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The easiest way to make sense of online progressive jackpots is to organize them by software since only a few progressive slots are capable of working cross-platform. That means, most Microgaming casinos will feature the same progressive games, etc. Use the menu or the links below to see the current progressive jackpot amounts from each software provider.

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Progressive slots and online casinos

Progressive slot machines are basically slot machines that are "networked" to other slot machines. The funds from all of the networked slot machines create a progressive jackpot pool which can be won on any of the networked slot machines (even if the machines are in totally different casinos) if the proper combination is hit.

Progressive slot machines can be in the form of classic slots or video slots. At land based casinos, progressive slots are generally the most popular type. Because all the machines are networked the progressive jackpot is going up like crazy.... so you sit there and watch the jackpot rolling up before you as you plunk in your change. There is something nice about being able to win large amounts of money on a nickle.

In a progressive slot (or other game) a "pool" is formed from a fraction of every bet placed by players across a network of machines - the machines could even be in two completely separate casinos.

Progressives on non-slot related gambling

Yes! you can play in progressive jackpots on non-slot games. Video poker is probably the most common other progressive. The progressive breaks free to the next person who hits the Royal Flush. With online gaming, you'll also find progressives on games like Roulette Royale and other table games. They just structure the game so that some percentage of each bet goes into the progressive pot. Currently we have all the progressives lumped together in our charts, but they are easily distinguished by the name of the game, for instance, Cyber Stud is obviously a poker game.

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