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Missouri - Lotto Results

$ 5,400,000

Current Jackpot Pool

Next Draw
May 28th
Numbers Drawn On May 25th
12 17 21 29 32 40
Numbers Drawn On May 21st
2 9 10 11 40 43
Numbers Drawn On May 18th
8 15 17 18 24 28
Numbers Drawn On May 14th
21 24 25 27 30 33
Numbers Drawn On May 11th
8 14 22 28 30 32

Missouri Lotto

Basic information about Missouri Lotto: The Missouri Lotto game is an in-state, pick 6 lottery game with drawings held twice each week. It costs one dollar ($1) for two plays. Players choose six numbers from a field of forty-four (1-44). The jackpot begins at one million dollars ($1,000,000) and all prizes are pari-mutuel, except the fourth-place prize of a free Quick Pick ticket. The overall odds of winning a prize in the game are 1 in 20.

There is also a "Doubler" prize for non-jackpot winning tickets that costs nothing extra to play. Some tickets are printed they will be marked with a message that states, "This is a Doubler Ticket". Getting a Dubler is down to the luck of the draw, so to speak, as the Doubler tickets are chosen through a random process.

Players who purchase a Lotto ticket also have the option of buying a separate EZ Match game. The add-on costs an additional dollar and can't be played without playing Lotto. The price for one Lotto ticket (two games) plus EZ Match is two dollars ($1 Lotto plus $1 EZ Match). The overall odds of winning any prize in the EZ Match game are 1 in 4.21. There are eleven (11) possible prizes ranging from $2 to $500. If any of your EZ Match numbers are the same as your Lotto numbers, you win the prize for that match. Win up to six separate prizes with the add-on game.

Missouri withholds state tax of 4% on winnings over $600 as well as 25% federal tax on prizes over $5,000. Players must be at least 18 to play and winners are not assured of remaining anonymous. Players can choose to receive jackpot winnings over 29 years with an annuity or accept about half of the advertised amount, before taxes, with the cash option.

How to Play

Lottery tickets are only available for in-person purchases in Missouri. Tickets sales for the Lotto game cut-off at 8:59 pm and resume after the drawings at 9:15 pm each Wednesday and Saturday. You can visit the official Where to Play page to locate a lottery retailer or stop by any shop or store that displays the MOLottery logo and has a terminal.

Visit a lottery retailer before ticket sales break for the draw and choose six different numbers (1-44) by marking your play slip or marking the QP (Quick Pick) box on the card. Play at least two (2) panels, and decide if you want to purchase an additional EZ Match game. If so, you will receive a separate ticket for the add-on game which offers instant wins.

You can also play the same numbers for as many as fifteen (15) consecutive draws by marking the appropriate number in the Muli-Draw area. Advance play is available for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 or 15 upcoming games.

How to Win Missouri Lotto

Players only need to match six of six (6/6) numbers out of forty-four to win or share in the jackpot which is never advertised for less than $1m. Many million dollar lotteries are played with 49 balls, which means your odds of winning in Missouri are much higher than in most other states. This is accomplished in part by making all prizes parimutuel (prize pool shared by all winners) and by limiting the percentage of ticket sales dedicated to prizes to 50%.

Guess all six numbers to be drawn to win or share in the jackpot. If more than one player holds a winning ticket the jackpot will be shared equally by all winners. If nobody guesses all six numbers the jackpot will continue to grow until somebody does. The odds of winning the Lotto jackpot are 1 in 3,529,526.

The odds of matching five out of six numbers (5/6) are much better at 1 in 15,480. As the prize pool is shared by everyone with 5/6 the prize amount will be more or less depending on ticket sales and the number of winners. The average amount won for second place is $715.

Matching four out of six numbers (4/6) will award an average amount of $29 and the odds of catching 4/6 are 1 in 335.

The last prize category offers a free Quick Pick ticket for two plays worth $1 and your odds of matching 3/6 are 1 in 21.

If you are lucky enough to be issued a random Doubler ticket any prize other than the jackpot will be doubled.

EZ Match tickets ($1 extra) are instant win tickets which can be redeemed upon purchase.

Where Can I Learn More about Missouri Lotto?

You can check your tickets here to see if you are a jackpot winner, or visit The Missouri Lottery's official website to see past lottery results, find more games to play, join the My Lottery Player's Club, or find a place to play.

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