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Gambling in Latvia is relatively new compared to other countries. After gaining their independence in 1990 when the USSR collapsed, Latvia began to offer legitimate gambling venues. Of course, we use the word legitimate loosely in this case due to the chaotic way casinos were regulated.

In the early days of gambling in Latvia, casinos seemed to pop up almost overnight. With no governing body in place, small companies were considered the regulating bodies at the time. Basically, making sure a casino was providing a quality, and safe place to gamble, was left up to the owners of the casino. Obviously, this was a method of regulation that would not work in the long run.

In 1998, the Latvia government created the first part of their gambling regulatory body called the Lotteries and Gambling Supervision Inspection of the Republic of Latvia. For the first time in 7 years, Latvia finally had a recognized governing body that would ensure players had a safe place to play.

Latvia continues its progressive stance on safe gambling and complies with all European Union standards.

Casinos in Latvia

What once was a cluster of small casinos in the early 1990s, has morphed into a thriving collection of major brands that spread across all of Latvia. In total, Latvia has over 100 casinos in all major cities. Riga is by far the most populous when it comes to both people, and number of casinos.

When compared to other cities in Latvia, Riga has more casinos than all other places combined with over 50 casinos. Daugavpils contains the second most casinos with just 8.

Latvia is not unlike Estonia and Lithuania, and even has some of the same branded casinos.

Olympic - The Olymic group is the largest casino brand in Europe with close to 50 casinos in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Their promary focus is providing slot parlors in major cities with an emphasis on being player friendly. A few, select casinos will be full-service casinos with table games and poker.

Fenikss - Fenikss is its own brand, but also owned by The Olympic Group. Fenikss casinos are much the same as their parent casinos in that their primary focus is providing slot parlors in a patron friendly environment.

Admiral - Admiral casinos are a smaller group of casinos located throughout Latvia. Almost all Admiral casinos are slot halls with a small bar and relaxing area that gives them a cozy atmosphere.

Olympic is the dominant force when it comes to gambling in Latvia, as well as surrounding Baltic countries. Most casinos will be from a major brand such as Olympic, Fenikss, Admiral and a few other licensed companies operating throughout Latvia.

And while the majority of these casinos will be primarily slot halls, you will find some large resorts, and full service casinos.

Gambling in Latvia

Since the majority of casinos in Latvia are slot halls, it’s obvious that slots dominate square footage in most casinos. That doesn’t mean you can’t play other gambling games in Latvia.

Even slot halls will usually have a few other electronic games for play. Video poker, Electronic Roulette, and Electronic Bingo will be the most prevalent. In the larger casinos, you will find table games, and even poker. All of the popular table games like Blackjack, and Roulette will usually be at the larger casinos. With a few having localized games such as Russian Poker and other games.

Poker in Latvia

Latvia does have poker, but it is very limited with about 3 tables in total throughout the entire country. Olympic casino is the main place to play poker in Latvia. Some small tournaments, and cash games will be your only option for poker.

Other Gambling Games in Latvia

A few casinos will specialize in bingo only, and possibly have a few slots in their parlors. Sports betting is commonly found as well, but not as much as in other countries that have similar brands. Lotteries are also available for play and regulated by the same government organization.

Latvia Gambling Summary

Latvia is still growing its gambling economy, and doing quite well at creating a stable market. The addition of large brands has helped build a solid foundation that reap benefits for years to come. More table games, and poker would be a welcome addition, but casinos are going where the moneys at, and right now that money is in slots and bingo. Europeans love their slots and bingo, and it only makes sense to focus on that market while its hot.

You can expect more casinos, and more hotels with casinos in the future. We have already seen a few of these built that are getting rave reviews and rank right up there with some of the best there is. The Radisson is one of the best in the area and should be a must visit if you are ever in Latvia.

Latvia is a country in Eastern Europe with legal gambling. There are 32 cities with gambling facilities in Latvia which have 122 legal gambling facilities available in total.

The types of gambling available in Latvia are: casinos, sportsbetting parlours.

The largest gambling city in Latvia is Riga with 39 gambling facilities, 64 tables games, 773 gaming, slot, and video poker machines.
The largest casino in the entire country of Latvia is Olympic Voodoo Casino which is located in Riga. Olympic Voodoo Casino has 16 table games, 3 poker tables, 95 gaming and video poker machines.

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  • Licensed Casinos: 122
  • Horse Tracks: 0
  • Licensed Bingo: 2
  • Lotteries: 2
  • Table games: 64
  • Slot machines: 1,348
  • Poker tables: 14
  • Simulcasting: 0
  • Greyhound Tracks: 0
  • Cities with Gambling: 32
  • Sportsbetting Parlours: 47
  • Casino Hotels: 5
  • Venues: 142
  • Restaurants: 17
  • Minimum Bet: USD 0.01
  • Total Casino sq/ft: 100,258 sq/ft
  • Total Convention sq/ft: 22,174 sq/ft