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Lotto Texas Results

$ 7,000,000

Current Jackpot Pool

Lotto Texas
Next Draw
Oct 23rd
Numbers Drawn On October 20th
10 12 22 37 50 52
Numbers Drawn On October 16th
26 27 32 36 37 42
Numbers Drawn On October 13th
10 12 21 31 41 44
Numbers Drawn On October 9th
3 9 17 18 35 45
Numbers Drawn On October 6th
14 35 37 39 40 45

Lotto Texas

Lotto Texas is the state's oldest in-house draw game launched in late 1992. The game awarded its first jackpot on the third draw and gamble-hungry Texans had purchased more than a billion tickets in the game's first year. Players select six (6) numbers from a pool of fifty-four (1-54) hoping to match all six of their numbers to the six white balls drawn. The game is played twice each week with drawings occurring at 10:12 pm Central Time each Wednesday and Saturday.

Tickets cost one dollar ($1) each with an option to play the Extra game for an additional dollar ($2). The jackpot begins at five million dollars ($5,000,000) and rolls over, increasing the amount based on tickets sales whenever the jackpot isn't won in a drawing.

The only prize with a guaranteed amount in the basic game is a $3 prize for matching three out of six numbers (3/6). All other prizes vary depending on the number of winners in the prize pool. The base game is a true lottery jackpot game with most of the money going into the top prize.

You'll need to be 18 years of age or older to purchase tickets or redeem prizes. Taxes are withheld at a rate of 24%, less the wager, for prizes over $5,000. You will have to decide how you want to be paid for a jackpot when you purchase the ticket. Most players take the lump sum payment rather than a 30-year annuity.

How to Play

Tickets are not offered online by the Texas Lottery, but some messenger services or lottery concierges may buy them for you in person. When in Texas, simply look for the Texas Lottery sign and a terminal at retailers across the state.

Select six numbers by marking them on your play slip, mark the QP box, or ask the retailer for a Quick Pick. You can play up to five (5) panels or lines on each play slip. Choose your jackpot pay option - 30 annual payments or cash value option - and decide if you want to play the same numbers for the next two to ten (2-10) upcoming draws.

To play Extra, mark the box and one dollar ($1) will be added to the price of your game(s). Ticket sales cut off at 10:02 pm and resume at 10:15 pm CT each Wednesday and Saturday after the 10:12 drawing.

How to Win Lotto Texas

Be Lucky! The overall odds of winning any prize when you play Texas Lotto are 1 in 71.1 for the $1 main game. Matching all six of your numbers (6/6) to the numbers on the six white balls drawn from a pool of fifty-four (1-54) will award the jackpot, or an equal share of the jackpot if more than one player holds the winning numbers. The odds of winning the jackpot, regardless of the size of the prize, are 1 in 25,827,165.

Matching five out of six numbers (5/6) will award a cash prize around $2,000, but the amount will vary depending on the number of winners. The odds of winning the second place prize ar 1 in 89,678.

Match four out of six numbers (4/6) to win about $50. Again, the third place prize pool is also parimutuel so the exact amount will vary. Your odds of sharing in this prize pool are 1 in 1:1,526.

Matching three of six (3/6) will award a guaranteed prize of $2 with odds of 1 in 75 of winning.

If you purchase the Extra option you stand a chance of increasing the prize for any winning match (except the jackpot) by $10-$1,000. Matching 5/6 awards the base game parimutuel prize plus a guaranteed $10,000 Extra. Matching 4/6 will award the base game prize plus $100. 3/6 wins the base prize of $3 plus an additional $10. And with Extra, you can win $2 when you match just two out of six numbers (2/6).

The overall odds of winning when you play Texas Lotto with Extra are 1 in 7.9, not quite as good as they are for the base game alone, but you'll have a chance at some decent add-on winnings up to $10,000!

Where Can I Learn More about Lotto Texas?

Please visit the Texas Lottery to find retailers, learn more about how to play, or download your documents to claim the jackpot. You can also visit the Drawing Web Cast page to view drawings on Wednesdays and Saturdays, or to watch previous drawings.

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