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Arizona Daily Lottery Results : Sunday Mar 29th, 2015

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About the Arizona Lottery

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In 1980, the residents of the state of Arizona voted to legalize a state-administered lottery. The Arizona Lottery now offers more than 20 different scratch ticket games at any given time, multi-state Powerball lottery, The Pick lotto, Fantasy 5 lottery and Pick 3 lotto. Click here for: Arizona Lottery Results Arizona Scratcher Games
The Arizona Lottery scratch ticket games come in one dollar ($1), two dollar ($2), three dollar ($3), five dollar ($5) and ten dollar ($10) games with cash prizes ranging from $1 to over $150,000.

How to Collect Cash Prizes: Players must redeem winning Scratch Tickets for cash prizes within one hundred and eighty (180) days from the end of the game. According to state and federal laws, participants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to purchase Scratch Tickets or claim cash prizes.

Arizona Powerball Lottery
The Arizona PowerBall lottery is a multi state lotto with a starting jackpot of fifteen million dollars ($15 million) that grows each time there is not a jackpot winner. When lucky players hit this jackpot, it is usually quite a large cash prize.

Arizona Powerball tickets are one dollar ($1) and are available from any Arizona lottery retailer.

Be sure to check out the multi-state PowerBall lottery article for more information about how to play powerball lotto, the cash prize structure and odds of winning. We also have Powerball Winning Numbers here.

The Arizona Pick Lotto
The Pick lottery is Arizona’s very own jackpot lottery game. The Pick began in 1984 and was Arizona’s first jackpot lottery. The Pick lottery jackpot starts at one million dollars ($1 million) and goes up until someone wins.

Arizona Pick Lotto Drawings: Tickets can be purchased between the hours of four am and twelve midnight (4:00 am – 12 midnight). On Wednesdays and Saturdays, sales stop from nine thirty till nine thirty-five pm (9:00 pm – 9:30 pm). NBC channel 12, KPNX, in Phoenix, airs the results for The Pick lottery on Wednesday and Saturday evening at approximately 10:25pm. The overall odds of winning a cash prize in Arizona’s The Pick Lottery are one in thirty-two (1:32).

How to play the Pick Lotto: To play the Arizona Pick lotto, the player chooses six out of forty-one numbers. Players can either pick the numbers or ask for a quick pick and the computer will pick them. Up to ten (10) consecutive drawings can be played on each playslip, simply by marking the appropriate box on the playslip or telling the lottery retailer how many consecutive plays you would like to play.

Out of forty-one numbers, six are drawn. A seventh number is drawn and is the Bonus Ball. In Arizona’s lottery, The Pick, the Bonus Ball is only used to determine the ten thousand dollar ($10,000) second place winners.

If the player matches three numbers the cash prize is three dollars ($3). The odds of matching three numbers are one in thirty-four (1:34). If a player matches four numbers the cash prize is forty dollars ($40). The odds of matching four numbers are one in five hundred and four (1:504). If a player matches five of the six numbers, the cash prize is one thousand dollars ($1,000). The odds of matching five numbers are one in twenty-two thousand, forty-one (1:22,041). If a player matches five numbers and the sixth matches the Bonus Ball, the player wins ten thousand dollars ($10,000). The odds of the Bonus Ball jackpot are one in seven hundred and forty nine thousand, three hundred and ninety-eight (1:749,398). To win Arizona’s Lottery The Pick, the player must match all six numbers. If a player matches all six of the Pick numbers the cash prize is at least one million dollars ($1 million). The odds of winning this lottery jackpot are one in four million, four hundred and ninety-six thousand, three hundred and eighty-eight (1:4,496,388).

Arizona Pick lotto - Extra Option: The Pick, Arizona’s own Jackpot Lottery has an Extra option. The players’ odds of winning with the Extra option are one in four-point-eight (1:4.8). At the time of purchase the player may pay one dollar more and receive six extra numbers. If any of the Extra numbers match the numbers the player has chosen the player instantly wins a cash prize. If any Extra number matches any of the players chosen numbers, the player wins one dollar ($1), two dollars ($20, five dollars ($5), ten dollars ($10), twenty-five dollars ($25), fifty dollars ($50), or two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) instantly. If the player matches more than one number the prize amounts add together. When the player redeems the ticket for the instant cash prize the retailer will print a new The Pick Lottery ticket with the original numbers for the original drawing.

How to claim an Arizona Pick Lotto Prize: Players have one hundred and eighty (180) days to claim cash prizes. Within the first sixty (60) days from the draw date, winners may choose to receive one cash payment as opposed to the twenty-five (25) annual payments. Players must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to participate.

Arizona Fantasy 5 Lotto The Fantasy 5 Lottery has been a member of the Arizona Lottery family since 1991. Since then, players have had the opportunity to win between five dollars and fifty thousand dollars ($5-$50,000) six days a week.

Where to purchase Fantasy 5 Lotto Tickets: Arizona Fantasy 5 lottery tickets can be purchased at any Arizona lotto retailer in the state. Players can purchase tickets everyday between the hours of four am and midnight (4:00am-12:00am). Sales stop at nine-thirty pm and resume again at nine-thirty-five pm (9:30 p.m.-9:35 p.m.).

Arizona Fantasy 5 Lotto Drawings: Fantasy 5 drawings are held on Monday thru Saturday evenings and aired on NBC channel 12, KPNX in Phoenix at approximately 10:25pm.

