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Bennie's Way

Geno Lawrenzi 06:51 Jul 24th, 2020 Poker

If you are an old tier like me, you are probably wondering why the casino owners of the world are going to come back to common sense and bring the world of poker back to normal.

I am talking about Bennie Binion style.

One thing Bennie understood was common sense. But these days, common sense seems to be the last thing they are considering in a casino. Especially in a poker room.

Bennie died too soon. And now it seems like everybody has forgotten about what poker is all about.

Hell, a person may as well take up golf or tennis!

For starters, the poker room managers are not spreading the games people want to play. They are only spreading the games they want to play.

I went back to Phoenix and drove to Talking Stick Casino. I wanted them to spread a half stud, half Omaha game. It was like I was talking to deaf ears. The only games they spread was Texas Hold'em and Omaha High-low. I felt like I had entered a world I had never been in before.

Well, maybe Bennie left at the right time. He shot craps beneath a big Texas moon. Sometimes there was a fracas that might lead up to a shooting, but in Bennie's own words, he never shot a man who didn't need shooting.

Gamblers get thrown off when people change the rules or change the games. That throws everything off. It would be like putting Johnny Moss in charge of a Sunday School class.

Masks don't work in a poker room. They never did and they never will. That is too much of a change for the players to handle. You might as well change the game to Chinese Parchese or Mah Jong. It would make just as much sense to the average poker player.

I think poker players had better take a brief hiatus from the game and give the poker room managers a chance to think the game through again really carefully. Then start all over. I believe Bennie would agree.

Now I realize coronavirus is causing a multitude of problems for poker players and the poker industry, but I am willing to bet if Bennie was still around he could figure out how to solve that. Too bad the gambling cowboy is no longer with us.