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Bingo Guide - How to play Bingo

04:53 Jul 21st, 2018 Bingo Games , Land Based , Online Gambling


Playing Bingo online is actually very simple, and once you get the hang of it, it can be a whole lot fun, not to mention very exciting!

In the game of Bingo a player purchases one or more bingo cards. This is a very simple process performed online by just choosing how many cards each player would like to play. The player has the option of choosing to purchase a specific number of cards, and letting the game pick them. Or choosing each card individually by clicking on the desired online bingo cards from the selection offered. If you do not like any of the cards that are offered, there is generally an option for getting all new cards.

Once your cards have been purchased, bingo numbers will be called, at this point the player can either choose to daub his or her own bingo cards manually, by clicking the numbers on their bingo card as they are called, or the player can choose the auto daub feature from the games options and the software will automatically daub the players cards for them.


In land-based bingo halls, a bottle full of colored ink is used most commonly to daub bingo calls, in the early days of bingo, various objects such as beans and plastic chips have also been used. Online we daub our bingo cards with a click of the mouse, a colored square then covers the number that has been called. Some online bingo halls give you a choice in colors, some don’t, others even give you a choice of shape, rather than just covering numbers with a square, you can use a heart, star, or other fun shaped virtual dauber option!


In the game of bingo there are hundreds of bingo patterns to choose from, if you played bingo as a child in a classroom you are likely familiar with the straight line bingo pattern, whereas the player wins whenever they make a line using 5 bingo numbers, or 4 bingo numbers and the free space all the way across their bingo card.


Playing bingo online or in your local bingo hall is very much the same, however there are many many more patterns to choose from! At the beginning of each game, the winning pattern will be shown, the players then wins by achieving the matching pattern on their own bingo card before any other player does. If more than one player make the pattern at the same time, the bingo pot is split evenly amongst them.

At your local bingo hall, you will see a big clear plastic ball full of little bingo balls. The bingo balls inside are numbered from 1 to 75 with the corresponding letter on top of each number, b1 for instance. The numbers one through 75 are spilt up amongst the word B-I-N-G-O. The B balls are numbered 1-15, the I’s 16-30 etc.


In a land based bingo hall, balls are pulled from the plastic tub one at a time and announced over the loud speaker so that each player can daub their bingo cards, until one lucky bingo player yells BINGO! At your local bingo hall you probably have the option to play bingo using a machine available for purchase, when you play using one of these machines (such as the popular ‘Traveler’ machine) you only have to input each number once as it is called and the machine will daub all of your cards that contain that number for you. When you play online, using the auto daub feature, the software automatically daubs all of your bingo numbers for you, you don’t even have to input them!


Online and offline bingo also offer one more major similarity, offline bingo offers bingo halls. We visit the bingo hall of course for a chance to win big bingo jackpots, but in addition to this there is a great sense of community involvement. Many of us have a bingo buddy that we go with every week, others get to the bingo hall and meet up with several friends and acquaintances. Online bingo is much the same, offering bingo chatrooms where bingo players from around the world meet up to chat with each other. There is a real sense of community in an online bingo chatroom just like the community you will find at your offline bingo hall!


The online bingo chat offers a twist that the offline version does not however, most online bingo halls offer chat games during all bingo games. During a chat game bingo players generally watch for certain numbers or a particular number or pattern to be called, when it is called, they type a pre-specified message into the chat, and win bingo bucks. Bingo bucks is the most common name, however you may see them referred to by other names depending on the online bingo site. No matter the name, these bingo bucks translate into free bingo cards for the bingo player. Most generally, a bingo buck is equal to one dollar's worth of bingo cards.


Most bingo bucks are credited to the players account within 24 hours, these are treated like a bonus and cannot be withdrawn from your account. Generally, when you purchase bingo cards, cash in your account will be used before the bingo bucks, meaning your cash balance will go down while you are still accruing bingo bucks. Many bingo sites have deposit restrictions so be sure to read these to make sure that you are eligible to win these valuable free bingo cards.

Whichever bingo method you choose, online bingo, offline bingo, or a variety of both. Make sure to have fun and enjoy playing bingo with all of your new bingo buddies!