[Information on poker playing in Countries in Central Asia.]

Central Asia Poker & Texas Hold'em

Casinos in Central Asia provide most of the poker playing opportunities, but home poker games and such are around like any other geographical region in the world.

Kazakhstan is a sizable country in the Western part of the geographical region often referred to as Central Asia. Kazakhstan lies Southeast of European Russia and directly West of Mongolia. Kazakhstan offers visitors a fine time gambling and playing poker as well. Poker is no stranger in Kazakhstan and of the nearly thirty casinos most of them offer poker to their gamblers. Kazakhstan is a great place to play poker in Central Asia. Just South of Kazakhstan is a small country called Kyrgyzstan where Three Card Poker is a popular variation of poker enjoyed by gamblers.

The country of Georgia is located just Northeast of Turkey and it too is a great place to find poker table games in the casinos. Poker in Georgia is like poker in other parts of the world.

The country of India also finds itself to be a great place to find casino gambling offering poker games. Stud Poker is a popular variation of poker enjoyed in this region. While visiting India, tourists should make it a point to see The Taj Mahal in Agra. This is one of India's most popular tourist attractions.

Turkmenistan Casinos offer poker games to poker players staying or traveling through the country. Turkmenistan is located just North of Iran and Afghanistan.

Be sure to submit a review of any casinos in Central Asia that you visit. Post a review and you will be awarded Casino Gold Points that can be redeemed for cool prizes from our store. Also, live Texas Hold'em poker is available here at World Casino Directory for our members. Becoming a member is easy and free so sign up today and play poker with other members. The menu on your left contains links to articles on How to Play Poker, Ranking Poker Hands and a Poker Dictionary, as well as links to our Poker Forum and Poker News.

We have a Home Games Forum here in our Gambling Forum. Use this forum as a resource for locating or forming a home poker game in Central Asia or anywhere else.

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