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Indiana Lottery Results

Here are the latest winning lottery numbers for Indiana : IN Winning Lotto Numbers

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About the Indiana Lottery

The state of Indiana is chock full of lottery games to play. From daily games such as Daily 3 lotto, Daily 4 lotto and Luck 5 lottery to larger jackpot drawings such as Hoosier Lotto and PowerBall lotto. The Indiana Lottery also offers wide range of different Scratch Games and TV Bingo games. As you can see, Indiana is an exciting state to play the lottery.

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Law requires persons to me a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age to participate in lotto play.

Indiana Daily Lotto Games

The Indiana Lottery offers three (3) different daily drawing lottery games. All of them are relatively the same. A series of numbers are drawn (between 3 and 5, depending on the game) and the object is to match as many, if not all of the winning numbers. Players must match the winning numbers in the exact order they were drawn in some cases. Daily 3 lottery and Daily 4 lotto have more ways to win, but the Lucky 5 lottery has larger cash prizes.

Lottery Results: The drawings for all three (3) daily games are held at 1:10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. During the summer, the night drawing is held at 9:40 p.m. EST while in the winter, it is held at 10:40 p.m. EST.

All of the daily games offer the Multi-Draw option. Players who choose this option may select up to twenty-eight (28) advance drawings to play.

Players must claim any and all winnings within 180 days of the date of the drawing.

There are no Midday daily lotto drawings on Sundays.

Indiana Daily 3 Lotto Game

The Daily 3 lotto has seven (7) ways to win making it an exciting game to play and it’s easy too. To play the Daily 3 lottery, players begin by selecting their play type. Daily 3 lotto players can choose between Straight, Box and Combo. In Straight play, the numbers must be matched in the exact order they were drawn. In Box play, the numbers can match in any order. Combo play is just like it sounds. Players can match the numbers exactly or in any order.

Next, lottery players choose the amount they would like to play. Wagers of one dollar ($1), two dollars ($2), five dollars ($5) or ten dollars ($10) may be made.

Now, Pick 3 lotto players pick three (3) numbers between zero and nine (0-9). If they would rather, players may mark the Quick Pick box on their playslip and their numbers will be randomly selected for them.

Pick 3 Daily Lotto Players who win on a Straight play can win up to five hundred dollars ($500) per dollar wagered.

Indiana Daily 4 Lottery Game

The Indiana Daily 4 lottery is similar to the Daily 3 lotto in that it has many ways to win. In the Daily 4 lotto, however, players have a total of thirteen (13) different ways to win cash prizes. The Daily 4 lottery also has two (2) interesting back door games attached to it called Front 3 and Back 3. Players begin by selecting on their playslip Daily 4, Front 3 or Back 3. Next they select the amount they would like to play. Players may wager the same amounts in Daily 4 as in Daily 3, which were one dollar ($1), two dollars ($2), five dollars ($5) or ten dollars ($10).

Now the player must select their numbers or have them selected at random by the computer. Players select four numbers (4) between zero and nine (0-9). Players’ who are playing Front 3 or Back 3 would only select three (3) numbers.

Straight lotto players stand to win as much as five thousand dollars ($5,000) per dollar wagered. The odds of winning this jackpot are 1:10,000.

There are forty-six (46) different ways to win in the Daily 4 Box play and up to twelve hundred dollars ($1,200) in cash prizes. Players may match the numbers in any order. Combo play gives the player even more ways to win and even larger cash prizes.

The Front 3 and Back 3 have the same structure as Daily 3. Front 3 and Back 3 players may play Straight, Boxed or Combo. Winners can claim up to five hundred dollars ($500) per dollar wagered.

Indiana Lucky 5 Lottery Game

The Indiana Lucky 5 Lotto game is very simple, but players stand to win up to fifty thousand dollars ($50,000). For one dollar ($1) per play, players choose five (5) numbers between one and thirty-six (1-36) or opt for a Quick Pick. Again, there are two (2) drawings per day. Players must mark which drawing they are playing, Midday or Evening.

