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Delaware Lottery Results

Here are the latest winning lottery numbers for Delaware : DE Winning Lotto Numbers

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About the Delaware Lottery

The Delaware Lottery offers the Lottery Players of the state of Delaware and its’ visitors four (4) different, exciting lottery games, as well as many different Scratch Games and Video Lottery. Lottery games to choose from are Multi-Win Lotto, Play 3, Play 4 and PowerBall. There is a wide variety of Scratch Games with different prices and various cash prize jackpots.

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Delaware Multi-Win Lotto Game

Delaware Lottery’s Multi-Win Lotto starts out with a fifty thousand dollar ($50,000) jackpot and continues to grow until someone wins. Playing is easy and with three (3) drawings a week, it’s fun too!

Lotto players begin by choosing six (6) numbers between one and thirty-five (1-35). To simplify the process, players can request a Multi-Win Lotto Quick Pick and their numbers will be randomly selected. Multi-Win Lotto players can play as many as five (5) plays on each playslip and can play as many as ten (10) advance draws.

The Delaware Multi-Win Lotto is very exciting, because there are ten (10) different ways to win. When a Multi-Win Lotto ticket is purchased, each play comes with two additional free Quick Picks, so you end up with three sets of numbers. To win the Multi-Win Lotto jackpot, players must match all six (6) winning numbers on any one line. Players who match any five (5) winning numbers on one line will win a five hundred dollar ($500) prize. Three (3) and four (4) matching numbers on one line have cash prizes as well.

Players can win money matching numbers on a combination of lines as well. Players who have ten (10) numbers that match any of the winning numbers on any combination of lines will win one thousand dollars ($1,000). Players will win money for having six thru nine (6-9) numbers matching any of the winning numbers as well.

If a player matches none of the winning numbers on any of the three (3) lines, a cash prize of two dollars ($2) will be awarded.

The overall odds of winning are one in five-point-seven (1:5.7).

Lottery Results: Multi-Win Lotto drawings are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 7:57 p.m.

Cash prizes under six hundred dollars ($600) can be claimed at any Delaware Lottery Retailer. Cash prizes between six hundred and five thousand dollars ($600-$5,000) must be claimed from one of the prize redemption centers. All cash prizes above five thousand dollars ($5,000) must be claimed at the Delaware Lottery Office.

Delaware Play 3 Lotto Game

The Delaware Play 3 lottery game is an exciting way to play up to twice daily on every day of the week, excluding Sunday. But you can still play the lottery on Sunday night! Playing is easy and there are many ways to win.

To play Delaware’s Play 3 lottery game, players first choose the drawing time (DAY, NIGHT or BOTH). Play 3 DAY drawings are held Monday thru Saturday at 1:58 p.m. Players may purchase tickets up until 1:40 p.m. Pick 3 NIGHT drawings are held every night of the week at 7:57 p.m. Players may purchase tickets for these drawings until 7:30 p.m. Players then simply pick their favorite three-digit number or just ask the lottery retailer for a Play 3 Quick Pick. The numbers are randomly selected for you when you get a Quick Pick. Here at World Casino Directory, winning lotto results for Delaware will be available soon.

Once the numbers are selected, players must choose the amount they would like to bet. Players can bet fifty cents ($0.50) or a dollar ($1). After the bet amount has been selected, players must then choose their bet type. There are six (6) bet types to choose from. The bet types are Straight, Box, Front Pair, Back Pair, Straight/Box and Combination.

Players may enter up to seven drawings in advance by entering the appropriate days on their playslip or by telling the lottery retailer which drawings they would like to enter.

To win the largest jackpot, players must play a Straight bet type and match all three digits in the exact order. A fifty-cent ($0.50) bet will win a two hundred and fifty dollar ($250) cash prize. The cash prize is five hundred dollars ($500) if the bet is a dollar ($1). The odds of winning the Play 3 jackpot are one in one thousand (1:1,000).

Players who choose a Box bet type must still match all three (3) of the winning numbers, but there are two prize categories in which players can win. There are 3 ways to win a 3-Way Box, which allows the player to match the winning numbers in any order, but two of the numbers must be the same. The odds of winning a 3-Way Box are 1:333.33. A 6-Way Box allows the player to match the winning numbers in any order. There are six (6) different ways to win. The odds of a 6-Way Box are 1:166.67.

