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Triple Play Lotto - The Tri-state Lotto Game

by World Casino Directory - Saturday Jul 22nd, 2017

Triple Play Lotto is available in: Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Triple Play lotto is a multi state rollover jackpot lottery game currently played in three states. Those states are, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. The jackpot starts at thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) and goes up each time there is not a winner until there is one.

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Triple Play lotto tickets cost two dollars ($2) per play, but you get two free quick picks for each set of numbers you play. So, in effect, you get three plays for two dollars.

Playing this lottery is very easy. Lotto players select five numbers between one and forty five (1-45) and mark them on their playslip. Players may also opt to have their numbers generated at random by the lottery terminal computer. To do this, lottery players either mark the appropriate section on their playslip or ask the lottery retailer for a Triple Play quick pick.

Lottery Results: Winning numbers are drawn every Tuesday and Friday evening at 6:50 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Lottery players can win cash prizes for matching three or more numbers on any one line or by matching four or more winning numbers on all three lines combined. Lotto players can even win by matching none (zero) of the winning numbers.

Triple Play lotto players who match all five winning numbers on any single line will win the jackpot. The odds of winning the Triple Play lotto jackpot are 1:1,221,759. By matching four winning numbers on any one line, players will win two hundred dollars ($200). The odds of this are 1:6,108.8. Matching three winning numbers on any one line will still win you ten dollars ($10). The odds of matching three numbers on one line are 1:156.64.

Players may also win cash prizes by matching four or more numbers on all three lines combined. By matching eight or more, players will win five hundred dollars ($500). The odds of matching this many numbers are 1:60,572.53. Matching seven numbers wins two hundred dollars ($200) and has the odds of 1:4,877.06. Players will win twenty dollars ($20) by matching six numbers. The odds of matching six numbers are 1:536. The odds of matching five numbers on all the lines combined are 1:84 and players will win seven dollars ($7) if they do. Four matching numbers on more than one line will win the player three dollars ($3). The odds of matching four numbers are 1:19.

The odds of matching absolutely no numbers are 1:6.4. Lotto players who match no winning numbers at all will win two dollars ($2).

Participants must be at least 18 years old to play the lottery.

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