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Blackjack and Winter

01:11 Dec 1st, 2019 Blackjack Games , Online Gambling

Blackjack and Winter: Global Nature of Opportunities, Fun, Wins, and Knowledge [Happy Holidays]

Chances are universal. They know no age, gender, race, they're geographically unrestrained, may drop in on us in every walk of life, some more often than others. By default, they're equal opportunity benefactor or backfriend — the difference is in our choices.

At the onset, every chance has 50/50 probability, a flip of a coin. We can act either prudently or recklessly or anything in-between, while reaction increases or decreases every chance that we get. The difference between the outcomes lays in know-how.

Regardless of our choice — and we're all humans, prone to mistakes — rarely do one stumbles upon the realm of human existence where chances are aplenty and knowledge is at hand. Blackjack is one of those places.

To no surprise, 21 is a global, mainstream game today.

Men and women enjoy it online or offline, for fun or money, publicly or privately. Ordinary people play blackjack in Norway just as in Africa, whales do it in Las Vegas or Macau. Players come from myriad backgrounds or vocations, highly educated or self-taught, rags or riches, on each continent.

And why shouldn't they? There's zero discrimination in blackjack: equal chances favor everyone, the rest is up to choices.

In a way...

Blackjack is like winter sports and recreation.

Come snow and everybody has a chance to enjoy some fun or win trophies — there's something for everyone. Unless, of course, you're summer person, which in this analogy means you're not into responsible gambling in the first place, which is quite all right. But, we are.

Thus, there's cross-country skiing, ski-jumps, slalom, downhill, skeleton, freestyle, skating, bobsleigh, hockey, snowboarding. Then, there's sledding, clumping, snowman making, rolling on powder snow, silhouetting on untouched snow, observing the snow falling.

The list of opportunities for joy, pleasures, and yes, wins on snow are limited only by imagination. And, even the most definite summer person loves to kiss partner under snowflakes and the glow of the moon.

Of course, come snow and there's also slipping on the street, icy roads, poor visibility, fog and clouds, car crashes, avalanches — occurrences which require our winter choices to be made in intelligent, composed, prudent, calculated, and accountable manner.

Blackjack is the same.

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Players and Snowflakes

Players and SnowflakeWhen we properly approach 21, it can equal experience of Aspen, Colorado, in December. If we do it otherwise, it may end up in a chairlift accident like the one in Heavenly, California, in 2007: 19-year-old snowboarder lent forward due to leg cramps without safety bar down on and fell.

And why shouldn't we approach blackjack in the right way?

We have a basic strategy to learn from, available at one click, created by Wizard of Odds, one of the most authoritative industry figures.

There are free training resources which give us a chance to practice blackjack under every rule variation — one- to eight-deck shoe, DAS and ES on/off, H17 or S17 — including a real-time warning on errors with a statistical report on correct and wrong moves.

We have betting strategies developed, analyzed, and debunked to the smallest details.

We have online calculators to analyze the correlation between the blackjack house edge and game rules at hand. Speaking of rules, there are 6,912 possible combinations to choose from.

Helpful professionals testimonials can substantiate the importance of the wise approach to blackjack, the power of optimum strategy, and strengths of discipline and determination.

There is also vaults of knowledge accumulated for decades by blackjack Hall of Famer. Some of them are fully unlocked while others, meant for advanced or advantage players, come with yearly investment between twenty-two and forty Big Macs.


We have an unbelievable amount of assets at our disposal to learn, train, and improve choices in the game with the best chances in the world (blackjack house edge tops any other).

And neither of us is some snowflake.

Winter, Holidays, and Presents

Winter Holidays and PresentsThe effort is worthy of every hour we put in — that's all we have to do: no significant expenditures, nothing to deny ourselves and our loved ones. Just time.

Which is to say, practice makes perfect.

Come winter, we also tend to spend more time indoors, whether reading, talking, surfing the net, watching TV, or simply staying home.


For those of us into mastering blackjack skills winter is an ideal time of year.

Little bit of will and dedication complemented with suitable volume of learning in line with personal skills' level — it's not like we're back to school but rather like getting to know more and more about something we're interested in — and compounded with significant amount of free training might springboard our blackjack choices in the future just as takeoff ramp releases well-trained ski jumper into landing area.

This is a question of choice.

As we know from successful blackjack players, all of them made this decision. Don Johnson trained for years before he was able to take down three Atlantic City casinos for $15 million. Why? Because mastering 21 is hard

Point is...

Chances are patiently waiting for those willing to earn diligent expertise on blackjack; to master good choices is the only way to seize them.

Notwithstanding luck, which is something none of us can do something about, it's simple as that.

And then, at some point — not only during the winter but also during such preparation cycle - come time for presents and rewards.

Sometimes they're small and not quite what we expected, other times they're exactly what we wanted or needed. There's no rule to govern this. But, as we know from our relationships or businesses, those most deserving usually get the best presents or bonuses.

Beating the House

And while Holiday Season comes with reason during the winter, frankly, it's not so much about what we'll receive but what we'll give.

In blackjack...

The best possible present we can give to ourselves is to prepare for the real deal - to train with no money deployed whatsoever, to gain valuable experience, to build analytical skills through mathematically proven and learnable strategies.

And then, and only then, we can begin slowly, step by step, to make the right choices when facing our chances. The outcome?

Good things start to happen. Not always, not by default — after all, luck is a factor in everything we do, be it blackjack, super-G, or accidental snow slump that missed the kid and hit us in the head — not even close to what we'd like, but they start taking place.

Few winters down the road, there we are, in the middle of the money blackjack game, minding our own business at the casino table or in front of the screen, and the right chance, the right hands and cards come.

What happens next has little to do with such a chance.

It has everything to do with one winter, a couple of years ago when we started investing in our blackjack skills by giving us the best possible holiday present: the decision to approach gambling knowledgeably and responsibly.

And whaddayaknow, all of a sudden, even the summer person nods approvingly and remembers she likes to kiss under the glow of the moon and big snowflakes. 

Happy Holidays blackjack people around the world, from Scandinavia to South America to Australia!