E. Europe's Pari-mutuel: Greyhound and Horse Racing

Thursday Jul 20th, 2017

Pari-mutuels in Eastern Europe:

Horse racing has endured a checkered career in Eastern Europe over the past couple of centuries. Organized horse racing as we would know it is evident in the Czech Republic Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The Czech Republic hosts the most number of race tracks in Eastern Europe with 15 courses. The capital, Prague, hosts the country’s main race course at Velka Chuchle with racing on most Sunday s from April to October. Karlovy Vary, Most, Lysa nad Laben, and Slusovice are the other main courses with regular racing. Betting at the Czech racecourses is organized by Betino, which has a monopoly on horse racing betting in the Czech Republic. A mix of fixed-odds and totalisator bets is offered. Betino posts its odds on the internet on , under “kurzove nadibky”. Nowadays it is possible to bet online on Czech racing. German bookmaker Pferdewetten offers odds on races at the main Czech courses. Some British bookmakers offer odds on the Velka Pardubicka. The online bookmakers have no handling charges.

Poland has three race courses – one in the capital Warsaw, Wroclaw and in Sopot. The Warsaw race track at Sluzewiec has undergone some difficult times over the past decade. There are regular race meetings however the state of the stadium does not attract many spectators thus holding back any chances for further funding. In 2005 Poland held a total of 89 race meetings and 265 races, the majority of which were held in Warsaw. The racing season runs from May to December.

The Czech Republic’s neighbour, Slovakia has a race track in the Bratislava district of Petržalka.

The main race track in Hungary is the Kincsem . It is 2000 metres in length and hosts racing all year round. Racing and the totalizator are organized by a state owned company.

Researched and Written by Colin Stewart, Casino Marketing Design