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United States Bingo

Bingo Around the United States

Bingo in the United States is as much of a social outing as it is a game of chance that brings us the thrilling opportunity to win both cash and other enchanting prizes. Once Bingo was an evening out with friends that only cost about six bucks. Well for starters these days you'll be hard pressed to play for just $6 anymore, but that atmosphere of visiting with friends, and building lifelong relationships is definitely still present.

Most local bingo halls support a charity of some sort and as a matter of fact, in most areas, casino’s aside, this is required by state law. In fact, charging for bingo isn’t even legal in the state of Utah; however some savvy bingo diner owners have found a way around this law, by charging for dinner, and offering bingo for free.

The biggest difference bingo players in the US will notice in comparison to the game played in other parts of the world, the UK in example, is the number of balls used to play the game. In the UK and other area’s around the globe 95 bingo balls are used, making the game a bit more challenging to win. In the United States just 75 balls are used.

So we have 75 bingo balls, and a great place to go and meet up with old friends, as well as meet plenty of new ones, what else is there in a game of bingo? If you’re familiar with the game, then you are aware that we all make that trip to the bingo hall not just to meet up with people we know, but in hopes of winning a nice prize or two.

Paper packets are generally still available at any bingo hall for a few bucks, but the new trend is definitely computer bingo, this is played at the bingo hall, much the same way that the older paper packets were, however instead of using colored ink to daub your bingo cards, bingo players enter each number as it is called into the machine and in turn it daubs their bingo cards for them.

This new trend of course has it’s good and bad points. The popular machine’s (Like the Traveler) give bingo players the ability to play several more cards at one time than they could have previously daubed by hand. However, since players are now able to purchase more cards, those bingo players choosing to play with paper cards are definitely at an odds disadvantage.

In addition the new Traveler type bingo machines have opened the doors to cheating inside of land based bingo halls. In one recent case, the bingo hall capped the amount of cards per player at 20, however employees of the hall had a friend come in and buy 200+ cards for each of the blackouts, guaranteeing him a win or two in the bigger games that often reach more than $1000 for just $200 spent in cards.

You can’t get much past a bingo player that has been playing the game for several years though, it didn’t take long for regular bingo players to catch on to the trend. After seeing the same man win time and time again, a few calls were made to the gaming commission and before long the bingo hall was shut down permanently.

So how much can you win playing bingo in the united states? In addition to prizes, that range anywhere from pot holders, to personal computers, and on up to cars and vacations in some of the bigger casinos, bingo players play to win cash! The average regular game pays between $100 and $500 where blackouts and progressive jackpot blackouts can reach into the tens of thousands. All in all the odds aren’t great, but as for a great evening out, and a chance to win a great return on your investment, it’s a pretty great game. One that many play as often as they go to work.

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