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The Insider’s Guide to AllBet Gaming’s Bull Bull [Online Casino Strategy]

08:07 Jun 16th, 2021 Games

Do you love online casino gambling with live dealers, but want to try out new game?

If so, Bull Bull might be for you.

This title is latest in the trend of games catching on in the West after massive success in Eastern Asia. 

Bull Bull is massively popular in its native China, where it is also called Bull Fight or Niu Niu. 

And while we certainly adore the classic table games of baccarat, roulette, and blackjack, everyone needs an occasional break from the usual variants.

Let’s take an in-depth look at this internationally inspired title – only appropriate in what is a truly global industry, flush with international collaborations – starting with the company that brought it to life.

The Designer

With its founding in 2014, AllBet Gaming is a relative newcomer to the online gaming scene. 

They’ve accomplished a tremendous amount in that time, however: they’ve become a power player in one massive market sector, and, primed by their success, are currently looking to expand into others.

Based in Eastern Asia, the company began with a focus on live casino games that served Asian markets, but they have expanded towards European players in recent years, with notable success. In so doing, they’ve expanded their licensure from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation to include Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission as well. What’s more, in addition to building their own games, the company also offers B2B casino solutions packages, making them popular with a variety of other companies in the industry. 

They’ve really shined in recent years when it comes to Live Dealer games, thanks to their private studios in Manila, where over 400 people are employed and games are streamed 24/7. Players interested in learning more may wish to explore the company’s official Facebook page.

Since AllBet has shown every indication of expansion into Western markets, players in the English-speaking world would do well to become familiar with their work – it’s a name you are almost certain to see much more of in the coming months and years. 

The Game

In an industry where an American place name – Las Vegas – is essentially synonymous with gambling action, it’s been fascinating to watch the global casino trend of pivoting towards Asia in recent years. And Bull Bull is absolutely part of it!

The goal is for the player to beat the banker's hand by getting the best possible combination of cards. Here is how play unfolds: 

In a nod to baccarat, play occurs between the banker and players. Each side gets five cards dealt face-down, all dealt from a single deck. 

Then, the dealer flips the first three cards to see if there are any that can add to a multiple of 10x. This combination, called the Bull, lends the game its name.

Next, the two remaining down cards are used to determine the value. If the first three upturned cards do not reveal a multiple of 10x, the dealer will select the highest-ranking card out the hand – the chosen card will remain in the game. 

Betting takes place during a 30 second decision window. Players can opt for equal bets (flat betting) or Double bets, which require a balance of 5x the bet size or greater. There is one new deck used in each round, with no shuffles slowing down play.

To ensure that there’s never a dull moment, players are offered a massive array of side-bet action. The fast-paced game may take new players a short while to understand, but once it’s well-learned, the fun really never stops. 

Where to Play

AllBet’s quality games have attracted a great many casinos, which means players will have plenty of choices in terms of where to play. 

Furthermore, their popularity in providing gaming solutions to other platforms means that they’re trusted throughout the industry – always a good sign. 

One of the better options is Dafabet Casino, a trusted casino based in the Philippines. They are a perfect vehicle for AllBet titles, since they specialize in serving both Asian and European clientele. 

For players based in the UK, 22Bet provides another strong option. This will be familiar to fans of sports betting, but this well-regarded casino is by no means limited to any one strength!