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Illinois - Lotto Results

$ 6,500,000

Current Jackpot Pool

Next Draw
Jul 13th
Numbers Drawn On July 11th
5 16 24 32 38 47 21
Numbers Drawn On July 8th
25 29 35 40 46 50 5
Numbers Drawn On July 6th
14 23 37 38 39 44 4
Numbers Drawn On July 4th
3 13 23 38 39 44 4
Numbers Drawn On July 1st
1 9 16 20 26 27 20

Illinois Lotto with Extra Shot

Basic information about Illinois Lotto with Extra Shot: Lotto is the Illinois in-state pick 6 draw game that began in 1983 with weekly drawings on Saturdays. The game has gone through several changes over they ears but now has a field of fifty-two numbers (1-52) with multiple prize categories and a minimum two-million dollars ($2,000,000) jackpot with drawings held three times each week. Tickets cost one-dollar ($1) per line and players can choose an "Extra Shot" number (1-25) for an additional dollar for a chance to win increased non-jackpot prizes.

Like most other U.S. states, you need to be at least 18 years of age to play the lottery in Illinois. Winners must pay state and federal taxes and jackpot winners are not assured of anonymity.

How to Play

Drawings are held Monday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings at 9:22 pm CST. Sales close at 9:15 pm on those days. Some retailers may cut off sales at 8:59. Tickets are available at thousands of retailers who display the Illinois Lottery logo around the state. You can also buy tickets online.

In order to win the jackpot, you will need to match all six numbers (6/6) drawn from a field of fifty-two (1-52). There are five prize divisions in the basic game ($1) with prizes awarded for matching 2, 3, 4, 5, or all 6 numbers. There are an additional six prize divisions in the Extra Shot game (+$1) giving players eleven (5+6) possible winning combinations when they include the supplemental game ($2).

Each play slip has ten panels. (A-J). You get one game for each dollar. Pick six numbers in each game you want to play or select Quick Pick for that panel if you want the lottery computer to choose the numbers for you.

To play the Extra Shot feature, check a single box and one-dollar ($1) will be added to the price of each game. An extra number is drawn (1-25) and matching that number will increase the value of non-jackpot prize amounts.

How to Win Illinois Lotto with Extra Shot

When more than one ticket matches four (4/6) five (5/6) or all six (6/6) numbers the first, second, and third place prizes are shared equally. Matching two (2/6) or three (3/6) numbers awards fixed prizes.

Match all six numbers (6/6) to win or share in the jackpot. Match five numbers (5/6) to win or share in the second place prize pool. Matching four (4/6) usually awards around fifty-dollars ($50). The prizes for matching the top three prize divisions are parimutuel so the prize pools increase depending on how many tickets have been sold since the last drawing. Prizes for matching 2 or 3 numbers are $1 and $5 respectively unless you purchase and match the Extra Shot.

If your randomly selected Extra Shot number (1-25) matches the random number (1-25) drawn for the supplemental game and you match three (3/6) four (4/6) or five (5/6) numbers in the main game, the prize will be multiplied by twenty-five (x25). Matching the Extra Shot will not increase the value of the jackpot prize (6/6).

The odds of matching all six numbers (6/6) are 1:20,358,520. This will award the jackpot.
The odds of matching five numbers (5/6) are 1:73,763 The prize is variable.
Matching four numbers (4/6) are 1:1,311.
Matching three numbers (3/6) will pay $5. The odds are 1:67.
Match two numbers (2/6) to win $1 . The odds are 1:83.

The overall odds of winning any prize in the Illinois Lotto game without the Extra Shot are about 1:7. Your odds will increase to 1:5.6 with the Extra Shot.

Where Can I Learn More about the Illinois Lotto?

Please visit Illinois Lottery to learn more about this game.

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