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Bull in a China Closet

Geno Lawrenzi 03:25 Mar 7th, 2021 Land Based Online Gambling , Poker

Sometimes you just have to let the animal out of you. Don't think.

Just use your animal instinct and react to the other players. The results

may pleasantly surprise you.

Don't you love the challenge of another night in your favorite poker room?

I do!

And I especially love the advice Doyle Brunson gives to no limit poker players in his book SUPER SYSTEM.

He wrote the book something like 50 years ago with the assistance of Mike Caro and some other pretty astute players. The book's advice still holds up even against the most astute players in the business.

Doyle calls no limit Hold'em the Cadillac of poker and that is a good enough definition of it for me.

Always think aggressive. Passive sucks.

You can have the worst hand and win it if you play aggressive enough. Players give away the strength of their hands by the size of their bets. If they bet weak into a big pot they might fold to a large raise and it's up to you to find out if they will.

That is the key to winning no limit Holdem If you are aggressive on your bluffs as well as your good hands, you will get paid off on your good hands and your bluffs will have value. By playing hard all the time

you increase the chances of your bluff succeeding. Of course, there will be times when you lose. Such is life. If that bothers you, maybe poker isn't your game.

Mix up your play so the other players cannot get a good read on you:

Say there is an ace, king, queen, jack on the board. You have a 10 in the ole for a nut straight. You simply call the bet on fourth street. The board pairs on fifth street. When your opponent checks on fifth street, this is the perfect time for a large bet. Very few players will call you.

Watch for players who over-bet pots and catch them in a trap. Set your traps carefully and you can catch some big fish. This is what high stakes poker is all about.

Think like a bull in a china closet.

In other words:

Don't think at all. Just react and collect the chips.