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Radical tech evolution hitting casinos near you!

01:47 Sep 10th, 2022 Online Gambling

There’s no question that technology is rapidly evolving and the casino industry is moving right along with it!

Because online casinos (and traditional brick and mortar ones too) are built on using the latest, most cutting-edge technology available, it’s not a surprise that tech advances are some of the hottest new innovations on the market.

Technology doesn’t just allow us to play, it allows us to play well and truly enjoy our time. The technological advances that we’ve experienced in just the past decade have propelled us farther than our ancestors would have ever thought possible—all the way to the moon!

Now, we hold an almost infinite amount of power in the palm of our hands.

Being able to use your smartphone to win real cash is just part of it. It’s all about the future, baby, and the advances that the tech world will bring to the game—literally and metaphorically. We have another couple of predictions about how tech’s going to affect the way we game.

After all, keeping informed is the best way to stay ahead of the curve.

Is your head in the Cloud (Platform)?

Cloud computing technology is one of the ways in which the gambling industry’s revolutionizing as we speak. As internet connections worldwide become faster and more reliable, more and more casinos are jumping on the boat. Soon, completing a cloud platform migration won’t even be news--it’ll just be the status quo.

With this tech, we predict that casinos and other aspects of the gaming industry will move away from app-based play. You’ll soon be able to play the most updated versions of all your favorite games with any internet connection, at the speed of WiFi.

That’s a reason to keep your head in the clouds.

Photorealistic Graphics in Virtual Reality (VR) Games

Virtual Reality’s already a, well, reality in the online gaming industry. However, despite great interest in the sheer coolness of working with a VR headset, casinos are a little slow to use this technology. Even games that are available in Virtual Reality lack the photorealistic graphics that’ll make them truly believable, for a casino experience comparable to a physical building.

That’s one of the ways in which online casinos are already improving.

2020 brought groundbreaking virtual reality partnerships, leaving gamblers excited to see what’s next. In the future, VR headsets will only improve—they’ll be capable of rendering 3D images that are indistinguishable from real life.

Online scratch cards, slot machines, roulette wheels, you name it—you’ll be able to have the actual feeling of pulling a lever, scratching a card, glaring at your opponents. Gameplay’s going to go places we’ve never even dreamt it could. You’ll be able to travel across the world at the press of a button.

Imagine reading this article 10 years from now and thinking about how outdated it sounds. That’s where we’ll be!

We can barely handle the excitement and can’t wait to see what comes next.

Now You See Me: High End Facial Recognition Tech

Yet another way in which technology’s impacting the gaming industry is in security. We’ve covered a ton about data security, but in this case we mean something a little different: we’re talking about brick and mortar casinos and how they’re going to be able to identify their clients as soon as they walk in the door.

Facial recognition was already being tested at some New Zealand gaming venues as early as 2018 and the tech’s absolutely improved since then. This technology is going to be used not only for player verification and identification, but to monitor behavior changes and movements around the casino.

The most interesting part about watching this evolution is that it is, truly, an evolution. It’s a constant process, changing and refining. We’re interested to see how facial recognition impacts game players—and if it’s going to become part of online casinos as well.

Facial recognition is nothing new to smartphone users—Apple’s used faceID to unlock their phones for several years. Soon, you’ll be able to feel secure in the fact that your money is absolutely being wagered by no one but you.

That’s a relief!

Augmented Reality Engaging New Users

Augmented Reality differs from Virtual Reality in that it simply adds elements to real life, using (for example) a smartphone camera. A great example is Pokémon Go: you’re able to take a walk outside and capture Pokémon in your very own neighborhood.

Virtual Reality is a little different. Instead of adding to the “real world,” you’re transported somewhere else entirely through the use of a headset. It’s essentially the difference between feeling like you’re in a casino and feeling like you have a dealer at your kitchen table.

Late last year, NBA premiered a new augmented reality game for its fans in the UK. It did, in fact, share some features with Pokémon Go: players “caught” the themed objects to win prizes. The success of the NBA Chasedown app led to its wider availability to fans in France and Germany, giving new meaning to “around the world.”

Hybrid Games Continuing to Make an Entrance

Our last future prediction for this article is that the industry we know and love is going to introduce even more hybrid games to the market. In hybrid casino games, you experience a hybrid (obviously) of traditional online gameplay and live-dealer elements.

A good example of this is hybrid slots—at the moment, you can play slots with your mobile device or computer, but you can also choose the hybrid option: having a live dealer pulling the lever for you.

Soon, more games of this nature are going to utilize this tech and test your skills. Luckily, you’ll be prepared—and able to set yourself apart from the pac