Matching all five (5) of the winning numbers will win fifty thousand dollars ($50,000). The odds of matching all the winning numbers are 1:376,992. Matching four (4) numbers wins two hundred dollars ($200) and matching three (3) pays three dollars ($3).

Cash prizes up to the fifty thousand dollar ($50,000) jackpot can be claimed at any of the Hoosier Lottery’s Regional Offices.

Indiana’s Hoosier Lotto Game

The Hoosier Lotto pays out even larger cash prizes. The Hoosier Lotto jackpot starts out at one million ($1 million) for the first two (2) drawings and then increases by approximately five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) each drawing after that until someone wins. Drawings are held twice weekly on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 9:40 p.m. EST during the summer and 10:40 p.m. EST during the winter.

Hoosier Lotto players begin by selecting six (6) numbers between one and forty-eight (1-48). By matching all six (6) numbers, players will win the jackpot prize. The odds of hitting the jackpot are 1:12,271,512. Matching five (5) numbers will pay approximately nine hundred and fifty dollars ($950). It is approximate because it is pari-mutuel, meaning the amount is dependant on the number of players and the number of winners in that pay category. Players who match four (4) numbers are entitled to approximately forty dollars ($40), which is a pari-mutuel prize as well. Players who match three (3) numbers will win a three dollar ($3) cash prize and players who match two (2) numbers will win a free Quick Pick.

Each play only costs one dollar ($1) and players can play up to five (5) plays on each playslip. The Multi-Draw feature is available for up to ten (10) consecutive drawings.

Cash prizes under six hundred dollars ($600) may be claimed at any Hoosier Lotto retailer. Cash prizes above fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) must be claimed at the Hoosier Lottery Headquarters.

Indiana PowerBall Lotto

The PowerBall lotto is a multi-state lottery with a starting jackpot of fifteen million dollars ($15 million). Currently there are twenty-seven other state lotteries participating, making it one of the largest lotteries in the world. To learn more about what makes so many people play their favorite numbers on Powerball, the winning odds and a better explanation of the prize structure refer to the Powerball Lottery article.

Indiana Scratch Games

The Hoosier Lottery offers Scratch Games to those who enjoy a little immediate gratification. There are Scratch Games for everyone. There are tickets that cost one dollar ($1), two dollars ($2), three dollars ($3), five dollars ($5), seven dollars ($7), ten dollars ($10) and twenty dollars ($20). Players can win anywhere between one dollar and millions ($1-$ millions).

Indiana Pull-Tab Games

The Hoosier Lottery also offers Pull-Tab Games, which are similar to Scratch Games in that you win cash money instantly. Players purchase Pull-Tab Games for twenty-five cents ($0.25), fifty cents ($0.50) or one dollar ($1) and can win up to two hundred dollars ($200) instantly. To play, players pull back a cardboard tab, revealing the prize amount. There are many games to choose from.

Indiana’s TV Bingo Game

TV Bingo is the new craze. Players purchase their TV Bingo cards for two dollars ($2) each. There are five (5) columns on each Bingo card labeled B-I-N-G-O. Each letter is assigned a number…B1-B15, I16-I30, N31-N45, G46-G60 and O61-O75.

Bingo results: On Friday evenings at 8:59 p.m. EST in the summer and 9:59 p.m. EST in the winter, forty (40) numbers are drawn. Players have four (4) ways to win…Four Corners, Big X, Coverall and Pickle Ball.

To win Four Corners, players must match the four (4) numbers in the four (4) corners of their game board on or before the fortieth (40th) ball.

T win Big X, players must match the eight (8) numbers in a Big X pattern on their game board on or before the fortieth (40th) ball.

To win a Coverall win, players must match all twenty-four (24) numbers on their game board.

A Pickle Ball win is an immediate Coverall after the Pickle Jar ball is drawn. Winners will win the Pickle Jar jackpot and the Coverall prize.

TV Bingo players can win up to one thousand dollars ($1,000).

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