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Oregon - Megabucks Results

$ 1,300,000

Current Jackpot Pool

Next Draw
May 28th
Numbers Drawn On May 25th
7 10 22 29 36 44
Numbers Drawn On May 23rd
2 3 4 20 33 38
Numbers Drawn On May 21st
10 17 25 28 33 45
Numbers Drawn On May 18th
1 3 18 20 31 34
Numbers Drawn On May 16th
6 16 18 26 46 48

Oregon Megabucks

Basic information about "Oregon's Game". Megabucks is an in-state lottery draw game that first came out in 1985. Five years later it became the first lottery game in America to offer players the option between annuity payments and a lump sum cash prize for the jackpot. The cash option will award 50% of the advertised jackpot after any deductions for taxes. The game is drawn three evenings each week with a starting jackpot of one million dollars ($1,000,000).

Tickets cost one dollar ($1) for two plays with an additional option costing $1 for "The Kicker" which is a four-time (4x) multiplier applied to lower-tier prizes. Players must match all six of their numbers to all six drawn (6/6) from a pool of forty-eight (1-48) to win or share in the jackpot.

Oregon Megabucks offers players the some of the best odds in the country to win at least a million dollars! The odds of matching 6/6 are 1 in 6,135,756. The average jackpot or estimated prize amount is $8,951,227, according to the Oregon Lottery. (.PDF) Also, almost seventy-cents ($0.70) of every dollar (70%) of gross sales revenues are reserved for prizes.

This may be one reason that people from all over the world buy Megabucks tickets online. In late 2015 a man from overseas won $6.4 million from the game. You can read about it on World Casino News or

Second and third place prizes are also pari-mutuel, so the amount of the prizes is determined by the number of tickets sold and the number of winning tickets in each prize pool. Oregon Megabucks prizes above $600 are subject to state and federal taxes with prizes over $5,000 subject to withholding before prize disbursement.

How to Play

You can sign up with a lottery concierge or messenger service such as theLotter to have them buy tickets for you in person for a small premium on the price of the tickets, or visit any of the thousands of lottery retailers in the state. Many locations offer self-serve lottery terminals. Fill out a slip by marking six numbers in each field of forty-eight (1-48), choose Quick Pick to let the machine choose numbers for you. Alternately, you can ask your retailer for a Quick Pick or hand them your play slip(s), pay, and receive your ticket(s).

Drawings are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 7:30 pm PT. Ticket sales cut off at 7:29 pm and resume immediately after the drawing.

Add one dollar ($1) for every dollar played on the base game if you want the Kicker. With the add-on option, prizes for matching 3/6, 4/6, or 5/6 numbers will be multiplied four times.

Using the self-serve terminal or by asking the retailer, you can play up to ten games (2 sets per game) on each ticket ($1-$5). The same numbers can be played for up to 26 consecutive drawings for the price of 25 ($25-$125).

How to Win Oregon Megabucks

Beat the odds to match six of six (6/6) numbers drawn at random from the pool of forty-eight to win the jackpot. If more than one winning ticket is sold, all winners will share in the top prize equally. Each player can choose the 25-year annuity or a cash lump sum payment. When a draw doesn't result in a jackpot being awarded the jackpot amount will roll over for the next drawing and grow based on tickets sales before the next draw. The odds of matching 6/6 are 1 in 6,135,756 and the estimated average prize amount is $8,951,227.

If you match five out of six numbers (5/6) at odds of 1 in 24,348, you will win about $800 on average. Prizes are rolled over from drawing to drawing if nobody wins.

The odds of matching four of six (4/6) numbers are 1 in 475 with an estimated prize amount of $40.

Matching just three out of the six numbers drawn (3/6) awards $1 or a free ticket at odds of about 1 in 27. The overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 25.3

If you purchased the Kicker option, your prize for matching 3, 4, or 5 numbers will be multiplied by four (4x).

Where Can I Learn More about Oregon’s Megabucks?

Please visit the Oregon Lottery website to learn how you can become one of more than 240 millionaires Oregon's Game has created so far!

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