Caribbean Poker and Hold'em Tournaments

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You've found yourself in the Caribbean and now you're looking for some poker action? Well, as luck would have it, the Caribbean is no stranger to the ever so popular game we all lovingly refer to as poker. And what a wonderful game it is indeed. Poker players from all over the world sit together and play poker online these days, but there is still no real substitute for sitting down with real live people in a land based casino for some real human poker playing interaction. Nothing can take the place of actually being able to look your opponent in the eyes to read the emotion written all over their face. The game of poker is the greatest game on Earth and if you yourself happen to be a poker player, you probably agree. So, enough of all that blah blah blah...let's get down to playing poker in the Caribbean, shall we?

The Caribbean is not a popular vacation destination for nothing. Poker and Texas Hold'em in the Caribbean Islands is alive there are major tournaments and while many poker players visit these beautiful islands for the scenery alone, I assure you there are more reasons than that. Some of the greatest poker rooms around will be found here. The Dominican Republic, for example. The Dominican Republic will lend you poker hot spots like Santo Domingo. Poker tables can be found at most of the casinos in Santo Domingo.

Sharing the same land mass as the Dominican Republic, Haiti is a country familiar to the game of poker. The casinos in Haiti offer Caribbean Stud Poker among the many other variations.

While the casinos in Jamaica don't specifically list as having poker rooms, it would stand to reason that poker games would be easy to find none the less. The legality of these games, if they do in fact exist, would be questionable, but poker games could surely be found.

The Virgin Islands are a good place to look for a poker game. If you find yourself in this location, Saint Croix would be a good place to start looking for a poker game. There happens to be a casino in Christiansted where poker players can find a poker game.

Trinidad and Tobago are small islands off of the coast of Venezuela which happens to be in South America. Casinos in Tobago and Trinidad offer poker games to their guests. Poker is just as popular on these islands as it is in other countries around the world. Poker is simply a popular game worldwide.

One thing is for sure. Poker games are abundant anymore. You would almost have to try NOT to find a poker game. With so many poker games to choose from you might as well just sit down at whatever poker table you are standing near. Poker is poker...let's play.

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