overall odds of winning a 10 Spot are 1:9.05

The 9 Spot jackpot prize is thirty grand ($30,000) for matching all nine (9) of their numbers. Match eight (8) and win three grand ($3,000), seven (7) and win a hundred and fifty ($150), six (6) and win twenty-five dollars ($25). Match five (5) and you win five dollars ($5). If you match four (4) numbers you will win one dollar ($1). Overall odds of winning a 9 Spot are 1:6.53

The 8 Spot game can win you a ten thousand dollar ($10,000) jackpot. Match all eight (8) of your numbers and you can win it. Match seven (7) of your numbers and you’ll win five hundred dollars ($500). You win seventy-five dollars if you match six (6) of your numbers. Players win ten dollars ($10) if they match five (5) of the numbers and two dollars ($2) if they match four (4) numbers. The overall odds of winning an 8 Spot game are 1:9.77

The overall odds of winning the 7 Spot game are 1:4.23 To win the jackpot, players simply match all seven (7) of their numbers. Seven (7) numbers equals four thousand bucks ($4,000). If they match six (6) of them the cash prize is one hundred and twenty-five dollars ($125). Matching five (5) numbers wins fifteen bucks ($15), matching four (4) wins three dollars ($3) and matching three (3) wins a dollar ($1).

Matching all six (6) numbers in 6 Spot Keno will win you twelve hundred dollars ($1,200). Matching five (5) numbers will win fifty dollars ($50), Matching four (4) numbers will win seven dollars ($7) and three (3) numbers wins a dollar ($1). Overall odds of winning a 6 Spot game are 1:6.19

The overall odds of winning a 5 Spot Keno game are 1:10.34 and the jackpot for matching all five (5) numbers is four hundred dollars ($400). Match four (4) numbers and you will win seventeen dollars ($17) and if you match three (3), you win two dollars ($2).

Playing a 4 Spot game can win you a seventy dollar ($70) jackpot if you match all of your numbers. Match three (3) and win five dollars ($5), match two (2) and you’ll win a dollar ($1). The overall odds of winning a 4 Spot are 1:3.86

The overall odds of winning a 3 Spot are 1:6.55 and the jackpot prize is twenty-five dollars ($25). Players who match two numbers win two dollars ($2).

The odds of winning a 2 Spot game are 1:16.63 If players match their numbers they win ten dollars ($10).

Players have a one in four (1:4) chance of winning a 1 Spot Keno game. All they have to do is match their number and they will win two dollars ($2).

Georgia Instant Game Lotto

The Instant Games are a favorite for many of the Georgia lottery players. There’s nothing more rewarding than an instant reward! Players have one dollar ($1), two dollar ($2), three dollar ($3), five dollar ($5) and ten dollar ($10) games to choose from with cash prizes ranging from one dollar to a million dollars ($1-&1 million).

Players must claim all cash prizes within ninety (90) days of the games end.

Lottery Results
World Casino Directory will soon be providing you with lottery winning numbers results. Be sure to check back for the results for all your favorite lotto games.

The Georgia State Lottery has an official home page where you can find out more about such things as current estimated jackpots and the newest scratch. To regularly check out such information you should visit

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