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Australia - Oz Lotto Results

AU$ 3,000,000

Current Jackpot Pool

Oz Lotto
Next Draw
Apr 23rd
Numbers Drawn On April 16th
12 13 17 21 28 32 33 7 9
Numbers Drawn On April 9th
1 2 4 18 28 37 47 11 24
Numbers Drawn On April 2nd
2 15 21 22 41 43 47 6 23
Numbers Drawn On March 26th
6 8 9 23 25 33 47 3 32
Numbers Drawn On March 19th
1 13 18 23 28 31 47 14 36

Oz Lotto

The OZ Lotto was introduced in early 1994 and was the first Australian national lottery game. It's owned by Tatts Group who manage the game everywhere except in Western Australia under the Lott brand. Lotterywest administers the game in WA where players only need to be 16 years of age rather than 18 to play and redeem prizes. Australians don't pay personal income tax on lottery winnings. The minimum Division 1 prize pool is $2 million if the prize is not won it is jackpotted to increase the prize money for the next draw. The top prize so far was $111,972,151.04 shared by four winners in late 2012.

How Can I Play the OZ Lotto?

Players outside of the country are welcome to play the game by using a lottery concierge or messenger service such theLotter. Draws are held every Tuesday. The week's game closes at 7:30 pm AEST and the results are usually available by 9:00 pm. Prize pools are usually updated by Wednesday morning.

Players can purchase tickets at any of the 3,800 retailers across the country, online, or by downloading the Lott App. Tickets cost A$1.30 each for the basic game and as much as $65,907.50 for the ultimate System 19 draw.

In the basic game, you need to pick 7 numbers from a pool of 45 (1-45) you can use SlikPick to let the lottery computer choose your numbers for you, or you can fill out the slip yourself with numbers that you choose.

You can play a single game for the upcoming draw, or you can purchase between one (1) and ten (10) entries for future dates by using the Advance Entries system. Alternately you can subscribe to set up your OZ Lotto buys to come out of your account automatically every week, or even set it so that buys only start when the jackpot reaches a certain amount. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time and you will get weekly email reminders in case you want to stop play for a while. They'll even email you when you win! If you'd rather not subscribe indefinitely, you can choose how long to play with a Multi-Week entry.

How Do I Win the OZ Lotto?

Simply buy a ticket and choose seven (7) numbers. When the draw occurs nine (9) numbers will be drawn from a barrel of 45 (1-45). There are seven (7) prize divisions and you could win with as few as three (3) winning numbers plus one (1) supplementary number. To win the jackpot you will need to match all seven (7) winning numbers.

The prize divisions, what you need to win, and the odds for each division follow. All odds are based on a basic game.

 Division 1 7 Winning Numbers  1 in 45,379,620
 Division 2 6 Winning Numbers + 1   1 in 3,241,401
 Division 3 6 Winning Numbers   1 in 180,078
 Division 4 5 Winning Numbers + 1  1 in 29,602
 Division 5 5 Winning Numbers  1 in 3,430
 Division 6 4 Winning Numbers  1 in 154
 Division 7 3 Winning Numbers + 1   1 in 87

Can I Increase My Chances of Winning the OZ Lotto?

Yes, you can increase your chances, but you can't increase your odds. You can pool your money with co-workers, friends, or other lottery players in a syndicated buy to purchase multiple tickets and share the prize. You can also purchase as many tickets as you want.

OZ Lotto Advanced Play

Advanced players can choose from a variety of options to increase their chances of winning on every draw. Try the Pick entry to guarantee at least one (1) or two (2) winning numbers. If you choose to play with a System entry, instead of choosing seven (7) numbers you can pick 8-20 for a chance to win multiple prizes. See System entries at Australia's Official Lotteries website to learn more!

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