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Uruguay Poker Rooms

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Uruguay has a total of 14 poker tables spread across 3 poker rooms. You can play a number of poker games, including Texas Hold'em, NL Texas Hold'em, Tournaments, Omaha, Tournament Freerolls

Poker in Uruguay

If I were traveling in South America, of several things you can be sure and they are that I would have several of my favorite lucky poker chips in my pocket, I would have several fresh decks of playing cards and I would be on the prowl for almost any kind of poker game I could sit down at. On my hunt for the greatest game of poker I have yet to find, I might happen upon Uruguay where I would surely find a poker game.

I would start out looking for a poker game in Punta del Este, because I know that the casino at the Conrad Resort boasts of having a poker room. Of the eighteen casinos in Uruguay, in cities such as Montevideo and la Paloma, as well as many other cities, the Conrad Resort Casino in Punta del Este is the only casino listed as providing a poker room. Many of the other casinos may very well offer poker rooms to their players and just not updated their registry yet.

I would be on the lookout for smaller poker houses and clubs as well, even keeping an ear to the ground for word of a home poker game. Here at World Casino Directory there is the Home Games Forum and I would probably look there to see if anyone had listed a home poker game in Uruguay. If not, and if I was to be there long enough, I might even try to start a poker game of my own there. Home poker games often have a different vibe to them and are often more relaxed. Then, there are always crooked games too. I would have to watch out for those games.

Poker games can be found in Uruguay, but you may have to really hunt for them. If you play poker at any of the casinos in Uruguay, you can tell everyone about it in the Uruguay Casinos Forum. If you happen to play poker at the Conrad Resort Casino in Punta del Este and you want to tell everyone about it you can do so in the Punta del Este Casinos Forum. If you play poker or gamble in any way at any other casino in South America you can tell us about it in the South American Casinos Forum. All of these forums as well as many other forums can be found in the Gambling Forums Directory.

Poker enthusiasts can talk about all the great aspects of the game of poker to their hearts content in the Poker Forum and if there is anything poker players like doing as much as they like playing poker, it's talking about the game of poker.

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