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Blackjack Rules and How to Play

08:43 Jul 15th, 2018 Blackjack Games , Online Gambling

Blackjack is one of the favorite card games across the world and the rules of the game are simple too. They are easy to follow and the possibilities of winning are good. However there are finer aspects to the game and that make Blackjack an art form and also a very interesting sport.

Blackjack, also known as Pontoon or 21, is played with the objective to accumulate cards with point totals that are close to 21 but not over it. Each player is dealt 2 cards by the dealer, including herself. The players hit and bust or hit and stay. Hit means taking a card while bust means to go over 21. The cards are valued at different points depending on their type. The face cards a.k.a. Jack, Queen and King are valued at 10 points each. The Aces are worth 1 or 11 depending on the game and the rest of the cards are represented or valued by the numbers they bear on their face.

A standard Blackjack table in a casino is designed for seven players and the dealer. Depending on the kind of game to be played, six or eight decks of cards are generally shuffled and are placed in the dispensing box called “Shoe”. The shoe has about six decks of cards.

A popular rule is to sweep your hand, palm down, once or twice towards yourself in order to hit. The dealer would understand this and give you a card.

If you don’t want a card, the rule for that is to wave your hand across your cards with palm facing down.

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In order to win, it is required that the player beat the dealer without going bust. The ‘bust’ happens when the cards total up to more than 21. In such a situation the player loses automatically. The value of 21 is reached in the game by adding up the values of the cards and the player closest to 21 wins. And if the dealer goes over 21, all the remaining players are paid off. If the dealer’s cards count less than or equal to 16 then she might take a card. And is her card count is more than or equal to 17, then she can not take a card.

It is necessary that the players wager before they can receive the cards. The players are dealt with two cards each, face up and the dealer has one card face up and the other face down. In some of the casinos, the players may get one card face up and the other face down. This again depends upon the strategy and the rules the casino follow.

If a player makes a total of 21 with the first two cards, he wins by default. The combination of a 10 or a face and an ace is called blackjack. The player with this combination gets to win one and half times more than wagered for, unless the dealer has a similar combination. This situation leads to a tie and the player gets back the wagered money. The players, who have a higher card count than the dealer, win an amount that is equal to the bet placed by each player. On the other hand if the players have a lower count than the dealer then they lose their bet. In another situation, if the dealer happens to bust then the remaining players win.

Playing Blackjack can be a lot of fun if all the rules are followed shrewdly. This game is a game of chances and good strategies. So happy playing!!