Pairs play is just as the name might suggest and players may choose between Front Pair and Back Pair. A Front Pair win requires the first two numbers match in exact order as drawn. Back Pair requires the player match the last two winning numbers in the exact order they were drawn. The odds of winning a Pair bet are 1:100.

Straight/Box play combines the two bet types just like it sounds. Players are required to wager one dollar ($1) to play this type. Fifty cents is bet on Straight play and the other half is bet on Box play. This increases the number of ways you can win. There is Straight/Box 3-Way and Straight/Box 6-Way to choose from.

Players may also choose to play Combination style. Playing a Combination is essentially the same thing as the Straight/Box bet type, except the wager is higher. A 3-Way Combination requires a dollar-fifty ($1.50) wager. 6-Way Combination is also available for three dollars ($3).

All winning Play 3 tickets must be redeemed within one year of the date of the drawing.

Please play responsibly.

Delaware Play 4 Lottery Game

The Play 4 lotto game is very similar in structure to Play 3 lotto. The first MAJOR difference is, players use their favorite FOUR-digit number…or have the computer select them by asking for a Play 4 Quick Pick. The second MAJOR difference is the size of the cash prizes. Play 4 prizes are significantly larger. Players can win as much as five thousand dollars ($5,000).

Play 4 is easy to play. You first select the drawing you wish to play (DAY, NIGHT or BOTH) and then the amount you would like to wager. Players can wager fifty cents ($0.50) or one dollar ($1). Next, you choose your bet type. Players may choose from Straight and Box.

Straight play requires the player match all of the winning numbers in the exact order they were drawn. The odds of doing this are 1:10,000.

Box play has four (4) payout categories, appropriately named for the number of ways you can win. There is the 4-Way Box, in which you can match the winning numbers in any order, but three (3) of them must be the same. The odds of this win are 1:2,500. Next there is the 6-Way Box. Players can still match the winning numbers in any order, but now there must be two (2) pairs. The odds of this win are 1:1,666.67. There is also the 12-Way Box. Only two (2) of the matching winning numbers must be the same. The odds of a 12-Way Box win are 1:833.33. The final Box play is the 24-Way Box. All four (4) of the winning numbers are unique, but players may match them in any order. The odds of this win are 1:416.67.

Cash prizes of five hundred and ninety-nine dollars ($599) or less may be redeemed at any Delaware Lottery Retailer. Cash prizes up to five thousand dollars ($5,000) may be claimed at any of the three (3) lottery redemption centers.

State and Federal law requires persons to be at least 18 years of age to participate in lottery gaming.

Delaware PowerBall Lotto

The PowerBall lotto game is a multi-state mega-jackpot lottery game with a fifteen million dollar ($15 million) starting top cash prize. There are twenty-seven (27) other state lotteries participating. For more information on how to play, read the provided PowerBall Lottery article. Here you will find the odds of winning as well as the cash prize structure. You will also find information about lotto results here.

Delaware Scratch Lotto Games

Scratch lotto games are fun and exciting. Players can instantly win thousands of dollars simply by playing their favorite scratch game. The Delaware Lottery has many different Scratch Games to choose from. There are one dollar ($1), two dollar ($2), three dollar ($3), five dollar ($5), ten dollar ($10) and twenty dollar ($20) Scratch Games with cash prizes ranging from one dollar to fifty thousand dollars ($1-$50,000)! “Go Scratch!” …Says Delaware Lottery.

Delaware Video Lottery

Since 1996, Delaware Park, Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway have offered Video Lottery to their patrons. Harrington Raceway has almost fifteen hundred (1,500) Video Lottery Machines while Delaware Park and Dover Downs both have twenty-five hundred (2,500) apiece.

To keep yourself up to date on upcoming events and changes concerning the Delaware State Lottery, be sure to check out the Internet web address often. Estimated jackpot amounts can be found at

Lottery Results: Be sure to check back here soon for winning lottery results. World Casino Directory will be providing quick and easy access to current Delaware lotto results.

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