How to play Arizona Fantasy 5 lottery: Players can choose five numbers from one to thirty-five (1-35) or can ask for a quick pick in which case the computer will choose the numbers. Fantasy 5 players may choose to play as many as twelve (12) consecutive future draws by marking the appropriate section of their playslip or asking the retailer.

Overall odds for a player winning a cash prize are one in seventy-two (1:72). If a player matches three numbers the cash prize is five dollars ($5). The odds of matching three numbers are one in seventy-five (1:75). A player who matches four numbers will win five hundred dollars ($500). The odds of matching four numbers are one in two thousand, one hundred and sixty-four (1:2,164). For a player to win the fifty thousand dollar ($50,000) jackpot in Fantasy 5, the player must match all five numbers. The odds of matching all five Fantasy 5 numbers are one in three hundred twenty-four thousand, six hundred and thirty-two (1:324,632).

Fantasy 5 winners have one hundred and eighty (180) days from the date of the drawing to claim their cash prize.

Arizona Pick 3 Lotto
Arizona’s Pick 3 Lottery began paying out daily cash prizes in 1998. Since that time, Arizona lottery game, Pick 3 has held regular drawings every Monday thru Saturday evening. Players can purchase their Pick 3 lottery tickets at retailers between the hours of 4:00am and midnight excluding a brief period (from 9:30pm-9:35pm). The drawings are aired on NBC channel 12, KPNX in Phoenix at approximately 10:25pm Monday thru Saturday evenings.

How to play Pick 3 Lotto: Pick 3 gives the player more options than any other lottery game in Arizona. First the player must decide to play one game for one dollar ($1) and potentially win up to five hundred dollars ($500) or play two games for the same price ($1) and potentially win up to two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) on each game.

Either the player may choose the numbers or have the computer choose them with a quick pick. The numbers consist of any three-digit number between 000 and 999 and the player chooses either one set of numbers or two. As many as twelve (12) future drawings may be played.

Then the player must decide how to play the numbers that have now been chosen. The options consist of Straight, Box 3-way, Box 6-way, Straight/Box 3-way, Straight/Box 6-way, Front Pair or Back Pair. Depending upon the odds and single or double play, each different way to play has a different potential cash prize.

Choosing Straight requires the three numbers drawn to match the three numbers chosen in the exact same order. The cash prize for matching the numbers Straight on a single play is five hundred dollars ($500). If a player matches all three exactly after choosing Straight on a double play, the cash prize is two hundred and fifty dollars ($250). The odds of winning this way are one in one thousand (1:1,000).

If a player chooses the Box option, the three numbers must match, but the numbers can be in any order. When the Box option is chosen in Pick 3, the player has two further options. Either the player can choose Box option 3-way or 6-way. 3-way means that two of the numbers selected must be the same. 6-way means that all of the numbers the player or computer chooses are different. If a player purchases a pick 3 lottery ticket and plays a single play Box 3-way and wins, the cash prize is one hundred and sixty dollars ($160). If the same Pick 3 lottery ticket is a double play, the cash prize is eighty dollars ($80). The odds of winning when playing Pick 3 Box 3-way are one in three hundred and thirty-three (1:333).

If the Pick 3 lottery player chooses the Box option 6-way and wins on a single play, the winning amount is eighty dollars ($80). The same 6-way win on a double play ticket is worth forty dollars ($40). The odds of a Pick 3 Box 6-way are one in one hundred and sixty-seven (1:167).

Another option Arizona Pick 3 lottery players can choose is Straight/Box 3-way. This option allows the player to win both straight and in any order. Two of the numbers chosen must be the same. Winners of this game on a single play ticket will win three hundred thirty dollars ($330) if it is a straight (exact match) and eighty dollars ($80) if it is not in order (Box). A double play ticket of this nature will win one hundred and sixty-five dollars ($165) if the numbers are exact (straight) and forty dollars ($40) if it is a Box win (the numbers can be in any order). The odds of winning with a Straight 3-way are still one in one thousand (1:1,000).

In Pick 3, lottery players can also combine Straight/Box 6-way. This option requires all the numbers chosen be different, but allows both Box and Straight wins. A winning single play Straight/Box 6-way Pick 3 lottery ticket is worth two hundred and ninety dollars ($290) if the numbers are exact (Straight) and forty dollars ($40) in the event of a Box (numbers in any order). A double play lottery ticket is worth one hundred and forty dollars ($140) Straight and twenty dollars ($20) as a Box.

The final two options afforded to Arizona Lottery Pick 3 players are the Front Pair option and the Back Pair option. If a player chooses the Front Pair option, the first two numbers must be in the exact order they were drawn. A single play winning ticket is worth fifty dollars ($50) and a double play ticket is worth twenty-five dollars ($25). If the Back Pair option is chosen and wins, a single play ticket prize is fifty dollars ($50) and a double play ticket wins twenty-five dollars ($25). The odds of matching either the front pair or the back pair are one in one hundred (1:100).

All cash prizes must be claimed within one hundred and eighty (180) days of the lottery drawing.

To find out more about current game news and events, be sure to check out the Arizona State Lottery Commissions home page at

Arizona Lottery in the News:
Arizona Lottery News ~ AZ Lotto Results

March 9th, 2015

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - Feb 10, 2015) - The Arizona Lottery announces the Powerball jackpot has reached $485 million. There was no jackpot winner for the Saturday, Feb. 7, Powerball drawing.

March 28th, 2015

He went 5 for 5 from behind the arc in the second half to propel the Badgers into the Final Four.

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March 16th, 2015

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March 2nd, 2015

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