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Total number of casino / pari-mutuel / gambling facilities in the world: 3624
Top 10 casino countries:

1 - United States 1514 casinos
2 - France 189 casinos
3 - Russian Federation 169 casinos
4 - Netherlands 167 casinos
5 - United Kingdom 144 casinos
6 - Canada 110 casinos
7 - Argentina 79 casinos
8 - Germany 76 casinos
9 - Estonia 75 casinos
10 - Peru 48 casinos
Top 10 casino cities in the world:

1 - Las Vegas 122 casinos
2 - Miami 74 casinos
3 - Moscow 54 casinos
4 - Tallinn 40 casinos
5 - Macau 32 casinos
6 - Deadwood 29 casinos
7 - St. Petersburg 28 casinos
8 - Henderson 26 casinos
9 - Riga 26 casinos
10 - London 24 casinos
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