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When You Are Bored

12:43 Jun 7th, 2020 Poker

(Poker hardly ever bores me. But if that ever happens
I have a sure solution for it. Sometimes it costs me money
but it does relieve the boredom and it usually pays off.)

Believe it or not, poker can become boring.

While it hasn't happened often with me, there have become times when the game I have been playing in becomes so boring I feel like I am watching paint dry.

Usually it occurs when you are seated with older players who are waiting for perfect cards to fall. They aren't gamblers, they have no imagination, and chances are they are just as bored as you are. That is when you should tell yourself, "It's time to have some fun."

On the next hand when you are in position and someone raises, pretend to look at your hand. Don't look. Just pretend. And play the hand like you have pocket kings.

Now pocket kings call for a re-raise, don't they. So pop him with a re-raise.

Chances are the raiser will flinch but call. After the flop, he will check. You bet. The original raiser will either fold or call, but he probably won't raise you. On fourth street, when he checks, come out betting and you will probably win the pot.

If you are in the small blind, you can call on almost any two cards. Wait for a pair to flop and then check. If two or three players check behind you, come out betting on fourth street as well as on the river. You will win more hands than you will lose.

When you are on the button, get creative with your hands. Use your imagination and have fun. Just realize that your opponents are in the same boat as you are, meaning they probably aren't that strong. If they bet after the flop and you have a piece of the flop, why not raise and then come out betting. They may call you, but if you bet on the river, they may throw away a winning hand.

It will relieve your boredom and it will add to your bankroll. And isn't that what poker is all about?

Talk to the other players. Joke with them as well as with the dealer. Keep them off balance with your jokes. When a player raises you or even just comes out betting, ask in a low menacing voice, "Are you sure you want to do that?"

If one player is a consistent raiser, wait until you are in position and re-raise him. Then bet him down to the river. You may lose the hand, but you will slow him down and it will pay off in the long run. He and the other players will remember the play and they will respect you for it.

Just don't let the game bore you. When that happens, poker ceases becoming fun.