Southgate Dinner & Bingo

3725 South 900 East, Salt Lake City, Utah 

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Southgate Dinner & Bingo Review

Southgate Dinner Bingo in Salt Lake City, Utah offers two free bingo cards to diners in their establishment. After some wrangling with the powers that be a few years ago they started offering the cards to visitors even if they don't buy the dinner. I guess that's why they are still offering games to the public.

More details on the program are available in our Gaming Review below. To find gambling opportunities just across the border please see our Nevada Casinos pages.

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Gaming at Southgate Bingo

Southgate Dinner & Bingo is a pretty low-key place so you won't find a web page, facebook, or twitter feed - in fact as of early 2014 you won't even find restaurant reviews on urbanspoon or yelp and they have been in business for years on end. What you will find is dinner being served and bingo being played for days a week.

Dinner starts at 5pm Monday, Friday, and Saturday. With  your meal you will receive two free bingo cards and the games start at 7pm. Although you don't actually have to buy dinner to get the cards most people do. The hours on Sunday are dinner at 3pm. games at 5pm.

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Phone (801) 266-6025

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Wednesday 5:00pm to Close
Friday 5:00pm to Close
Saturday 5:00pm to Close
Sunday 3:00pm to Close