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El Salvador Casino & Gambling Overview

El Salvador casinos, gambling and pari-mutuel

Casinos in the El Salvador are quite popular and are well visited by tourists. While compared to other parts of Central America, casinos are fewer, the facilities are good at the ones that are open for tourists. Here is an overview of the industry and how it has emerged through times.

Casinos in El Salvador

While El Salvador is not very well equipped with casinos, it still comprises of two main casinos that are situated in Guadeloupe and Santa Ana. The casino in Guadeloupe is well equipped with games and luxury. Besides this, Guadalupe also has two slot machines and 5 table games. The largest casino in El Salvador is the Siesta Hotel and Casino, located again in Guadalupe. It has a total of four table games and 200 odd gaming and slot machines. Besides these, various casino cruise ships and cruises, riverboat casinos and pari-mutuel facilities are also available. Another casino is the Monte Carlo casino that is situated in Santa Ana, which has no gaming machines.

El Salvador Gambling

While the main casinos are only two in number, El Salvador does have various small casinos and gambling joints in different towns and cities. These are mainly aimed at the locals who frequent them. However it may not be a good idea for tourists to visit these casinos, as these are dingy and a few may be rigged. El Salvador has the latest machinery in gambling as the import of gambling machines is not prohibited. However the import of items in the casino category is subject to authorization by the Ministry of finance and local municipalities. These include the import of machinery like roulette wheels, gambling tables and other items needed for gambling. Pari-mutuel facilities like horse and dog racing can also be found.

Poker games in El Salvador

Poker is quite prevalent too, and players participate in large-scale tournaments. The Siesta hotel and casino is well visited by tourists. Also the casino by the Crown group has poker facilities and tournaments on holdem and stud poker. Women participate frequently in the games that are held.

The reason for gambling not flourishing much lies in the hands of the government, that has constantly voted to outlaw gambling and games that require betting. However exceptions to games such as lotteries have been considered. The scenario of gambling is becoming more positive in El Salvador as it is being recognized as an important revenue generator, through tourists and locals.

Casinos and Gambling Facts

El Salvador is a country in Central America with legal gambling. There are 2 cities with gambling facilities in El Salvador which have 2 legal gambling facilities available in total.

The types of gambling available in El Salvador are: casinos.

The largest gambling city in El Salvador is Guadalupe with 1 gambling facilities, 4 tables games, 100 gaming, slot, and video poker machines.
The largest casino in the entire country of El Salvador is Siesta Hotel & Casino which is located in Guadalupe. Siesta Hotel & Casino has 4 table games, 100 gaming and video poker machines.

El Salvador Casino Stats

Table games:4
Slot machines:100

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