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Spain - La Primitiva Results

€ 8,000,000

Current Jackpot Pool

La Primitiva
Next Draw
Mar 2nd
Numbers Drawn On March 2nd
2 10 22 23 33 42 43
Numbers Drawn On February 29th
4 18 21 25 35 45 29
Numbers Drawn On February 24th
1 14 20 30 47 49 5
Numbers Drawn On February 22nd
4 6 10 17 26 37 18
Numbers Drawn On February 17th
2 12 16 20 32 33 48

La Primitiva

Basic information about The Spanish Lottery's La Primitiva: La Primitiva is the oldest established lottery in the world and has paid a single winner more than €100 million! The first draw was held in December 1763 and the game continued to run until 1862 when the government shut it down. It was reborn in 1985 with Thursday-only draws and Saturdays were added in 1990. Tickets cost one euro (€1) per play and the jackpot rolls over from draw to draw until won. The game is administered by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (Games and lotteries of the state).

The game went through very few changes over the years and today players try to match six numbers from a pool of forty-nine (1-49) as well as the reintegro (refund) number from a separate pool of ten possible numbers (1-10). This lucky match will win the jackpot! A bonus number is also drawn from the remaining forty-nine numbers (1-49) which can help win the 2nd place prize.

Since late 2012 there has also been a secondary game that can be played on the same ticket. For an additional euro bet, players can win up to €1 million on a secondary draw from the pool of ten numbers (1-10). A random 7-digit number will be assigned to each Joker bet. Seven balls are drawn from the pool with each drawn ball being replaced before the next is drawn. If seven numbers match, in order (7/7 absolute) you will win a million euros.

You should be at least 18 to buy tickets or try to collect a prize from any Spanish lottery. Citizens of Spain will pay out 20% in taxes for any winnings over €2,500, but others are entitled to a later refund as the government assumes you will be taxed in your country of domicile.

How to Play

Lottery offices are located all over the country, just look for the sign. Online tickets are also available from messenger services who will buy the ticket(s) in person, scan it for you to see, and let you know when you win before collecting the prize and paying you or mailing you the actual ticket so you can collect the winnings yourself.

Playing the game is quite simple. Choose six main numbers, (1-49) one bonus number (1-49), and a refund number (1-10). The "special" prize is awarded when you match all six main numbers as well as the refund number (6/6+R). There are also smaller prizes for lesser combinations.

If you've added €1 to your purchase price to play the Joker you will be assigned seven random numbers (1-10) which will appear on your ticket.

Some players purchase combination tickets to include other lottery games such as Bonoloto, Lototurf, etc., but the process can become quite complicated.

How to Win La Primitiva

The main game has several prize categories. The "special" or jackpot prize is awarded when you have matched all six main numbers plus the refund number (6/6+R). The next jackpot is known as the first place prize or 1st category. The odds are 1:13,983,816 to match all six main numbers (6/6) with no need to match any additional numbers. If there are no winners in the 1st category, the current prize pool will be added to the Jackp[ot for the next drawing.

Second place money, the amount of which depends on ticket sales, is awarded when a ticket matches five main numbers plus the Bonus number (5/6+B). The odds of winning this prize are 1:2,330,636. Additional numbers (bonus and refund) are not used for any other prizes except the refund which is paid out if players match 0, 1, or 2 numbers along with the reintegro.

Match five of the six main numbers (5/6) at odds of 1:54,201 to win 3rd prize.

Matching four numbers (4/6) will award the 4th place prize at odds of 1:1,032.

When three of your numbers match winning numbers (3/6) you will win the 5th place prize. The odds are 1:57.

Matching the refund number will award €1.

How to Win La Primitiva Joker

The seven (7) numbers used in the Joker draw come from the second drum or field of numbers (1-10). Your numbers will be chosen for you at random and printed on your ticket. After the first number is drawn it is recorded and returned so that it can be drawn again. There are six prize divisions ranging from €10 to €1,000,000. Your numbers must match the numbers drawn in the same order. Matching all seven (7/7 absolute) will award the million euro jackpot!

Each descending prize division requires one less number and awards a prize one-tenth of the next higher prize. Matching the last six numbers (6/7 absolute) will award €100,000, matching the last five numbers (5/7 absolute) will award €10,000 and so on with the €10 prize being awarded for matching two.

Where Can I Learn More about La Primitiva?

Please visit the Loterías y Apuestas del Estado or buy tickets here.

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