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May 16-28

Playground Poker Club
Khanawake, Canada
Canada Cup: $2,000,000 guaranteed tournament
May 19-24

Ballys Resort Casino
Atlantic City, New Jersey
May 27 -
July 142014

Rio Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
WSOP Event #2: $25,000 buy in Mixed Max No-Limit Hold'em
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West Europe Poker Tournament News
News and coverage of poker tournaments in West Europe

West Europe Poker News

September 5th, 2014

David Greene talks to Edward Lucas, senior editor at The Economist and author of The New Cold War , about what moves NATO should be considering in response to Russian military moves in Ukraine.

September 14th, 2014

It is too early to decide the winners and losers from Russia’s War of Southeast Ukraine. One winner, however, is clear. China has the cash to pick up Russia’s crown jewels at bargain basement prices. If we look down the road, we must ask: How much of the natural riches of Siberia will belong to China ten or twenty years from now? China probably has a better answer to this question than we do.

September 19th, 2014

Edinburgh (AFP) - 10:35 GMT - AFP IS CLOSING THIS LIVE REPORT after Scots rejected independence in a referendum that left the 300-year-old union between Scotland and England intact but the United Kingdom heading for a major shake-up that will give more autonomy to its constituent nations.

September 10th, 2014

A resurrection of resolve.

August 29th, 2014

Friday, Aug. 29 The Both [MUSIC] Ted Leo’s jumpy punk rock meets Aimee Mann’s signature melancholy in this all-star indie-rock duo, producing surprisingly dynamic duets, in which Leo’s foot-tapping riffs are given a soothing counterpunch only Mann could provide. Aladdin Theater, 3017 SE Milwaukie Ave., 234-9694. 8 pm. $25. Under 21 permitted with legal guardian. Bards & Brews [BOOKS] Author and ...

West Europe Poker Tournament Guide | Hold 'em Information
For a list of countries in West Europe, select a country from the list on the right. Only countries in West Europe with poker rooms are listed.

West Europe Poker Information

Saturday Sep 20th, 2014

Poker and Hold'em in West Europe

Traveling through West Europe can be a great time for poker players looking for some good poker games. Many casinos in this region cater to poker players because poker has become such a popular game in the last decade. casinos in West Europe offer many popular poker game variations for poker players of all kinds.

Poker players finding themselves in France may consider themselves lucky. Many fine poker rooms can be found in France. Stud Poker is a popular poker variation in France. Paris is a wonderful site for poker players to end up if you are in france. Paris casinos cater to poker players as is beginning to be the trend worldwide.

Austria is a country that prides itself on great poker playing opportunities. In cities such as Linz, poker rooms exist where you can play all your favorite poker game variations. Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha Hold 'Em are both very popular poker games in Austria

Germany is a great place to find yourself when you are ready for some good poker playing. In cities such as Hamburg, a great game of Seven Card Stud Poker can always be found. Whether in Germany on Holiday, business or it's the beautiful land you call home, Germany is a land where poker is alive and well and inviting you to the table for a game.

While traveling in Western Europe, if you happen upon Ireland, be sure to stop by. In Dublin for example, if poker is what you are looking for, poker is what you shall find. Poker players can even find a game of Five Card Draw Poker in Dublin.

Another great place in Western Europe to find some great poker games is the United Kingdom. There are many casinos in the United Kingdom and poker is a hot game today. Poker games can be found all over the place. For example, in London, England a poker player will have no trouble at all finding a poker table to sit down at. There are over a hundred casinos in England and many of them have poker rooms just waiting to meet you.

These are only a few examples of the great countries and cities in Western Europe where poker games in casinos are not hard to find. While in Western Europe, it would be a shame to miss out on poker games in other popular places like the Netherlands, where you can find great poker rooms in cities like Amsterdam among many others. Poker games are not hard to find at all in many cities in many countries in West Europe.

Write a review about any casino or poker room you visit in Western Europe and receive some Casino Gold Points which can be used to purchase cool prizes like Apple iPods and more. Members can use these CGP in our live Texas Hold'em poker room.

Take advantage of the menu on the left to navigate to helpful information like ranking poker hands and how to play poker. You'll find a handy link to the Poker forum here as well. Also in the Gambling Forums is a Home Games Forum where poker players can find and/or organize home poker games. If your interested in home poker games in any city in West Europe, find or start one today.

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