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Ireland - Lotto Results

€ 8,500,000

Current Jackpot Pool

Next Draw
Apr 17th
Numbers Drawn On April 13th
17 31 33 38 39 42 28
Numbers Drawn On April 10th
4 5 6 14 32 34 35
Numbers Drawn On April 6th
4 8 9 22 27 45 46
Numbers Drawn On April 3rd
1 4 5 6 13 17 38
Numbers Drawn On March 30th
11 17 18 29 34 43 41

Ireland Lotto

Basic information about Ireland Lotto: Lotto is a pick 6 lottery draw game played in various configurations since 1988. Players can choose any six numbers from one to forty-seven (1-47) in the hope of matching the numbers drawn by lottery officials on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Six main numbers and one bonus number are drawn and there are seven prize divisions including the jackpot.

The minimum cost to play is four euro (€4) which buys two line (6+6), Additional panels/lines can be purchased for €2 each on the same play slip. The jackpot starts out at two-million euros (€2,000,000) and increases after each draw that doesn't produce a jackpot winner. You need to be at least 18 years old to play the Ireland Lotto. All prizes are awarded as cash in one lump sum so you don't have to accept small payments over 20 or 30 years, and all lottery winnings are tax-free in Ireland.

How to Play

Drawings are held Wednesday and Saturday evenings around 8:00 pm local time (7:58 pm). Terminals close and tickets are unavailable from 7:45 pm until the draw is completed. Tickets can be purchased from retailers by anyone of legal age. You can also buy tickets online.

To win the jackpot, simply beat the odds of 1:10,737,573 by matching all six of your numbers (6/6) to the first six drawn by lottery officials (1-47). A bonus number is also drawn that can help to win the 2nd, 4th, and 6th place prizes.

Each play slip has twelve panels. (1-12). You must play at least two panels. Pick six numbers (1-47) in each game you want to play. AlternatelyMark the Lotto Plus panel to receive additional chances to win.

How to Win Ireland Lotto

With forty-seven numbers to choose from now, it is far less likely that you will have to share your jackpot with someone else, but it is always possible. All players who match six of six main numbers (6/6) are entitled to an equal share of the jackpot prize. While the jackpot is rolled over from draw to draw until it is won, some lower prize amounts are variable depending on ticket sales and the number of winners in each prize pool.

Match five numbers plus the bonus number (5+1) to win second place (€100,000). Matching five main numbers (5/6), four plus bonus (4+1), four (4/6), three plus bonus (3+1), three without bonus (3/6) or two with the bonus number (2+1) will also result in winning a prize.

The odds of matching all six numbers (6/6) are 1:10,737,573. This will award the jackpot.
The odds of matching five numbers plus the bonus number (5+1) are 1:1,789,595.
The odds of matching five numbers (5/6) are 1:44,740.
The odds of matching four plus the bonus (4+1) are 1:17,895.
Match four numbers (4/6) for the 5th place prize at odds of 1:917.
Match three numbers plus the bonus number (3+1). The odds are 1:688.
Match three numbers (3/6) at odds of 1:55 to win a small cash prize.
To win €3 Scratch Cards simply match two plus the bonus number (2+1)

The overall odds of winning any prize in the basic Lotto game without Lotto Plus are about 1:29. Odds will increase to 1:17 with the Lotto Plus.

Ireland Lotto Advance Play

You can play up to one month's lotto games in advance by ticking the Advance Play box. Advance play always includes the next available draw.

Where Can I Learn More about the Ireland Lotto?

Please visit National Lottery of Ireland Lottery to learn more about this game.

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