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Connecticut - Lotto Results

$ 1,000,000

Current Jackpot Pool

Next Draw
May 27th
Numbers Drawn On May 27th
1 11 23 27 32 37
Numbers Drawn On May 24th
3 8 10 18 33 36
Numbers Drawn On May 20th
4 6 13 18 19 38
Numbers Drawn On May 17th
14 19 21 23 31 39
Numbers Drawn On May 13th
14 18 24 27 32 39

Connecticut Lotto!

Lotto! is Connecticut's in-state lottery game that was formerly named Connecticut Lotto. Although the brand name is a little more punctuated now with the addition of an exclamation point, the game mechanics have not changed since 1989. The minimum jackpot prize for the game is one-million dollars ($1,000,000) for a perfect pick. There are four (4) ways to win the game. The top three (3) divisions can be parimutuel so the prizes can grow until they are won. The top prize always pays at least $1m (annuitized) and the last division always awards a $2 prize. Tickets cost one-dollar ($1) per play and you must be 18 years of age or older in order to play the lottery or redeem prizes.

How To Play Lotto!

The six (6) winning numbers for Lotto! are drawn from a single barrel with forty-four (44) different numbers in it. Players choose six (6) numbers per play by marking them on a slip or by letting the computer choose random numbers for them. You can purchase a single play or buy up to five chances on a single play slip for five-dollars ($5).

The Connecticut Lottery doesn't sell tickets online so in order to play from home or from out of state you would need to use a lottery messenger service if one is available in the state. In this case, someone would act as a courier and go to a physical retail location in CT and purchase your tickets for you.

When you fill out a slip yourself or choose the Quick Pick option, you can also mark YES on the Advance Action section and choose to enter the same numbers in between two (2) and twenty-six (26) future draws. The price for 26 future draws is twenty-five dollars ($25). The game is played twice each week so you can play the same numbers for a whole season (13 weeks) for $25!

If you don't want to use the Advance Action feature, you can simply bring an existing game ticket to your local retailer and ask for a replay. You'll get a new ticket with the same numbers for the same price as you paid for the existing ticket. This is great for people who like to use numbers that are meaningful to them such as anniversary date, children's birthdays, or other lucky numbers.

How To Win Cash Prizes

In order to win at Lotto! you will have to pick six numbers and purchase a ticket. Matching three (3), four (4), five (5) or six (6) of the winning numbers, in any order, will produce a winning ticket. Matching six numbers will pay the jackpot of at least $1 million. The least you can win by matching five numbers is $2,000, and matching four numbers always pays at least $50.

When nobody matches 4, 5, or 6 numbers in a single draw the pools will be rolled over into the next draw and will increase to an amount equal to a set percentage for each pool based on overall sales for that draw. The jackpot grows by 34.18200% of sales for that drawing, the second prize pool increases 6.45979% of sales, and the third prize pool will be augmented with 7.46913% of total ticket sales for the draw. The top three prize pools will continue to grow until it is won.

Following is a list of how many winning numbers need to be matched, the smallest possible prize, and the odds of winning:

6 Winning Numbers JACKPOT 1 in 7,059,052
5 Winning Numbers $2,000 1 in 30,961
4 Winning Numbers $50 1 in 669
3 Winning Numbers $2 1 in 42

Where Can I Learn More?

Learn more about Lotto! by visiting CT Lottery.

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