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Euro Millions Results

€ 44,000,000

Current Jackpot Pool

Euro Millions
Next Draw
Apr 23rd
Numbers Drawn On April 19th
7 8 32 41 49 5 11
Numbers Drawn On April 16th
1 8 15 44 49 2 11
Numbers Drawn On April 12th
1 28 35 36 46 6 9
Numbers Drawn On April 9th
18 21 29 38 41 1 11
Numbers Drawn On April 5th
1 7 10 29 45 3 5

Information on how to play Euro Millions Lottery Game

Euromillions is a national lottery game in Europe with at least nine different countries participating. The Euromillions lottery jackpot starts at a whopping fifteen million euros. Each drawing that takes place, which happens on Friday evenings, if there is no jackpot winner, the jackpot prize amount rolls over to the next drawing increasing the amount of the new jackpot. Since January of 2006, there has been a new rule in effect that limits the number of times the jackpot can roll over to the next drawing. Now, if the jackpot has not been won by the twelfth drawing, the jackpot amount will roll down to the next payout tier and be distributed among those winners.

Playing Euromillions is not only easy, but quite exciting as well. At first glance it may appear that Euromillions is a complicated lotto game to play, but this is not the case at all. Euromillions is very simple.

To begin, lotto players must choose how they wish to play Euromillions lottery game. Lotto players have three different options to choose from. The first option is to purchase a lucky dip or quick pick which is a set of lottery numbers that have been randomly generated by a lottery computer terminal. The lucky dip or quick pick option allow you to play Euromillions without filling out a play slip.

The second play option is to play using a single playslip. Single playslip play is pretty straightforward. For each play there are two groups of boxes. The top group has fifty numbers of which you are to choose five. The bottom group contains nine numbered stars of which the player is to choose two. There are six different plays available on each single playslip and players can opt to play their numbers for up to ten consecutive drawings.

The third and quite likely the most exciting way to play Euromillions is to use a multiple playslip. A multiple playslip allows the Euromillions lottery player to select more numbers for a greater chance of winning. The multiple playslip contains two groups of boxes. Players can choose between six and ten numbers from the main board and between two and nine of the numbered stars. The more numbers the players choose, the more the price of the ticket will be. Once again, players can choose to play their lotto numbers for up to ten consecutive drawings.

The overall odds of winning a cash prize when playing the Euromillions lottery are 1:24. A players odds of winning the Euromillions lotto jackpot are 1:76,275,360. To win the Euromillions lotto jackpot players must match all five of the main numbers and both of the numbered stars.

The odds of a player matching all five of the main board lotto numbers and one star are 1:5,448,240. The odds of matching only the five main board numbers are 1:3,632,160. The odds of a Euromillions lotto player matching both lucky star numbers and four of the main board numbers is 1:339,002. Matching four main board numbers and only one lucky star number have the odds of 1:24,214. Matching only four main board numbers odds are 1:16,143. The odds are 1:7,705 that a player can match three of the main board numbers as well as both of the lucky star numbers. The odds are 1:550 of a player matching three main board numbers and only one lucky star number. The odds of a player matching both lucky star numbers and two of the main board numbers are 1:538. The odds are 1:367 that a Euromillions lotto player will match three of the main board numbers only. The odds of a lotto player matching both lucky star numbers and only one of the main board numbers are 1:102 while the odds of matching two main board numbers and only one lucky star number are 1:38.

Players are only allowed to claim prizes in the country in which the lottery ticket was purchased. For example, if a player purchases a Euromillions lottery ticket in Belgium they can only claim a winning cash prize in Belgium. The other countries in which you can purchase Euromillions lotto tickets are Austria, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. Players must be a minimum of eighteen years old in order to participate in the Euromillions lottery.

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