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$ 550,000,000

Current Jackpot Pool

Next Draw
Mar 20th
Numbers Drawn On March 16th
30 34 39 53 67 11
Numbers Drawn On March 13th
18 36 45 47 69 14
Numbers Drawn On March 9th
5 6 45 55 59 14
Numbers Drawn On March 6th
6 10 21 35 46 23
Numbers Drawn On March 2nd
1 19 25 27 68 21

How to Play Multi-State PowerBall

One of the two multi-state, nearly national, lotteries in the U.S.A., the Powerball starts with a base jackpot of forty million and a percentage of all tickets sold contributes to a progressive increase each week it is not hit. Powerball was the original semi-national lottery to hit a billion dollars, until Mega Millions changed its rules to make it rise nearly as fast.

When purchasing a PowerBall lottery ticket, the player has three (3) options on how to pick the numbers. There are five (5) white numbers and one (1) red number. The lottery player may choose a quick pick, where the computer chooses for them or they may choose the winning numbers for themselves. The player also has the option of choosing the white and having the computer choose the red number or they may have the computer choose the white lotto numbers while they choose the red one.

Powerball players may choose to play as many as ten (10) consecutive future drawings. The Advance Play section of the playslip must be appropriately marked or the retailer can select it at the time of purchase. If a player redeems a winning ticket with advance plays left on it, the machine will print a replacement ticket with the numbers and remaining draw dates printed on it.

How to Win Playing the PowerBall Lottery

There are nine (9) ways to win playing the PowerBall lottery. The overall odds of winning are one in thirty-six point six (1:36.6). If the player matches the red number (the PowerBall) only, the player wins three dollars ($3). The odds of matching the powerball only are one in sixty-nine (1:69). Matching one number plus the powerball wins the player four dollars ($4). The odds of a player matching one number and the powerball are one in one hundred and twenty-seven. (1:127) Matching two numbers plus the powerball wins the player seven dollars ($7). The odds of a player matching two numbers plus the powerball are one in seven hundred and forty-five (1:745). If a player matches three regular numbers the cash prize is seven dollars ($7). The odds of a player matching only three regular numbers are one in two hundred and ninety-one (1:291). If a player matches three numbers plus the powerball, the player wins one hundred dollars ($100). The odds of a player matching three numbers plus the powerball are one in eleven thousand, nine hundred and twenty-seven (1:11,927). If a player matches four numbers the cash prize is also one hundred dollars ($100). The odds of a player matching four numbers are one in fourteen thousand, two hundred and fifty-four (1:14,254). If a player matches four numbers and the powerball the player wins ten thousand dollars ($10,000). The odds of matching four numbers plus the powerball are one in five hundred and eighty-four thousand, four hundred and thirty-two (1:584,432). If a player is fortunate enough to match all five white numbers, the player will win two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000). The odds are one in three million, five hundred and sixty-three thousand, six hundred and nine (1:3,563,609). And if a player wishes to win the PowerBall jackpot, the player must match all five white numbers and the red powerball. The jackpot is at least fifteen million dollars ($15 million). The extraordinary odds are one in one hundred and forty-six million, one hundred and seven thousand, nine hundred and sixty-two (1:146,107,962).

PowerBall Power Play

The PowerBall lottery has a Power Play option, where for one extra dollar ($1) you can multiply your winnings up to five (5) times. The Power Play option must be chosen when the PowerBall lottery ticket is purchased and does not take effect in the event of a jackpot. The amount the prize is multiplied is chosen at the time of the drawing.

PowerBall Lottery Drawing Times:

Drawings are held at 9:59 pm Central time (10:59 pm Eastern) on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

PowerBall jackpot prizes are paid in thirty (30) annual payments. Winners may choose to receive their cash prize in one payment if they redeem their winning ticket within the first sixty days from the draw date. Winners MUST claim their prize within one hundred and eighty (180) days of the drawing.

According to state and federal laws, as well as lottery rules and regulations, all participants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

To make sure you know how much the jackpot is that you are playing for or to check your winning numbers visit the PowerBall website at

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