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Quebec 49 Results

CA$ 2,000,000

Current Jackpot Pool

Quebec 49
Next Draw
Jun 15th
Numbers Drawn On June 12th
1 20 31 41 45 49 10
Numbers Drawn On June 8th
1 4 17 30 35 41 39
Numbers Drawn On June 5th
19 22 23 25 38 39 48
Numbers Drawn On June 1st
2 4 8 15 25 38 30
Numbers Drawn On May 29th
16 17 31 37 38 41 36

Quebec 49 Lotto

Quebec 49 is a pick six (6) draw game administered by Loto-Québec for people in the province. The game has been in continuous play since the first draw on October 1, 1997. Quebec 49 should not be confused with the similarly titled Lotto 6/49. Tickets cost one-dollar ($1) per play with optional bets allowed. The minimum and maximum jackpot is two-million dollars ($2,000,000) and is won by matching all six of your numbers with the six main numbers. Five additional prize categories are also available, but only the highest paying prize combination on any single play will be paid.

The legal age to play lottery games in Quebec is 18. Winning tickets can only be redeemed by players of legal age. Canadian lottery winners do not have to report winnings or pay taxes on them. In order to buy lottery tickets directly from Loto-Québec online, you will need an Espacejeux account. Tickets are also available at more than 8,500 retailers around the province. A similarly fixed jackpot "49" game is available in many other provinces, some with $1 million jackpots and others, like Quebec, with a $2 million top prize.

How Can I Play the Quebec 49 Lotto?

In order to play the game, you will need to purchase a ticket after choosing six (6) numbers. Players can use their favorite numbers in any Wednesday or Saturday drawing, or take advantage of the Quick Pick option and let the terminal system pick your numbers for you at random. You can play by yourself or as a group and you can buy tickets in advance for several draws.

If you choose to play online and configure your account for updates, you will be notified when you have winning tickets. Draws are held on Wednesday and Saturday. The deadline to enter the draw is 10:30 pm each draw day.

How Do I Win Quebec 49?

There are forty-nine (49) numbers to choose from. Players select six (6) numbers. When the draw is performed lottery officials will draw a seventh, bonus number, for a total of seven (7) numbers drawn. The bonus number can help complete combinations to win 2nd and 6th place prizes. There are six prize categories and the overall odds of winning any prize is about one in thirty-two (1:32.3).

The jackpot prize is divisible. This means that when more than one ticket holder has the six winning numbers, the prize will be shared equally among all winners. All prizes are fixed amounts with the exception of the second place prize in very rare circumstance. When six (6) or fewer players match five out of six (5/6) main numbers, and the bonus (7th ball) matches the sixth number, all winners receive $75,000. If more than six tickets win, the total aggregate capped prize of $450,000 is divided among the seven or more winners equally.

Following you will find the combinations needed to win, the amounts that can be won, and the odds of winning each prize.

Choosing six out of six numbers (6/6) wins the jackpot of $2,000,000 (divisible). The odds are 1:13,983,816
Matching five out of six numbers (5/6) plus the Bonus number pays $75,000 (unless there are more than six winners, then all share in a $450,000 prize pool equally). The odds are 1:2,330,636
Guessing five out of six numbers (5/6) correctly pays $750 and the odds are 1:55,492
Correctly choosing four out of six numbers (4/6) pays $75 and the odds are 1:1,033
Match three of sic (3/6) to win $10 at odds of 1:56.7
Match just two of six (2/6) plus the Bonus number to win $5 when you beat odds of 1:81.2
The overall odds of winning any prize are 1:32.3

How Else Can I Win When I play Quebec 49?

When you purchase a ticket to play Quebec 49 you can choose up to ten (10) extra numbers for one-dollar ($1) each. In order to win a prize, the first number or the last number of your Extra combination must match the winning combination.

You can also check a box to enter the next Quebec 6/49 draw for three-dollars ($3) for a chance to win that game's much bigger rolling jackpot.

For detailed rules on all elements of the game please visit Loto-Québec.

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