South American Pari-mutuel: Greyhound and Horse Racing

Saturday Jul 22nd, 2017

The “Sport of Kings”, is probably more prevalent on this continent than any other continent in the world with horse racing appearing in nearly every South American Country.

Argentina leads the way and probably has the biggest and most famous track on the continent is "Hipódromo de San Isidro (San Isidro Racetrack), owned by the Argentine Jockey Club, was inaugurated on December 8th, 1935. It is located 22 kilometers (13,67 miles) north of Buenos Aires city, at the county of San Isidro, in the province of Buenos Aires."

Chile, Peru, Brazil and Uruguay, (the Hipodromo Maronas is said to be the most modern race track on the continent), also have major horse racing venues.

Venezuela and Colombia also have a race track each.

Racing in South America takes place on both dirt and grass and in places like Chile you may visit the Hipodromo Chile, (dirt track) or go across town to the Hipico de Santiago which has year round grass track racing. Jai Alai thrives in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile and Peru, Colombia and Venezuela.

In Argentina and Brazil there is greyhound racing but on a much smaller scale. In both Argentina and Brazil races are run in straight tracks with distances ranging from 200m to 325m.