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Uruguay Casinos & Gambling Scene

Uruguay is yet another destination in South America that is more popular as a tourist getaway for exotic places and entertainment. The amazing fact is that a small sized Uruguay has over 18 casinos in its offerings.

Casinos in Uruguay

Uruguay has over eighteen legalized casinos that are spread out in different regions. These regions include casinos in Artigas, Atlantida, Carmelo, Chui, Fray Bentos, La Paloma, Montevideo, Paysandu, Piriapolis, Punta del Este, Riviera and Salto Grande. The beach resorts in Uruguay are well visited and the tourists who come here often find spending their time and money at the casinos.

This place offers many options to players. While Sala de Esparcimientos in Artigas, San Jose offers 83 slots, on the other hand Casino Atlantida in Atlantida has over 220 slots. You will also find many other games including some of the popular table games like Punto-Bunco, Blackjack, Roulette, Slot machines and of course the many variants of Poker. Lotteries are also one of the favorite games here. Regulars can also participate in online or off track betting events. The largest city in Uruguay, Montevideo, offers a couple of casinos for tourists. Tourists are the major visitors to the Uruguay casinos while only a few locals participate in the casino games.

Texas Hold'em & Poker in Uruguay

Though Uruguay is comparatively a small country, it is a great place to play Poker. Poker here is as popular as it is in the rest of South America. You can participate in games of Holdem, Caribbean Stud Poker and other variants of poker at the various tables. Tournaments also take place regularly for interested players.

Pari-mutuel activities in Uruguay

Uruguay is a small country and does not offer much for Pari-mutuel enthusiasts. Before disappointment sets in totally, however it would be useful to note that some activities are surely available though they are spread out at different places. Not all places that offer Pari-mutuel activities however are legal and customers must be aware before betting their money.

Horse Racing and Dog Racing in Uruguay

Thoroughbred racing is in Uruguay is not as popular here and only a couple of places offer it. These too may not be legal places. Motor racing is a comparatively big activity and Uruguay has various facilities for the same. Hipódromo Nacional de Maroñas is a horse track in Montevideo, Uruguay. Hipódromo Nacional de Maroñas is open on Saturdays and Sundays till 6pm. You can also enjoy refreshments in any of the two restaurants that this place offers.

Uruguay Lotteries

Uruguay does have public operated lotteries that are run by the government for putting funds to good use. These are however not run on a large scale like in many other bigger countries. Lotteries are also available in the form of sports betting, scratch tickets, online lottery terminals or raffles and instant lotteries.

For those planning a visit to Uruguay it would be useful to check online information before planning the trip and exploring the Uruguay casinos. For casino enthusiasts, it would be useful to point the activities they wish to participate in and then check the various casinos to know what is available. It is best to avoid illegal joints and stay away from shady places as they could prove unsafe and one could lose money. However, regulations have been put in place to avoid such mishaps.

Uruguay is a country in South America with legal gambling. There are 20 cities with gambling facilities in Uruguay which have 29 legal gambling facilities available in total.

The types of gambling available in Uruguay are: casinos, horseracing tracks.

The largest gambling city in Uruguay is Montevideo with 4 gambling facilities, 37 tables games, 1,501 gaming, slot, and video poker machines.
The largest casino in the entire country of Uruguay is Conrad Resort & Casino Punta del Este which is located in Punta del Este. Conrad Resort & Casino Punta del Este has 75 table games, 12 poker tables, 550 gaming and video poker machines.

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Uruguay Stats

  • Licensed Casinos: 29
  • Horse Tracks: 1
  • Licensed Bingo: 1
  • Lotteries: 1
  • Table games: 211
  • Slot machines: 3,520
  • Poker tables: 14
  • Simulcasting: 1
  • Greyhound Tracks: 0
  • Cities with Gambling: 20
  • Sportsbetting Parlours: 0
  • Casino Hotels: 6
  • Venues: 35
  • Restaurants: 27
  • Minimum Bet: USD 0.01
  • Total Casino sq/ft: 68,888 sq/ft