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Nebraska Lottery Results

Here are the latest winning lottery numbers for Nebraska : NE Winning Lotto Numbers

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About the Nebraska Lottery

The Nebraska State Lottery keeps it clean and simple. While some states have so many lotto games it’s confusing, the Nebraska State Lottery has just enough to get the job done. Managing to still have a game for everyone, they have kept it down to four Numbers games and all the Scratch lotto tickets you can shake a scratcher at. For those hard core lottery players who really want to win multiple hundreds of millions of dollars, the Nebraska PowerBall lottery is the answer. The Nebraska Lottery offers three daily lotto games as well. Pick 3 lotto, Pick 5 lotto and 2 X 2 lottery are drawn every evening except Sunday.

Play the Nebraska Lottery, where the odds are good and the games are fun.

Nebraska 2 X 2 Lottery Game

The Nebraska 2 X 2 Lottery game wins lucky lotto players up to twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) six times a week. Every evening but Sunday, right before the ten o’clock news.

To win cash prizes playing the Nebraska 2 X 2 lottery game, lottery players must select a total of four numbers from two groups. Both sets of numbers are chosen from pools from one to twenty six (1-26). One set of numbers are red and the other set is white. Two numbers are chosen from each group. Quick picks are also available which are randomly generated numbers chosen by a computer. Checking the appropriate box on the play slip or asking the lottery retailer will get you a quick pick.

Tickets cost one dollar ($1) per play and each play can be played up to thirty consecutive drawings by selecting multi draw. Each lotto ticket can play up to five sets of numbers. Your overall odds of winning are 1:3.6.

To win the top cash prize of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000), players must match both the red numbers and the white numbers. The odds of matching all four numbers are 1:105,625. Lotto players can win a hundred dollar ($100) cash prize for matching either two red numbers and one white number OR two white numbers and one red number. The odds of these winning combinations are 1:2,201. Matching both numbers of either color will win a player a three dollar ($3) cash prize. The odds of matching both numbers of either color are 1:383. Three dollars ($3) will also go to players who match one of each color. The odds of doing this are better at 1:46. Matching only one number will win you a free quick pick. Your free quick pick will print instantly when you have your ticket validated. Your odds of winning a free quick pick are 1:8.

Nebraska Pick 3 Lottery Game

Nebraska’s Pick 3 Lottery game is simple to play. At first it can seem a bit confusing because there are so many ways you can win money, but in the end it really doesn’t matter how you play. There are great cash prizes for everyone.

Players can win as much as six hundred dollars ($600) playing Pick 3 lottery. All lotto players have to do is buy a ticket. If you want to pick your own numbers you do so by marking them on a play slip which may be obtained from any Nebraska Lottery retailer. Players simply mark their lucky three digit number or mark the quick pick box and your numbers will be randomly chosen for you.

Once you have selected your numbers, you have four different ways to play them to choose from. The play styles to choose from are Straight, Box, Straight/Box and Combo. A Straight requires the player match all three numbers in the exact order in which they were drawn. A Box allows lotto players to match the winning numbers in any order. A Straight/Box allows players to win with either a Straight of a Box and a Combo allows players to collect a cash prize on one, two or three numbers in the exact order.

Matching all three numbers in the exact order in which they were drawn requires beating the largest odds in the Pick 3 lotto game. Your odds of matching all three numbers Straight are 1:1,000. Your cash prize reward for doing so is six hundred dollars ($600).

If you choose to play your numbers Boxed, you should be aware that your cash prize and your winning odds will be determined by the numbers you play or whether or not your numbers contain a pair. If your numbers do in fact contain a pair, the odds of you matching your numbers are 1:333.33. This win is called a 3 Way Box, because there are three ways your numbers could show up. Should you match your numbers in any order you will win a cash prize in the amount of two hundred dollars ($200). If all three of your numbers are different numbers, the odds of you winning are 1:166.67 and your cash prize will be a hundred dollars ($100). This type of win is called a 6 Way Box as there are six different combinations your numbers could be drawn in.

Either you can’t make up your mind or the additional ways to win have enticed you to play your numbers Straight/Box. It’s a pretty good call as you will win no matter what order your numbers are in. If you happen to match your numbers Straight you will win more money. However, because of the additional ways to win, the cash prize amounts are slightly smaller. Playing a Straight/Box can win you three hundred and fifty dollars ($350) if you match your numbers in the exact order. If not, and it is a 6 Way Box, you will win fifty dollars ($50). A 3 Way Box will win you one hundred and twenty six dollars ($126).

Combo play allows players to win a cash prize if they match any of their numbers in the exact order they are drawn. The more numbers you match in the right order, the more money you will win. Matching only one number in the position it was drawn in will win you one dollar ($1). Your odds of matching at least one Straight number are 1:4.12. Matching two numbers in the right order will win a cash prize of eight dollars ($8). The odds of cashing in on this win are 1:37.04. Matching all three numbers in the right order will win a hundred dollars ($100) played this way. The odds of matching all three numbers are still one in a thousand, but the prize amount is lower because of the additional ways of winning a cash prize.

The Nebraska Pick 3 Lottery game has a lot of different ways to win cash considering it only has three numbers. It is no wonder that it is a favorite among Nebraska Lotto game players.

Nebraska Pick 5 Lottery Game

The Nebraska Pick 5 Lotto game is another great daily numbers game offered by the Nebraska State Lottery. In this game, lotto players can win a starting jackpot of a hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($150,000). Each lotto drawing where there is no lottery jackpot winner, the prize amount goes up until someone wins.

To play the Nebraska Pick 5 Lotto game, lottery players simply select five numbers between one and thirty eight (1-38) and mark them on a Pick 5 lotto play slip which can be obtained at any Nebraska Lottery retailer. Players may request a Pick 5 lotto quick pick if they would prefer. Pick 5 Lotto game tickets only cost one dollar ($1) per play and now players can play their favorite numbers up to thirty consecutive drawings by simply requesting a multi draw. Now you can ensure that you don’t miss it when your lottery numbers come up.

To win the lottery game jackpot of at least a hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($150,000), players must match all five of the winning numbers. A players odds of winning the jackpot are 1:501,942.

Players can win four hundred and fifty dollars ($450) by matching four of the five winning numbers. The odds of a player matching four numbers are 1:3,042.

The odds a player will match three winning numbers are 1:95. The cash prize for this win is nine dollars ($9).

Players will win a free Pick 5 lotto game quick pick if they match two of the winning numbers. The odds of a player winning a free quick pick are 1:9.

winning Lottery Results: The winning numbers for the Nebraska Pick 5 Lotto game are announced every evening before the ten o’clock news, except Sundays as there are no drawings on Sunday.

Nebraska PowerBall Lottery Game

Nebraska PowerBall lotto game players are after the big bucks for sure. The PowerBall lottery game jackpot starts at a huge fifteen million dollars and often soars into the mega millions before it gets won. Millions are consistently won by PowerBall lotto game players.

PowerBall Lottery Reslults: PowerBall lotto drawings take place two nights a week on Wednesday and Saturday.

If you would like to learn more about how to play, such as winning odds and game rules, please read the PowerBall lottery informative review.

Nebraska Scratch lotto Games

Nebraska offers its lottery players a full line of Scratch lotto games with an assortment of different styles and prices to choose from.

Scratch lotto game players can choose from one dollar ($1), two dollar ($2), three dollar ($3), five dollar ($5) and ten dollar ($10) games and can win as much as two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) instantly.

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