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Belize has a total of 8 poker tables spread across 2 poker rooms. You can play a number of poker games, including Texas Hold'em, NL Texas Hold'em

Poker in Belize

Poker is a universal card game at this point. People all over the world are playing poker now and it has become such a popular casino game that it is hard to find a place on the planet where you can't play poker. Of course these places do exist, but fortunately for us they are few and far between. If you are located in Belize, the outlets for playing poker may be a little limited, but there are some.

There is a casino in Belize City where there are some poker tables. At the Princess Casino in Belize City, Caribbean Stud Poker is a popular poker game variation.

There is another casino in Ambergris Caye called The Palace Casino, but they are not listed as providing casino table poker games for their visitors. That's too bad. Perhaps they have video poker at the very least.

Not to worry however. Where there are people gambling, there are probably people willing to play poker. As a matter of fact, a very good avenue for locating poker games that are not facilitated by a casino would be the Home Games Forum located here at World Casino Directory. If you are traveling to Belize or are located there now and would like to find a home poker game, try posting in this forum. Likewise, if you are in Belize and know of such a poker game and you would like to post about it, we encourage you to do so.

There are many other cities in Belize in which you may be able to find a good poker game. With poker having exploded in popularity worldwide it would only make sense that you would be able to find a poker game almost anywhere in the world that you could travel. Finding a poker game in Belize may or may not prove to be easier said than done, outside of a casino anyway. With a little luck, which is something every poker player should possess at least a little of, you will find a nice, friendly game of poker that will win you both new friends and new money.

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